Buffalo Wild Wings Update: Week Four

I had a nice win last week in the Buffalo Wild Wings league to improve to 2-1. My team was led by Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson, and I got huge performances by Jermichael Finley, Jeremy Maclin, and Malcom Floyd.

Unfortunately, I’m still really light at RB, as my C.J Spiller pick in the 5th round continues to come back to haunt me. I have some solid depth guys like Willis McGahee and Chester Taylor, but they’re just not doing anything. This week, with Peterson off, I’m in trouble. I have Clinton Portis, but missed out on Ryan Torain on the WW this week, and that was my fault because I should have picked him up last weekend. I knew he was getting a chance, but I have too many things going on over the weekend.

So it’s time for me to get some stash-and-hope RBs on my roster. The best I could do this week was Anthony Dixon and LeGarrette Blount, who does have a chance to emerge in Tampa as a guy who may get 10+ carries a game, including the goal line carries. It’s far from a lock, but he has a chance.

This week’s lineup is shaky with no Adrian Peterson, so after scoring 171 last week, I’ll be lucky to hit 125.

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Clinton Portis

RB: C.J. Spiller

WR: Greg Jennings

WR: Malcom Floyd

WR: Jeremy Maclin

WR: Mark Clayton

TE: Jermichael Finley

PK: Nick Folk (dropped Garrett Hartley)

DT: NY Giants (picked them up with LT out for Chicago, have a chance at home).

I need to trade 1-2 WRs for a better RB, but that might be tough. At least this is a PPR, and I am good at WR/TE.

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