An injury update on MJD from MJD

On Friday night, I was able to speak with Jaguar RB Maurice Jones-Drew on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports radio, so I figured I would share what he had to say about his injury status.

There have been some reports that there was a “bone-on-bone” issue with his knee, which I actually didn’t ask him about because MJD was pretty darn optimistic on his recovery. And as he said in the interview, he plays fantasy and knows how it is for fantasy players dealing with injuries, so he’s always going to be honest with his status.

Jaguar RB Maurice Jones-Drew told me on 7/1 that he "pretty much" ran for 100+ yards from Weeks 8-13 on one leg.

For one, Jones-Drew said the surgery “wasn’t anything major.” He did say it was a little more than a torn meniscus, and that the doctor’s had to clear up a little more “stuff,” but this was an injury he actually suffered in the summer. He could have had surgery in August and missed some time, but he wanted to play. By midseason or so, it was very problematic, and he told me that he basically played on one leg his final 6-7 games (he went over 100 yards six straight weeks during this time).

As for his status now, he told me he’s like 80-85% recovered and he’s been working out and running to continue to get stronger with the goal of being 100% by August within reach. I asked him if he gets to 100% if there’s any chance he could aggravate or re injure the knee, and he said there were no concerns there and that “they took care of everything.”

MJD told me that he’s running and cutting well and people watching him say he looks good.

In short, MJD downplayed the injury and seemed pretty darn confident that it’s not going to be an issue going forward. Generally speaking, that’s what you’re looking at with a repaired meniscus. In many cases, the subjects feel even better than before, since they had been slowed or bothered by the injury, as MJD was for most of the 2010 season, if not all of it.

Finally, from a fantasy perspective, I talked to Jones-Drew about his ADP, and he used the word “crazy” to describe how he’s now a late 1st round pick. Sure, all athletes talk themselves up, but MJD made the point that he did what he did (6th at RB in points per game) on one leg.

So now that we heard it directly from the horse’s mouth that MJD is probably going to be fine for the season, it is kind of crazy that he can be had late in the 1st round.

That looks like a value, people.

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  1. Rusty says:

    C’mon now John. This seems like nothing more than a name-drop. Injury information from the actual injured player holds less credence than probably just about anyone. The player will always downplay an injury and put a positive spin on it.

    Given the knee, the general wear and tear over the last few years and being a year older, I think late 1st round sounds about right.

  2. John Hansen says:

    As I’ve said many times to my buddy, actor Paul Rudd, no one name drops like me.

  3. LlamaLover says:

    That reply was some funny shit! I’m worried about the knee, waiting for training camp to see if late 1st round feels like a value.

  4. Rusty says:

    Good one John. Don’t forget about your other buddy Ba Ba Booey.

  5. John Hansen says:

    Seriously, this was actual news. In fact a ton of media outlets reported the update MJD supplied to me during the interview, so it was certainly worth a blog post.

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