Quick note on our next projection tweaks

I am working on an extensive Stock Watch report for tomorrow, but for those who are drafting today, I thought I would do a quick blog post covering the key movers and shakers from this past weekend. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of big moves to be made.

Here’s a quick look at some adjustments we’ll be making:

  • We’ll have to add some catches to Falcon RB Michael Turner’s total, since it’s clear he will catch more passes under Dirk Koetter. Of course, I might have to take a little from his rushing, since they are struggling in that area.
  • I’ll give Miami RB Daniel Thomas a few more yards and bump him up a bit, but he’s still pretty low.
  • Dolphin WR Davone Bess is pretty high now with a good catch total, but I’ll give him a few more grabs.
  • I’ll bump Patriot RB Steven Ridley up a few spots, since he likely cemented his role as the primary ball carrier. I won’t go nuts because he doesn’t have a huge margin for error, but he dropped a few spots last week due to some fumbling issues in practice and a knee situation.
  • I don’t think we’ll move Buc RB Doug Martin at all, since he’s in a good spot. But I might consider moving him over Fred Jackson. That’s a tough call.
  • Obviously, we’re going to have to move Seahawk QB Russell Wilson up a little after another really strong showing. If he’s named the starter, I’ll probably place him at #26 at QB. He will run, and that will help his totals, for sure.
  • Going to move Seattle RB Robert Turbin up a little, for what it’s worth. He looks very good.
  • Going to bump KC WR Dexter McCluster’s catch total up a bit as they are clearly getting him going as a receiver this summer.
  • He’s in a great spot now, so he won’t likely rise, but Chief RB Jamaal Charles looked good again. He seems good-to-go.
  • Going to bump Giant RB David Wilson up again, since he’s looked really good.
  • We’ve liked him all summer, and he’s fairly high, but I think we’re going to move Saint WR Lance Moore up 3-4 spots. He’s clearly going to be the #3 option in the passing game. That’s like being the #2 option on most other teams.
  • Cowboy QB Tony Romo is a tough call because we had to drop him a few spots, yet we’ve always been very high on him and were this year; we had to drop him through no fault of his own. Eli Manning is safer, yet he probably doesn’t have Romo’s upside. Michael Vick has more upside, but is riskier than Romo, so I’m struggling with this ranking a little. It really comes down to expectations, I suppose. If you’re looking at these three QBs, your expectations need to be considered. Vick is the upside guy, Eli is the safe guy, and Romo is a combination of the two.
  • We currently have Chris Johnson and DeMarco Murray in a dead tie in a non-PPR with Johnson getting a slight edge in a PPR. This is a tough call because Johnson is clearly safer, due to his durability. But based on how the two players look this summer, Murray clearly gets the nod.
  • I warmed up to Raider QB Carson Palmer this summer and we have him as a solid backup to target, but I was previously concerned about him because I’m not totally sold on him in this new offense, and I sure as heck didn’t get sold after a shaky preseason. I may move him down below youngsters Jake Locker and Andrew Luck. Another very tough call.
  • We have to move Lion RB Kevin Smith down a few spots. He’s in great shape this summer and is clearly the guy. He’ll do very well when he’s on the field, but alas that is a huge issue for Smith, who is a walking injury report. His ankle issue flared up again, so you can’t count on this guy. Mikel Leshoure gets a little bump, as well. The Lions should be placing some calls today for some RBs. I like Kahlil Bell there, for what it’s worth.
  • I don’t think we could be much higher on him, but I might move Antonio Brown up 1-2 spots after his huge showing this past weekend.
  • I’m struggling a little with the Bills. It’s been a very quiet preseason, yet that could be by design to an extent. I’m sure they’re playing things conservatively in the preseason, so I’ll probably do nothing here.
  • I’m probably going to pull back a tiny bit from Cot RB Donald Brown, since the Colt running game looked bad yesterday. Washington is a good defense, though, and Brown is still the main guy.
  • Obviously, we’ve been all over Alfred Morris’ emergence this summer, but we’ve been hesitant to move him too high because we know there are three other RBs well within the mix here. But Morris has clearly been their best back in camp and he can definitely play a little bit, so he has to be moved up. I’m thinking the low-50s is about as high as I can go. Evan Royster has to be moved down.  I have to think Morris gets the nod Week One.

I may have missed a player or two, but that’s about it. Not an incredibly eventful weekend, quite frankly.

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