12-Team Mock Draft Results

I did another mock draft last night for another magazine (Lindys Fantasy Football), and while I cannot publish the entire draft, I can list here my team and go over that. This league is a non-PPR league. 12 teams, and the only other scoring nuance of note was that it’s only 3 points per passing TD (and 6 points per rushing/receiving), which devalues the QBs. But I’m usually of the opinion that, if the scoring is the same for everyone, a rule like that can’t devalue the QBs too much.

I picked 3rd, and after doing some stat research on my first pick, I surprised by selecting him over Chris Johnson.

Jamaal Charles – I had just so happened to study some deep stats on Charles yesterday, and everything revealed a budding star in the NFL. We all know he’s good by watching him play, but the stats say he’s beyond good, and the Chiefs are still an ascending team, so I took him. I’m not sure I would have taken him in a real draft, but based on this team and the two player’s performance last year, I do feel better about him than Chris Johnson, who I passed on.

Larry Fitzgerald – You have to take advantage of any possible value, and it’s always wise to take any “sure things” left on the board, so I find myself targeting Fitzgerald in the 2nd round. If he had a real QB, he’d be going a little earlier, and I think he will have a real QB at some time this year (Kevin Kolb clearly being the front-runner).

Ahmad Bradshaw – Nothing wrong with this guy, as an inspection of his numbers showed a runner who was rock solid in pretty much every category other than yards per catch in the passing game.

Antonio Gates – I was all set to grab Santonio Holmes as my #2 WR, with the plan being to hold off a little on TE, but be went one pick in front of me. So I went BPA, and played it “safe” with Gates. Granted, he is coming off some problematic injuries, but he was on a ballistic pace last year and there is nice continuity here.

Peyton Manning – The QBs are devalued a little based on the scoring, but Peyton Manning in the 4th round of a 12-team league is pretty hard to pass up. If you take a QB and TE in the first four rounds, you’ll have a pair of studs most likely, but you better do well with your later picks at RB and WR. I’m not sure I did in this one.

Johnny Knox – I’m not in love with the pick based on the round, but Knox does have some things going for him and I needed a WR, preferably one who was his team’s go-to guy. I know he was my guy last year and he probably let people down. But when you consider most players fall short of expectations in general, he was pretty solid. I certainly wasn’t wrong to argue that he was the guy to get here, and with any luck whatsoever, he could have been a top-20 WR. He may be a little luckier this year, and the Bears have yet to add a WR this offseason.

Ryan Williams – I was set to grab Cedric Benson here, but he went right in front of me, so I reached on Williams. This could be either a wasted pick or my best pick; we’ll just have to see. It was probably 1-2 rounds too early for him. I did also get Bean Wells, but there was no value whatsoever in either. But Williams has the tools and the potential to be borderline special, and I like taking those kinds of risks.

Deion Branch – For some reasons, I keep taking Branch in these mocks drafts and this is three-for-three taking him. But he’s always my #3, and that’s not bad considering his good situation and the fact that the Pats haven’t added a WR. So for now, I’m basically drafting the Patriots’ #1 WR on the outside. The next three WRs drafted were Jordy Nelson, Braylon Edwards, and Julio Jones, and Branch is a safer bet than any of those most likely.

Chris Wells – At this point I’m not tracking the draft as I should and crossing people off my list so I know exactly who the best players available are, so I’m slacking a little bit. Once again, I’m watching 5-year old twins alone while drafting. In a “real” draft, I’d be making some arrangements so I can focus. Anyway, I do have Ryan Williams, so I saw Beanie on the board and secured that backfield. Both players have definite upside, so I just hope one guy clearly emerges. I probably should have taken Mike Tolbert, However.

LaDainian Tomlinson – Looking for some depth in the 10th round, and LT made some sense here based on his 2010 season and the fact that the Jets seem unwilling to totally commit to Shonn Greene. Other RBs drafted in this round were Donald Brown, Kendall Hunter, and Delone Carter, so LT was a decent and reliable option.

Chad Ochocinco – I’m not in love with this pick for obvious reasons, but having Branch in New England was a factor. Who knows if the Pats will entertain him, but Ochocinco would certainly love to play for them. Come to think of it, I can’t see the Pats doing it, even though he’d made a lot of sense for them. Other WRs taken in this round were Terrell Owens, Lance Moore, Arrelious Benn, and rookie Jonathan Baldwin. Moore was probably the better pick and now that I think about it, I don’t know why the hell I took this pain in the ass Ochocinco over Moore.

