The Blog is down for now

With the 2011 preseason well underway and the regular season obviously right behind it, I have made a decision to move away from the blog for the rest of the year.

I made this decision, based on a suggestion from a reader, who said the blog “isn’t for me.” I don’t agree with that assessment, but what I’ve learned is that the blog isn’t for my busy time. The blog was never meant to be a running Q & A with me having to constantly come back to answer questions. I’m perfectly fine doing that in the offseason, when I actually have time. But I don’t have the time from August-December. The comments were open for other readers to chime and share their thoughts on the topic at hand, even to disagree and offer their own spin for others to think about. But again, this time of the year, it turns into 30-40 people asking me questions on each post, and I can’t keep going back to answer them 5-6 times a day while taking my time away from 99% of our other customers who are content to simply read and absorb our content. Being a glorified chat session isn’t really what my definition of a blog is, so then I look like a jerk for not answering questions. I do a weekly chat, and I will continue to do a weekly chat the entire year if people have questions for me. In fact, we will do three chats a week this year, just for those who have questions for us. I’m also going to do one more podcast a week during the season than I did in 2010, most likely the weekly review podcast.

The post that got me thinking about this was an ongoing conversation about the delay in my updated Draft Plan, which was posted on the site Saturday afternoon 8/13. I really wanted to get it done before the first kickoff, but I didn’t make it. I did get it up before about a third of the league played a single preseason game, at least.

Obviously, here comes the lockout excuse. But I don’t think people realize how much work it was to basically re-write about 35-40% of the whole site while covering free agency, which usually goes down in 3-4 months. We usually have those 3-4 months to cover it all, make adjustments, and write probably 300,000 words on the upcoming season while also tweaking projections, following news, etc. This year we had about two weeks to do all that. I think we did a good job, but the full draft plan article takes me about 25-30 hours of work, and I didn’t have that for a couple of weeks right when the lockout ended. And I couldn’t really do it before the lockout ended (I actually did, but it was a condensed version).

If a customer doesn’t appreciate some of my business practices, I understand. If he or she doesn’t want to give their business anymore, that’s certainly their prerogative. But I think it’s clear that we’re all busting our asses to maintain a high quality service. These articles we post take a long time to write, and they’re usually very long. We don’t just make stuff up, either. Things have to be researched, and talked through, which also takes a lot of time. It’s been particularly tough given the lockout. There’s a reason people are pissed off if something’s not posted early enough: it’s good stuff, and good stuff takes time to produce, and time has been at a shortage this year.

So anyway, just because I’m not doing the blog doesn’t mean I’m not working. You may notice this year I’m going to put my name on some more things. These are things I’ve always written, but just never put my name on. It seems some people think I’m slacking or something. I assure you, I’m not slacking. The staff is 500% larger than it was 5 years ago, and I’m working more hours now than I did then. I’m not complaining; I’m just pointing out that I’m not slacking. I keep hearing “More Hansen” from people. If I did much more there would be “No Hansen” because Hansen would be dead.

I’m still alive, and I plan to be alive all year and do whatever I can to help you win a championship. But to do that, I need some help myself, and it’s going to help me knowing I don’t have to worry about looking like an A-Hole for not answering all the questions left for me on every blog post.

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