Buffalo Wild Wings Update: Week Eight

The moves I outlined here last week worked well, and I did not even have time to pick up the Redskin defense, as I said I wanted to (they went off). Picking up TE Todd Heap (2 TDs) and Mike Williams (25 points) worked out well, and despite my RB issues, my team went off and knocked off a 5-1 squad.

So I’m now 4-3, but I made a huge mistake last week. Since I lost Jermichael Finley, I wanted the upside of TE Jacob Tamme, even though he was off, and I figured I could drop one of my stash-and-hope RBs and pick him up this week, but I picked the wrong one: LeGarrette Blount. Of course, I couldn’t get him on the WW this week, so I could have potentially saved my dire RB situation, but I did not. This after not taking the time to pick up Ryan Torain before he was a hot commodity, and I knew he would be a hot commodity. The pickups are tough in this league; there’s nothing left for the most part.

So this week, I have to roll with C.J. Spiller as my #2 RB, which is not good. I’m loaded at WR, but with Malcom Floyd out and Jeremy Maclin off, I had to pick someone up, and since I have Floyd I’m rolling with Leg Naanee, who should be back this week. I also did pick up the Redskin Defense. And since I’m still groping at RB, I grabbed Bernard Scott, who might have carved a little 3rd down back role, good for some PPR value. Plus, if Cedric Benson goes down I’m in. So now I have RBs Chester Taylor, Anthony Dixon, Bernard Scott, and Willis McGahee (who I started last week), hoping someone gets hurt. Here’s my Week Eight lineup. If I can get to 5-3, I’ll be happy.

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Adrian Peterson

RB: C.J. Spiller

WR: Greg Jennings

WR: Mike Williams (TB)

WR: Mike Williams (Sea)

Flex: Leg Naanee or maybe even Bernard Scott

TE: Jacob Tamme

PK: Mike Nugent

DT: Washington

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