New Keeper/Dynasty Rankings and Display

Note: Check out our new Keeper/Dynasty Rankings here. We’ll release our Post-Draft Rookie Report on Friday.

I know people have been asking for more keeper and dynasty content, and I certainly want to appease them. During the season, there are weeks when I’m literally ranking and projecting 1200 players. That occurs when I do updated keeper rankings, update the rest-of-the-season projections, and rankings for the upcoming week within a two day period. These rankings take forever, and the keeper rankings an eternity.

Well, they just got more complicated for me.

In the past, we’ve only been able to rank keepers on a static page, one that was not tied to our database. Now, our keeper rankings will be presented like our regular projections, and even better I have added some category grades to try to put these players into better perspective. I basically have combined a few criteria (graded from 1-10 with 10 being the highest grade) for each of these two categories. They are:

Talent: This is basically self-explanatory, but I consider not only what the player has to work with physically but also what the player is capable of becoming down the road.

Opportunity: This is where I’m considering a few factors. Obviously, role is one of the key ones, but durability falls under this category as well. If you’re unable to play, that hurts your opportunity. I also take into account offensive system and supporting cast.

These grades aren’t perfect, but they should help put these players in better context and offer a bit more than we have been offering.

With our new Keeper/Dyansty League display, our rankings are now offered up in a more dynamic and easier to handle way

Another advantage to this new look is how you can now generate a more printer-friendly page for each position and print out keeper rankings, and of course you can view by each position only, which is better. The one thing I cannot do is rank players overall because there are way too many variables involved in a keeper or dynasty league. I can try doing that for just each upcoming season, but not for the next 2-3 years.

Of course, I still comment on the players, offer upside/downside designations, list players who have moved up or down the list since the last update, and also flag guys as dynasty options. The dynasty option is tough to wrap my head around because anyone near the top of the list is obviously a dynasty option, so basically a dynasty guy is anyone I think has a chance to have a little more value than expected right now, and probably, more importantly, down the road. These are basically younger players I think have a chance, so while I wouldn’t keep them in a keeper league that retained only 4-5 players, I’d consider them viable in a league that kept 15-20 players. It’s tough to qualify everyone because, while I don’t think a guy like Earl Bennett in Chicago is going to be very exciting these next few years, and I don’t think he’s a great long-term prospect, he will likely help the Bears right now, so he is certainly viable in a dynasty league.

I took a ton of time to populate this first dynamic keeper ranking offering, obviously considering all the events of the draft and more, and I will try to update them every two weeks going forward. I’VE COVERED 425 SKILL PLAYERS, SO I THINK I HAVE ANYONE WHO SHOULD BE NOTED, NOTED.

Also, one other cool thing we’re going to get rolling soon: when you go to an individual’s player page, you’ll see our latest keeper/dynasty comment marked by date and also our latest preseason/ in-season comment for whole season and for the upcoming week displayed by date. So if you ever want to quickly see what we think about a player for a keeper league, for the whole season/rest of the season, or for the upcoming week, you can quickly see all that on a player’s page.

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7 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    Great job John. I can’t imagine the time and effort that went into this. Thank you

  2. John Hansen says:

    It does take a long time, something I point out only to those who think we’re slow on these.

  3. Scott Clarke says:

    I know Beanie has his issues, but where is he??

  4. Rich says:

    After listening to the post draft blog, I was wondering if your rankings were influenced by Greg?

  5. porkchop_sandwiches says:

    I would imagine this to be true as well Rich. Cosell is one of the premier assets on this site. My guess is John would tell you the same.

  6. John Hansen says:

    Of course, that’s why we employ the man. I don’t need him as much to analyze established players, but especially for the rookies. Greg has spent about 75 hours a week the last 2-3 months watching the incoming rookies on film. He specializes in projecting them to the pros, so you’re damn right I am influenced!

  7. Rob says:

    Trying my hand at Dynasty for 1st time. Have 3rd overall pick in serpentine draft. yardage and TD’s = for RB and WR, .5 per rec.

    ALL rostered players from initial draft are eligible to be kept until they retire or you trade or cut them.

    Question is, would I be crazy to pass on the big three players at RB to take Calvin Johnson?

    Theory is that WR play longer careers due to the nature of a less violent position, so I’d probably get more elite years out of Calvin than a RB. Draw back is having a less talented RB at #18 or #25.

    I’d appreciate your feedback John.

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