Just missed it: Week Four

Here are some rough notes from Week Four in terms of what I saw with the missed TD opportunities. I would venture to say I got 90% of them, so I did not get them all, and there are mainly rough notes.

  • Pass to WR Anquan Boldin in the endzone, but it was picked.
  • Brown WR Greg Little dropped a TD pass, but it would have been a tough catch.
  • WR Jordon Norwood had a pass in the endzone, incomplete.
  • WR Julio Jones Just had a ball thrown to him in the endzone, broken up.
  • WR Roddy White dropped a pass in the endzone that could have been a TD for sure. He later had a pass down the field that was incomplete, but it could have been a score.
  • WR Dwayne Bowe had a 36-yard catch called back.
  • WR Calvin Johnson failed to complete a catch in the endzone for TD; he had the ball but couldn’t hang on.
  • TE Brandon Pettigrew dropped a sure TD in the endzone.
  • Pass to WR Danny Amendola in front of the endzone, but it was a no go.
  • Steven Jackson had a TD run taken off the board in the first half when he was running well.
  • RB C.J. Spiller of all people (because of his injury) had two straight goal line carries inside the 5, and he fumbled on second one after huge hit.
  • TE Rob Gronkowski failed to haul in long pass right in front of the endzone and later he missed a potential TD play inside the 5.
  • WR Nate Burleson missed a TD by a foot, as his knee was down in front of the goal.
  • WR Eric Decker had a potential TD off the fingers, but it was tipped. He later caught another ball in the endzone but couldn’t get his second foot in, so he could have scored 2-3 TDs.
  • Long pass to the endzone to WR Denarius Moore running into the endzone, but he just missed it as it was a little too far.
  • Pass to TE Jermaine Gresham in the endzone, and he almost made a sick catch but we also interfered with.
  • QB Robert Griffin III may have been robbed of a rushing TD, as it looked like ball crossed the plane before the ball came out, but it was not ruled a TD and he did not scoring his rushing TD on that drive.
  • He scored, but there was another pass to Marques Colston in the endzone, but it was just out of his reach.
  • Pass to TE Jimmy Graham in the endzone, broken up nicely by the defender.
  • WR Armon Binns had to passes thrown to him in the endzone on consecutive plays.
  • WR Jordy Nelson just missed a TD on a catch, but he was tackled inside the 5.
  • Giant TE Martellus Bennett had a 38-yard catch called back. He had a pass thrown to him later in the endzone that was picked. It was a terrible throw/decision by Eli Manning.
  • Pass to WR Brian Hartline in the endzone, incomplete. They kicked a FG on the drive.
  • Pass to WR Larry Fitzgerald in the endzone, but it was intercepted late in the game.
  • Pass to WR Michael Floyd in the endzone late, but incomplete. Andre Roberts scored on the next play.
  • QB Matt Schaub had WR Andre Johnson wide open for 40-yard TD, but it didn’t look like he saw the field well on that play and ended up overshooting him.
  • WR T.J. Graham had a defender beaten for what could have been a big plays, but QB Ryan Fitzpatrick underthrew it and it was picked.
  • Deep shot to WR Robert Meachem deep inside the 5, but it was a no go.
  • Pass to WR Eddie Royal in the endzone after his TD, but it was forced into him and incomplete.
  • Pass to TE Tony Scheffler in the endzone, incomplete.
  • Pass to Titus Young in the endzone, no go. On the next play he missed a TD on a catch by about an inch.
  • Some guy named Tommy Gallarda had a TD taken off the board for the Falcons Sunday.
  • QB Matt Ryan’s endzone pick was a pass that was intended for Julio Jones. Jones had another pass thrown to him in the endzone that was defended well. Julio also caught a 40-yard bomb but didn’t have both feet in.
  • QB Alex Smith took a shot deep to Randy Moss in front of the endzone, but it was broken up.
  • QB Alex Smith had WR Mario Manningham for a potential TD down the field on the sideline, but the pass was off.
  • Bomb to WR Santonio Holmes running into the endzone, but it was deflected at last minute.
  • WR A.J. Green just missed a 42-yard TD on a great pass and catch, but he was knocked out of bounds at about the 2. He later had another ball thrown to him in the endzone, but incomplete. BJGE fumbled next play.
  • RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis looked to be in the endzone on a fumble at the goal, but it was ruled a fumble.
  • WR Demaryius Thomas might have scored a 70-yard TD on a screen pass, but he dropped/fumbled the ball, although a defender was there to potentially stop him from scoring.

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