Very, very, very, early rookie keeper rankings

5/1 Edit: I have made a few small but key changes to the early rankings, as expected, so I’ve removed them in case someone stops by here and thinks these are the latest and (at least for now) final rankings. You can find our updated keeper rankings, including all the rookies, here:


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  1. J Kitchens says:

    You left off Justin Hunter on the WR rankings. Unless you really do think he should rank lower than those guys, especially Da’Rick Rogers, etc.

  2. J Kitchens says:

    For the record, I would slot Hunter somewhere between Terrance Williams and Quinton Patton. Not that you really care, but just to at least add some value to my previous comment…

  3. John Hansen says:

    He’s been added.

  4. J Kitchens says:

    Great. Thanks.

  5. Eric K says:

    What kind of role and fantasy value to you foresee in Bell with Steelers offense? I have him on my roster from last season. We do a 2 round farm team draft at end of our regular draft in our 12 team keeper league.

  6. John Hansen says:

    I think the Steelers truly want to feature one back and feed him the ball, and Bell has the size and enough juice to get the job done. Plus, the OL could be the strength of that team, so it’s lining up quite well for Bell to be the guy and do pretty darn well.

  7. Rich Meyer says:

    I am looking purely for BPA (for dynasty) and pick second in a .5 PPR dynasty league. Where does Austin fit in with the RBs? Before Bell and Lacy or after?

    Would normally be more patient but draft starts in 20 minutes.

  8. John Hansen says:

    I don’t really like overall keeper rankings because everyone’s needs are different. I’d say if you really needed a WR and are ok at RB then Austin could be drafted #1 overall. There is some risk to that because he’s a player who needs to be managed and used correctly, as opposed to just lining up outside and just playing. It’s not a great RB group, but I do like Bell in Pit quite a bit.

  9. Eric K says:

    Thanks for the input on Bell. As always, great site and information year round! I must be a true fantasy nut because other farm team player I am following who I have rights to when he comes out is Silas Redd. USC football took a hit last year but think he could also be decent pro rb as well. Look forward to more offseason content, site has improved yearly since I have been on board past 6yrs

  10. J Flo says:

    I have Brees and Kaepernick in a 16 team keeper league. Is it time to trade Brees and hold on to Kaepernick?

  11. Jerry C. says:


    Are your rankings based on standard scoring? Is there anyway you can customize one for ppr?

  12. Jerry C. says:

    Sorry about that, my comment above was for your regular rankings not just the rookies.

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