Another note if you’re drafting today

As I mentioned here last weekend in my last post, it is a major endeavor to update all of our tools, so we have to limit those main updates to 2X per week. The next one will be Monday afternoon with no MNF game this week.

However, as I did last week, I’ve put through some updates to the projections for those drafting today or before we put through our major update. I’m also going to send this update to be uploaded to Draft Guru and Draft Analyzer, so the only updates not in place today will be the PDFs and the Excel files.

The good news is there wasn’t really a lot of movement. I’m still watching the games, but it was a fairly quiet week. We are waiting for some injury updates on players like Rashard Mendenhall, though. So I expect I’ll be tweaking these projections all day.

I’ll also be posting today an updated look at Good Vibes/Bad Vibes, and the Stock Watch. But again, I’m still watching the games as of Sunday morning.

If you’re looking for something like a 1-page/printable cheat sheet to bring to your draft today, our custom cheat sheet is rock solid. It does take up 2 pages, but 90% of the info you should need is on the one sheet, and it’s obviously customized to your league (PPR, non-PPR, etc.).

Good luck if you’re drafting today!

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  1. Justin says:

    Please update the iphone ap rankings too

  2. John Hansen says:

    Please read the post before commenting.

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  4. David Remer says:

    I really need the draftpro sheet updated tomorrow please!


  5. Corey says:

    Late Monday and early Tuesday have come and gone. I am hoping the excel master file is updated for my draft tonight.

  6. Corey says:

    Ask and you shall receive.

  7. John Hansen says:

    The problem yesterday was Stewart went on PUP, DuJuan Harris on IR, which meant we had to update them all, that only takes like 2 hours when there’s a big change.

  8. Fantasyman says:

    Im nervous John. I went in all three money leagues with Andrew luck. With Bruce Arians gone and lucks old OC there from college I was thinking many more quick hitters, TE involvement, slants ect. my concern is new came out today Indy OC was very happy with DHB in two wide receiver sets and wants to be much more balanced.,that scares me because my league gets .5 pts per completion, 6 pt tds,kicker for 350’ydnpassing game (10pts) just worried the balance will drastically cut down his pass attempts and giving me my last years Matt Ryan. Your thoughts? I know you are high on Luck this year.

    Thanks John,

  9. Brian says:

    THANKS for the updates John — the Excel tools are just fantastic.

    Question: I’m drafting 6th in a standard PPR league Thursday. Comfortable I will get my choice of any of 4 of the top RBs and I can’t argue with any of them. However I have a good feeling about Spiller — but just looked at the SOS PDFs and his schedule looks brutal in relative terms.

    Is that a concern in your mind for 6th overall? Would you go with someone like McCoy instead, even though he’s lower ranked?

    And have you seen people passing on Arian Foster in recent drafts? I know the vibes have been “no worries” but hearing about a RB getting injections at this point of the season is rather concerning!


  10. J flo says:

    The Cosell and Hansen podcast was a little awkward. Caplan come back to the podcast. Information was still there though.

  11. ray w says:


    Any chance that W McGahee or M Turner end up on a roster this year?

  12. edward rostak says:

    When is Mr. Guru going to update the depth charts for all teams?

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