Just missed it: Week Three

I have been looking for something to post regularly to this blog all year, and I think I have something viable in my weekly Just missed it report. It takes me 3-4 days to go through all the games, so I’ll try to start posting my notes early in the week and will continue to add to it all week. By Thursday, I should have seen all the games, so I should be done each Thursday afternoon.

I don’t ever claim that I have seen every single red zone pass or near TD, but I’m usually over 80%. I do think there’s value in these notes because you can at least see if a prediction was on the right track and if your guys are at least “almost” scoring. For example, I had Randy Moss as a reach on Sunday, and he absolutely should have scored a TD.

Here’s what I have for Week Three:

  • Fade to Giant WR Ramses Barden in the endzone, no go.
  • Pass intended for Panther WR Brandon LaFell in the endzone, was picked.
  • Great leaping effort by Chief WR Jon Baldwin on pass in the endzone and it was almost an incredible one-handed catch.
  • Deeper ball thrown to Bengal TE Jermaine Gresham running to the endzone, but it was a no go.
  • Pass to Titan WR Kenny Britt in the endzone, but defended well and incomplete.
  • Dolphin WR Brian Hartline just missed a cheapie red zone TD. He later had 2 passes in a row late in the game in the endzone, both too far.
  • Pass to Chief WR Dwayne Bowe in the endzone, but it too high. He later threw another pass to him running toward the endzone, but no good.
  • Pass to Bear WR Alshon Jeffery running down the field toward the endzone, incomplete. Cutler later had Jeffery for score, but illegal contact/defensive hold was called. It might have been TD. Later, he had a pass thrown to him in the endzone that was too high and a penalty on the play. So he possibly could have scored 1-3 TDs.
  • Bear WR Brandon Marshall looked like he was going in to score on a catch-and-run, but he was wrapped up well by the defender inside the 10. Marshall also had a pass thrown to him right in front of the endzone, but it was incomplete.
  • Cowboy QB Tony Romo had WR Kevin Ogletree for a TD as defender slipped, but it incomplete.
  • Redskin QB Robert Griffin III just missed a rushing TD, but his foot was out of bounds, as he extended past pile on.
  • Pass to Lion WR Titus Young in the endzone, no good.
  • Bear WR Devin Hester let a TD pass go through his arms in the endzone.
  • Pass to Jet WR Santonio Holmes in the endzone, but no good. He later had a bomb thrown to him in OT in the endzone, incomplete.
  • Pass to Chief TE Tony Moeaki in the endzone, incomplete
  • Jet QB Mark Sanchez just missed WR Chaz Schilens for a potential TD, Schilens dove for it.
  • Pass to Colt WR Reggie Wayne in the endzone at the end, incomplete.
  • Bronco WR Eric Decker had a 36-yard catch called back.
  • Pass to Bronco WR Demaryius Thomas late in the game, but it was overshot. It could have been a TD. Later, he had a TD taken off the board he had one foot out of bounds
  • Bronco WR Eric Decker had TD pass go through his hands, but Joel Dreessen caught it on the rebound. It would have been a pretty tough catch for Decker, but he should have had it for the score.
  • Patriot WR Julian Edelman failed to catch a potential TD early in the game.
  • Raven QB Joe Flacco floated one to TE Dennis Pitta in the endzone late, but it incomplete.
  • Seahawk WR Golden Tate just missed a TD late in the game, earlier he tried to catch a pass intended for Sidney Rice in the endzone. Of course, someone was smiling down on him at the end of the game, when a second TD was given to him.
  • Packer Greg Jennings had a TD taken off the board, as he was ruled out of bounds inside the 5.
  • Saint WR Marques Colston dropped another pass right in front of the endzone. He probably would have backed in for a score had he hauled it in.
  • Saint RB Pierre Thomas had a TD catch taken off the board, since it was ruled he didn’t complete the catch with control.
  • Pass to Jet WR Stephen Hill in the endzone, no good. He also had another pass on a different drive in the endzone that was picked.
  • 49er QB Alex Smith missed WR Randy Moss on what should have been a TD. It was too high, but it should have been an easy TD.
  • Fade to WR Vincent Jackson in the endzone, incomplete.
  • Fade to WR Miles Austin in the red zone, but he stopped on the route. He also had another pass thrown to him in the endzone, but it was overthrown.
  • Tampa WR Mike Williams caught a pass in the back of the endzone, but he was out of bounds.
  • Viking RB Adrian Peterson AP got stopped three straight times inside the 5.
  • 49er TE Vernon Davis just missed a 20-yard TD catch, but he was out of bounds at the 1. He scored on the next play.
  • Bengal WR AJ Green just missed a TD on an end around, down inside the 1.
  • Pass to Stevie Johnson in the endzone for 20 yards, but Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t put enough air under it or else it would have been a TD. They kicked a FG on the drive. Johnson also had a right side fade pass thrown to him in the endzone, but it was underthrown.
  • Bomb to Colt WR Donnie Avery right in front of the endzone, but it was incomplete.
  • Pass to WR Justin Blackmon in the endzone, but it was incomplete.
  • Jaguar WR Kevin Elliot actually had 2 passes thrown to him in the endzone, both incomplete.

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  1. Vince says:

    Could have really used Antonio Brown’s punt return TD last week for a win, but that was called back

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