Britt fallout, and Jackie Battle in SD

Here are some quick thoughts on the two big news items from Friday. For one, I am disgusted with Kenny Britt. I have no qualms with someone partying, and in fact I tell my own son, who is in college, that it’s okay to let off some steam – but only when all the work you need to do is done. That’s when some partying in moderation can actually be a good thing (in my opinion).

At this point, you seriously have to wonder if Kenny Britt will go down as a serious waste of talent

But this Britt’s a real moron. I’ve been a huge Britt supporter based almost entirely on his physical skills, and I’ve been okay backing him despite his issues because I know he’s a good kid. I’ve never met him, but everyone I’ve talked to who have say the guy’s really, really likable. He’s not a bad dude. He’s just really, really dumb. I gotta think the Titans are seriously considering turning on the page on him after this recent incident. If there’s one thing that may help give him one more chance it’s that most of his previous transgressions did not come on Mike Munchak’s watch.

Clearly, Nate Washington’s value rises now. I’ve been on him all off-season as a great value, and now he’s just a great pick, even as early as 80-90 picks in. He’s a pretty darn good player who can still blow the top off a defense at times but also make plays all over the field, including the red zone, where he’s very effective. He’s their most reliable receiver by far, so he will be a favorite target for whomever is starting at QB. This Britt story also helps WRs Kendall Wright and Damian Williams. I’m thinking Williams’ value will rise the most simply because he should start in the “X” spot for Britt, as he did last year. They may try Wright out there, but Wright looks like more of a moveable guy who will play all over the place as the #3 WR. He’s more talented than Williams, so Wright has to be watched, but Williams should benefit most from moron Kenny Britt’s latest DUI.

Overall, this is a bit of a buzz kill for the entire Titan offense. Unless Britt heals up well and can play at a relatively high level and get on the field at some point (we’re thinking it’ll be a 4-game suspension only because he’s actually never been suspended), the Titan offense loses out in the potential department with Britt’s status in major doubt. The silver lining otherwise is that TE Jared Cook, in a contract year, may be leaned on more. If he’s up to the task, this could easily help his fantasy value.

The other story is the Charging signing veteran RB Jackie Battle. While he’s nothing special, he’s a guy who has stuck on an NFL roster because he has value in several areas. He’s a strong special teams guy, can play FB, and he was pretty solid at RB last year. While Curtis Brinkley flashed a little last year, I gotta think Battle is the guy to get if you’re looking to handcuff Ryan Mathews, which is a key handcuff for obvious reasons. Obviously, we’ll have to see how training camp goes, but Battle is a very tough and strong runner who can move the chains running N-S. He can wear a defense down with significant carries, and this is a good spot for him overall. I don’t think Ronnie Brown will make the team at this point, but again we’ll see. Brown in theory could be a viable 3rd down back for the Chargers, since Brinkley’s pass protection is an issue.

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  1. Speaking of Battle in SD, were you as shocked as I was that Tolbert ended up in CAR? Prior to his signing I thought he was the perfect fit and replacement for Brandon Jacobs in NY. I know Reese and co do not like to spend money in FA, but Tolbert signed for next to nothing, and if ever there was a better fit. Time will tell for the Giants and David Wilson. As for the Panthers? First CAR gives Williams the big contract to start last season, and then use Jonathan Stewart more, and now they sign Tolbert? I do not understand this signing about as much as i do not understand how he did not sign elsewhere. Newton is clearly the best runner on the Panther offense, and then you have Williams, Stewart, Tolbert, and others. Seems like a very crowded backfield for a guy like Tolbert who clearly proved he could be the guy when Mathews missed time last season.

  2. Tcostant says:

    The Giants made the right choice. Late in the first round a few years back, the Giants needed a WR. The three they were looking at as likely falling toward the end of the first round were DHB, Britt and Nicks. The Raiders took DHB early in a surprise (I lot of though he would end up on the Gaints) and the Giants had the choice of Britt and Nicks. Luckly they took Nicks, maybe their heard about Britts behavor (he play an hour away at Rutgers) and made the wise choice. Britt got picked soon after. Smart Giants!

  3. Burton says:

    After reading your last ADP Analysis article, I wonder what M.Tolbert’s predicted role will be. D.Williams has new contract, and I think has more zuzu than J.Stewart; but Stewart seemed to perform better last year. Is J.Stewart likely gone next year? Just wondering if M.Tolbert has a chance to take over J.Stewart’s role this year? If so, he could be a great value. Any chance?

  4. John Hansen says:

    I don’t expect much from Tolbert this year given he’s behind those two. Stewart actually said he wants to be back, both him and Williams love that RBBC, as they both told me in the past on separate occasions, but I would think Carolina is preparing for him to leave in 2013 (Denver makes a ton of sense) with Tolbert playing a lot with Williams.

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