Week Eight: Totally missed it

We were very lucky this week with Hurricane Sandy. Based on all reports, the hurricane actually hit land 1-2 miles from our office, yet other than losing power for 1-2 days, nothing serious happened. The week was pretty tough still, since our entire full time staff (other than me) was displaced from their homes and just now (Thursday evening) were able to enter Brigantine, NJ, where they live.

While we really didn’t miss a beat with all the disruptions, a few things had to go this week, one of them being the “Just Missed it” stuff and Hansen on Strategy. I had started that and I was going to give a pretty comprehensive overview of all 32 teams and what to expect for the rest of the season, but the lost time this week made that impossible. But I will roll that out next week.

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  1. Jason says:

    Just glad everyone’s okay. Hope you all have a quick recovery!

  2. We did not get a whole lot in Maryland where I live….but I’m glad no one is hurt and I’ll be praying for a quick recovery for all!

  3. Ed Austin says:

    I found it amazing that, given your location and knowing where the storm hit, you folks put anything out at all. Located in No. VA we were fortunate. Only minor inconveniences.

    Speedy recovery to all affected

  4. Bryon Robke says:

    John and the Guru Gang, I hope everyone is ok and you guys do a tremendous job and make things very entertaining, including the sarcastic tweets etc. Keep up the dry humor and the awesome work….I think people can tell the kinda slaving you put in and now if I could just get a healthy back to start this week damn it. I got Charles, DMC and McGahee! LOL I do have Goodson and Droughns so its not all bad.



  5. John Hansen says:

    We’re all good, thanks!

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