Just missed it: Week Ten

Here are more close calls for big plays and TDs from Week Ten. Again, I think this stuff is valuable if you are not able to watch the games because almost scoring or making a big play is a lot better than not even coming close to doing so. As always, these are fairly random in order and not exactly crafted like a wordsmith would. This is merely an FYI.

  • QB Tom Brady had WR Wes Welker for a sure TD, but Welker dropped it running toward the endzone.
  • Pass to Patriot TE Rob Gronkowski in the endzone, and PI on the defense was called on the play.
  • Pass to WR Brandon Lloyd in the endzone, but it was broken up. Later, he had a pass thrown to him deep in the endzone, and defensive PI was called.
  • Pass to Torrey Smith in the endzone, could have had it, but incomplete. Later, he had another ball thrown to him in the endzone that was very close to a score, but it was incomplete. He did eventually score 2 TDs.
  • Pass to TE Brandon Myers in the endzone; he was wide open for the TD but it was too high and offensive PI was called on the play, anyway.
  • Pass to Tony Gonzalez in the endzone, but Gonzo unable to haul it in. He obviously scored 2 TDs in the game.
  • WR Andrew Hawkins just missed a second TD on endzone catch, but he caught the ball out of bounds.
  • TE Martellus Bennett caught a pass in the endzone, but he didn’t get both feel in for the score.
  • Pass to WR Steve Johnson in the endzone just before the half, but it was incomplete. He later had two passes in the endzone on a drive, one pass he caught but he was out of bounds, but it was very close to a TD.
  • Giant WR Victor Cruz dropped a sure TD running into the endzone.
  • RB C.J. Spiller just missed a TD on a play in which he stepped out inside the five streaking into the endzone.
  • RB Michael Turner got stuffed late in the game on carry right on top of the goal.
  • Pass to WR Deion Branch in the endzone late, but it was incomplete.
  • TE Scott Chandler almost made a great one-handed catch to potentially win the game, but it was a no go.
  • Cowboy CB Orlando Scandrick just missed a pick-6 against QB Nick Foles. Of course, they did score two defensive TDs.
  • Pass down the field to WR Brandon Marshall in the endzone, was a sure TD, but he couldn’t hold on.
  • Deep pass to WR Mike Wallace streaking into the endzone, and he couldn’t haul it in. He did score on the drive.
  • WR Dwayne Bowe had a nice little TD catch that was called back for holding.
  • Pass to WR Emmanuel Sanders in front of the endzone, but it really didn’t have a chance.
  • Steeler S Ryan Clark failed to catch a sure INT that he probably would have taken to the house in the 4th quarter.
  • RB Jonathan Stewart had a 62-yard catch and run called back.
  • Pass to TE Jacob Tamme’s direction in front of the endzone, but Peyton Manning was hit as he threw it and it was incomplete.
  • Deep pass to Demaryius Thomas on the right side, it was a little overthrown or it might have been a long TD. Thomas later caught a long pass running to the endzone but was knocked out at the 4.
  • Deeper pass in the endzone to Panther WR Armanti Edwards, was incomplete.
  • Pass to WR Kenny Britt in the endzone, but he was double covered
  • Pass to WR Brian Hartline in the endzone, but good covered and broken up.
  • WR Donald Jones caught a pass inside the 5 and almost rolled into the endzone, but was down inside the 1. Fred Jackson scored on the drive.
  • RB Fred Jackson fumbled on a run inside the 1 late in the game.
  • Pass to WR TJ Graham in the endzone at the end of the game was picked to ice the win for the Patriots.
  • Deep ball to WR Denarius Moore early in the game streaking into the endzone, but incomplete and well covered.
  • RB Ray Rice missed a TD by about a foot early in the game on a run, and Joe Flacco snuck it in on the next play.
  • Pass to WR Anquan Boldin in the endzone, incomplete. They faked a FG for a TD on the next play.
  • Deep pass in the endzone to Raider WR Derek Hagan, but off his fingertips.
  • WR AJ Green just missed a jump-ball in the endzone for what would have been his second TD in the first quarter. He had another pass thrown to him in the endzone on the next play.
  • WR Roddy White on their first drive caught a long pass and was knocked down at the 1, pretty close to a score. He also had a goal line pass thrown to him in the endzone late in the game that was broken up. At the end of the game, Roddy has some space for game-winning TD, but he seemed to stop too soon and/or wasn’t on the same page at the QB.
  • Short pass to Julio Jones in the endzone in the 4th quarter; he got his hands on it, but it was incomplete.
  • Pass to WR Marques Colston in the endzone was broken up; this was after his early TD.
  • Viking Rookie Jarius Wright came very close to scoring on a deep ball, one he caught was came down with at about the 1. He scored on that drive.

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  1. Fred says:

    Am I insane to consider starting Palmer over Brady this week (week 11)? The Saints DST is putrid.

  2. John Hansen says:

    Certainly not insane, Palmer sure seems like a lock for 275+ and 1-2 TDs at least.

  3. DirtyHowee says:

    Guru, i’ve have been with you for over 10 yrs now…i dont want to bitch but twitter people get your peronal advice for free..that’s not right. Maybe i should not re-up for next year and just follow you on twitter and sirius. Now with that being said…i have stafford and fitzpatrick. also rb are muscle hamster(thanks to u), leshoure(u again), steve jackson and mjd. i need a win this week bad….im thinking about fitz over stafford and im starting the hamster, but need a second..please help

  4. The Mailman says:


    Just want to say thank you for helping me win one of my keeper leagues last year. It was only the third time I’ve made the playoffs since 1997. I listen to you everyday while delivering mail in St. Paul. I’m currently in 8 leagues and all but 2 are keeper leagues. I should make the playoff’s in all but one. love the show & thanks again.

    The Mailman

  5. Camilo Ortega says:

    Who should I start. Its a must week win in order for me to make the playoffs. Carson Palmer is my QB. My two starting RB are Mashawn Lynch and Arian Foster. But for WR I have Dez Bryant, Ryan Broyels, Greg Jennings, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Mike Williams. I am not sure which two to start, and which I should put in my flex. On my bench for RB I have Beanie Wells, and Vick Ballard. Who would you start from the WR and which one would you put in the Flex, considering my bench. My other question is my TE. I have Antonio Gates, and Heath Miller. Who should I start. Your help is greatly appreciated thanks again.

  6. Lewis says:

    Superbowl week

    In a PPR who to start: Blackmon vs Denario Alexander, Gresham vs Finley, Miami vs Buffalo?

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