Lee Evans – I guess he was a value, but he’s going late for a reason: he stinks for fantasy. At least Ryan Fitzpatrick and back and head coach Chan Gailey has spoken this year about how he’s gotta do a better job getting Evans involved in the intermediate area, and not just downfield.

New York Jets – The last two rounds and the defenses are flying off the board. The Jets were a buzzkill last year for fantasy, so at least this year they don’t cost much. They were the 6th defense off the board.

Josh Brown – Brown was actually money late last year, and the team is improving, so I like him as an option.

Starting Lineup (no Flex)

QB: Peyton Manning

RB: Jamaal Charles, Ahmad Bradshaw

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Johnny Knox, Deion Branch

TE: Antonio Gates

PK: Josh Brown

DT: NY Jets

Final Thoughts: Not a bad team at all, but I clearly have some issues at WR. As usual, if you take a QB and a TE early, you’re going to have a hole somewhere else in an expert league. But if that’s the way the draft flows, that’s the way it flows. It’s more important to get as many impact players/studs as possible early to be the foundation of your team because you know plenty of good options are going to emerge later one. One again, if you look at this team you see a lot of stability and continuity, two huge factors as we navigate in uncharted waters in terms of this whacky offseason.

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  1. JBeau says:

    You seem to be all over Gates this year so far. Not a bad squad, but TE is so deep, I prefer to go WR in that spot you grabbed Gates. Probably woulda held off on a QB too, but that is just me.

  2. JOOCE says:

    I am in a keeper league and due to league rules am forced to trade MJD this offseason. I have been debating between trading for Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles. Charles is a better value in my keeper league (10th round keeper vs. CJ being a 5th, and MJD is a 15th!). I see that you drafted Charles over CJ. I am currently leaning towards CJ and here’s why. I have lost in the finals 3 out of 6 seasons. CJ’s sched weeks 12-16: TB, @BUF, NO, @IND, JAX. Charles’ sched wks 12-16: PIT, @CHI, @NYJ, GB, OAK. I hate to use schedule as a tie-breaker when evaluating elite RBs in a keeper league no less, but that it a huge difference in sched down the stretch, and I am playing to win in 2011. For that same reason, I would pick CJ over Charles in a seasonal league.

  3. John Hansen says:

    I keep taking Gates simply because I’m stocking up on as many studs as possible, regardless of position. It’s going to be crazier than ever on the WW this year. WRs drafted right after Gates: Harvin, Crabtree, Britt, Boldin. I love Britt but the kid’s a mess. Otherwise, Gates stands head and shoulders over those other guys.

    I’d probably keep Charles at this point. CJ’s fine and I see the schedule but CJ didn’t run nearly as well last year. I wonder if he’s going to fold a little if things get tough with a rookie QB playing. He was shying away from contact last year.

  4. JOOCE says:

    Thanks for the input.

    Those twins are draft killers! I’m at the crossroads of life: children or fantasy football.

  5. JBeau says:

    JOOCE…I would hate to disagree with John, but I would go with Chris Johnson. That playoff schedule says it all. Chiefs schedule is alot tougher this year.

  6. JOOCE says:

    I do respectfully disagree with John, solely based on schedule. His mind is clouded by the twins!

    I do respect and understand John’s opinion though, and don’t doubt his observations. That said, I’m not a “rankings b**ch!” :)

  7. steely says:

    Cannot have Knox as your #2 WR. No way, no how.

  8. John Hansen says:

    Having Knox as a #2 is offset a bit by having Gates. Hard to have everything when you have a stud TE.

    This is a keeper league, right? I guess you guys are paying a little more attention to just 2011. I can say though that Johnson wasn’t very impressive last year.

  9. Idiot Savant says:

    John..will u move J Charles over AP and Chris Johnson in your rankings…

  10. Idiot Savant says:

    Perhaps AP over Chris johnson? and Charles over CJ

  11. Goran says:

    Jamaal Charles is an ultra-back with blazing speed. So why does Todd Haley still have a man-crush on Thomas Jones? It’s because Thomas Jones endears himself to the coaching staff because of his tough work ethic and effort in practice and the weight room. There was absolutely NO reason Haley used Jones over Charles as much as he did last year…and the same unpredictability will exist this year. Haley also gets nervous using Jamaal on running plays inside the 5 yard line…pure sillyness. If I knew Jamaal would get more than 50% of the touches AND get goal-line looks, he would be a no-brainer as a top 5. With Haley still idiotically thinking Thomas Jones is Charles’ equal and should split 50% of the workload plus goal-line, it once again complicates the picture.

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