Buffalo Wild Wings Update: Week Five

I wish I was tracking some of my other teams because I am doing well in all of them but one, but this Buffalo Wild Wings league is pretty decent. Last week, I was still stinging from missing out on RB Ryan Torain, who I should have picked up before Week Three was played. I knew he was going to be a factor as soon as he was activated off the practice squad the Friday leading up to Week Three, and I blew it by not picking him up. Unfortunately, my fantasy teams are out-of-sight and out-of-mind late in the week after the initial round of waivers are run, which is why I always remind people to always check the late-week needs and the WW because you can often make some great pickups on Friday-Sunday.

Last week, I was staring at starting RBs Clinton Portis and C.J. Spiller, so I knew I was in trouble. I had the Saint defense, and they obviously had to be cut, since I needed a defense that potentially packed a punch in Week Four. I got one in the New York Giants, and they carried my Adrian Peterson-less ass to victory in Week Four with 18 beautiful points. Portis and Spiller combined for 12.5. Thanks to the Giants, I’m now 3-1, when I should have been 2-2.

This week, I get Peterson back, but I’m still looking for a fantasy D that packs a punch, so I picked up the 49ers, who will be at home on national TV against QB Kevin Kolb (webs). I love them this week.  I like the Saints this week, too, but I’m not able to carry two defenses, since I’m sitting on some stash-and-hope RBs in LeGarrette Blount, and Anthony Dixon. I need a miracle at RB other than Peterson, but I now have four total high-end backups in those two, plus Willis McGahee and Chester Taylor, so maybe I’ll get lucky.

I also dropped PK Nick Folk for John Carney, a great pickup. I have Tom Brady on a bye, and I was fortunate to get Bruce Gradkowski, who should not be on the WW at this point.

Here’s my Week Five Lineup in this 12-team PPR

QB: Bruce Gradkowski

RB: Adrian Peterson

RB: C.J. Spiller

WR: Greg Jennings

WR: Malcom Floyd

WR: Mike Williams (TB)

Flex: Mark Clayton

TE: Jermichael Finley

PK: John Carney

DT: San Francisco

I’m benching WR Jeremy Maclin. If I win this week to advance to 4-1, it will be because I’ve addressed the bottom of my lineup with Carney and SF, and because I was able to snag a solid backup QB.

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9 Responses

  1. RK says:

    John – been a FG subscriber for a couple of yrs – great work! My team is similar with Brady, AP, Finley. I know Gradskowski is probably a better backup QB over Ryan Fitzpatrick – but Fitz’s matchup this week (at home vs Jac)- doesnt that make him a better bye wk replacement for Brady than Grad (SD 2nd vs QBs)?

  2. GB says:

    My opinion to below: playing w/ fire (any BUF qb) bro. I wouldn’t touch fitz or whomever their starter is, any week.

    John H – If you don’t get a chance to respond to this, NBD, but I have a trade question: In my high stakes league (non-PPR) we start 2 wr’s, 2 rb’s and 2 flex (W/R and W/T). At RB I got CJ, Forte, J Stewart, Green-Ellis and Brandon Jackson. WR’s are Austin, Knox, L Moore, M Williams (TB), Gaffney, B Tate. My buddy’s got Cutler and no backups, so whether he realizes it yet or not he needs QB help. At QB I got Brady and Matty Ryan, so my question is: do you think I should package Forte and Ryan for Mathews? He’s got a strong RB 1-2 of Foster and Mathews, but McGahee & Felix are his only others. Same thing w/ WR: R Moss & DJax w/ a few so-so guys behind them. Trying to make moves. Holler.

  3. Patrick says:

    Hey John – good moves to sure up your team.

    I’m trying to go for the kill in my league (.5PPR) and would love your input.

    Would you consider giving up Finley & Spiller in return for Gore & (Donald Driver OR Hines Ward)?

    Chris Johnson
    Peyton Hillis

  4. Gary says:

    Good stuff here. Question for you. My WR are Roddy, Smith (Car), Williams (TB), B. Tate and Britt so I could really use some depth. I have an offer for Roddy in exchange for Boldin and either Clayton or TO. What do you think? He also wants to throw in Juhn for me giving back B. Jacobs but I’m not too sure about that part. Thanks

  5. Dirty says:

    John, I’m glad to see that you have opened the comments section back up…was feeling that all the bad comments was bring you down

  6. Gunner says:

    John H, If Pierre Garcon is available to play this week, would it be wise to drop either Maclin or Brandon Tate to pick him up? Thanks, Gunner

  7. Emilmuzz says:

    I posted this on the boards, but I am very curious about the site projections.

    You state that you started the Giants over the Saints last week because “they obviously had to be cut and the Giants packed a punch.” Yet, the Saints were ranked 6th among all defenses and the Giants were 8th. As someone who started the Saints last week, it seems that a ranking of 6th does not communicate “obviously needs to be cut.”

    This week, the Saints are ranked 1st (and I understand that) but you write that you love the Niners and are starting them.
    I understand you may be taking a chance…but if you stand behind a Defense, shouldn’t that defense be ranked higher?

    How are the projections made? Are they your decision alone or are there other staffers making the rankings?

  8. Bitt says:

    Would you start Garcon over Micahel Bush if Collie is out?

    Would you go with Bush over Fitzgerald this week with Max Hall throwing to him?

  9. John Hansen says:

    I actually did not mean to allow comments. I just can’t handle questions here. My time has to be devoted to the site work. This blog is not for questions, but other than the busy 20 weeks from Aug-Dec, I can certainly answer them. But to answer your question Emilmuzz, the Saints were not ranked #6 going into last week. They may have been in NFL terms, but I’m talking fantasy football. As for SF, I’d say being tied for #2 in the rankings is “standing behind” the defense.