DT move in Buffalo Wild Wings

If anyone is looking for a defensive team this weekend, note that the Oakland Raider D is looking strong tomorrow at home in the Black Hole against the Rams and rookie QB Sam Bradford. I picked them up and dropped the Chicago defense, so I will be starting:

Tom Brady
Adrian Peterson
Clinton Portis – Skins want to run it against Houston
Greg Jennings
Jeremy Maclin
Malcom Floyd
Mike Williams, TB – Flex
Jermichael Finley
Garrett Hartley
Oakland Raiders

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  1. Nick says:

    I did the same thing earlier in the week John. I decided to play the matchups on Def this year since I didn’t want to overpay for one in my auction.

  2. flicano says:

    Used ARI week one vs. the Rams, grabbed OAK earlier in week, hoping for same results or better.

  3. FFB Founder says:

    I like the move but after so many ‘stay away from all Raiders at all costs’ I’m having a hard time picking up anyone tagged with “Oak”.

  4. Jason says:

    John, do you like the Raiders D even over the Saints D this weekend? Also going Maclin over Knox at flex…any objections?
    “Gratuitous Brown Nose Alert”- Thanks for providing another great foundation for this year’s draft.
    Typical starters-Flacco, AP, Addai, Austin, Cal Johnson, Knox, Gonzo, Gould, Saints
    Good luck this week!

  5. TCS91841 says:

    Unless I get relatively certain confirmation that Nicks is going to play, I need to decide between Dez or Tampa Mike Williams. I am leaning towards Dez, because I think there will be a concerted effort to get him in the endzone. Please advise with your take.

  6. Bittner says:


    Need 1 of this as a flex:

    Steve Smith – CAR v. tampa
    C. Portis – Vs Houston (Ialso have cooley)
    L. Nannee – Vs. Jax


  7. Dave says:

    Need to start 1wr

    Mike sims-walker
    Mark Clayton
    Der mason

    Tx Dave!

  8. Mark says:

    I need to fill a RB2 and a flex from these 4…Forte, Barber, Macklin, Knox. Right now I’m feeling Forte and Macklin.

    Thanks, Mark

  9. Mark says:

    BTW, I picked up the Giants in the last round of the my draft and picked up KC as a free agent for this week. Didn’t like the Giants vs. A pi$$ed off Peyton, and we get return td’s, and i have a feeling McCluster isn’t done.

  10. Chris says:


    Love following your thought process for a team on the blog. Great idea! Is there a place to check out your entire roster in this league to see who you could have started to really get a look into how you run your weekly process.

  11. Blake says:

    john, thank you again for doing this please keep doing it all season! you continue to be the man.


  12. John Hansen says:

    Well, don’t thank me for the Raiders, they came up pretty small.

  13. Slump Buster says:

    Do you dump/trade Shonn Greene now or see if he somehow pulls through to his expectations?

  14. Blake says:

    lol, just thanking you for letting us watch you run a team…we all make some bad calls with weekly lineup decisions ever now and again.

  15. Slump Buster says:

    @ Bittner—
    Best is looking like a pretty good trade for you. Nice one! I’m looking to start Demaryius Thomas, pick him up if he’s available… Also, if you have a spot, pick up RB Keiland Williams of Washington

  16. Brent says:

    Would you pick up M. Lynch at this point, and drop the likes of a Chester Taylor?

  17. Jonathan says:


    Hi. I just read that Malcolm Floyd has a hamstring injury. Any chance that Craig Davis has some value? He caught five balls against the Jags, and he seems like more of a natural receiver than Naanee.


  18. Burton says:

    Davis might look better on paper, but Naanee is a football player and a pretty good receiver too.

  19. Burton says:

    I am not up to date on Lynch…I would drop Taylor and take a chance on another guy that has skills still in tact and is an injury away from starting or one of the TD Vultures.

  20. Eric says:

    Keiland Williams is a nice add right now if you have the room… He’s a Clinton Portis injury away from being the primary back in WAS. And we’ve seen in the past the no-name guys that have emerged in Shanahan’s offense.

    I also took a chance in a league and added Lynch, based purely on the hopes that he’s traded. I don’t know how teams like GB and NE can’t be interested.

  21. Zach says:

    Hi John,
    I’m hurting at WR but there weren’t any WR’s in your “Players to trade for” article. Help me out on a couple buy-low options? Portis, R Brown or McCoy will be my bait…

    Also, Floyd or Royal this week?

  22. Chris says:


    I am eyeing the KC D as a backup for my Philly D. Dallas is current backup. We get points for return yards in our league for the Def. Would you drop Dallas D and roll with KC as an upside play at home and against weaker teams?

    Thank you.

  23. Kelis says:

    You really saved my skin with this infoatrmion. Thanks!

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