Buffalo Wild Wings Update: Week Ten

Last week I predicted a victory in this league and about 125 points, and I got that victory but with 150+ points, so I had a good week. I did not make much of an impact on the WW this week, as I’m holding on to my vast collection of stash-and-hope RBs, but I was able to add more to the collection before he played (and scored) in Week Ten and that was Jason Snelling. So if Mike Turner goes down, I’m good to go. The reason these stash-and-hope RBs are huge for me is because one more impact RB, and my team has a real chance to surprise and steal this thing (PPR league), despite having Tom Brady on my team and losing Malcom Floyd for a while and Jermichael Finley for the season. I probably should be searching for a replacement for Brady, but I have not taken that time, which is probably for the best since Brady hasn’t been awful.

Otherwise, I dropped PK Jason Hanson of course and picked up Josh Scobee, which has a great matchup this week. I’m 5-4 and a win this week would be sweet, as I’d feel respectable at 6-3. That said, I will probably lose because that’s how this league’s gone in 2010.

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Adrian Peterson

RB: Willis McGahee – Unfortunately, got jack from him already in Week 10.

WR: Mike Williams (Sea, Greg Jennings off)

WR: Mike Williams (TB)

WR: Jeremy Maclin

Flex: C.J. Spiller

TE: Jacob Tamme

PK: Josh Scobee

DT: Minnesota

I’m trying Spiller out over Taylor, since I need some upside given the McGahee thing this week. I’m also sticking with Min DT for one more week. But I think I’m going to fall this week and I’m hoping I’m incorrect.

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