Buffalo Wild League Wings Update

This year I am going to track one of my fantasy teams on the blog and it will be the one from the draft I posted here a couple of weeks ago for Buffalo Wild Wings. If I win, I get a trip to the Super Bowl and I can play in a flag football game with Jerry Rice.

But I’m off to an 0-1 start.

I’m not panicking after Week One, but it’s typical of fantasy football for a team with Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Greg Jennings, and Jermichael Finley lose Week One. I even got a TD from Jeremy Maclin this week, and I was lucky to get that, yet it still wasn’t enough. The biggest problem was rookie C.J. Spiller, who I likely reached on in the 5th round of this draft. He’ll be on my bench for now, and I’ve moved Buc WR Mike Williams into my starting lineup. I did not start Mohamed Massaquoi, who scored.

So for this week, I’m looking at winning with this team:

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Adrian Peterson

RB: Clinton Portis

Flex: Mike Williams (TB)

WR: Greg Jennings

WR: Jeremy Maclin

WR: Malcom Floyd

TE: Jermichael Finley

PK: Garrett Harley (I’m watching you, man)

DT: Chicago Bears

I definitely have a RB issue with only Chester Taylor and Willis McGahee left, and I’ll be cutting Hartley if he comes up small again this week, or at least if he misses some kicks. I also picked up WR Mark Clayton on the chance he emerges as the guy in St. Louis, which I think might happen.

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  1. Tom says:

    John, why stick with Chicago in Dallas this week? I would play the matchups and try to get New England or KC.

  2. Eric says:

    You may have to trade some of your wr depth for a 2nd tier rb! Maybe someone who has Forte would bite on Chester Taylor if you packaged him with Maclin (a bit of an unknown with qb situation and o-line questions).

  3. Tom says:

    What league are you in for Rotobowl? I would like to track that team as well.

  4. John Hansen says:

    League 38. I won my first matchup of the week and I lost my second matchup by .10. That is POINT-10 points.

  5. Stretch says:


    I’m glad I’m not the only one with an 0-1 record. But I am definitely starting W.McGahee over M.Barber in my TD-Heavy league this week.

    McGahee is streaking. He did scored last week. I would hold-on to him. The Ravens offense will be explosive this year.

  6. Bittner says:

    @ Slumpbuster –

    Traded Javid Best straight up for Larry Fitzgerald…

    I already have CJ2K and MJD – Playing to win this year I thought it was a no
    brainer – Plus added to the fact I have Jennings and Brees so Fitz is my # 2 WR compared to Best would have been my flex. I have Steve Smith at CAR as my flex..

    Good Trade? Best SOS is brutal this year…

  7. Trevor says:

    I used this team as my model as we were both drafting in the #2 spot. Ended up drafting AP, Peyton, Jennings, Spiller (Finley went 1 pick previous), Welker, Maclin, V Davis, Hightower, F Jackson, C Taylor, MIN D, Gaffney, Collie, Hartley, L Washington, A Smith.

    I’m happy so far as Welker’s looking good. Hopefully Spiller will pick it up once Hightower’s moving over for Beanie.

  8. tom says:

    I agree with the other Tom, you cant roll with Chitown Defense, I picked up NE this week also, Hell id roll with the Panthers vs Bucs over chitown

  9. Studly Doright says:


    Is Adam going to have his last minute weekly sleepers feature on the website this year? Missed it last week, thanks.

  10. Slump Buster says:

    @ Bittner~

    I like Best, he scored twice last week, but ran for 20 yards. I am waiting to see that explosive burst that he has.. I think the trade will be pretty good overall and your stacked at RB….
    I struck out big time w/ Kolb & Shonn Greene..(I know it’s early, but had a bad feeling about both in the preseason). I outright cut Kolb (picked up Hasselbeck).. I am offering Hasselbeck, Greene & a 3rd next year for Peyton Manning, Cadillac and an 8th…We’ll see if it works… Good luck w/ your team!!

  11. PackFan says:


    Your team brings out one of the things I constantly wrestle with .. and that’s having two players from the same team in the lineup at the same time. I’m not referring to quarterbacks and kickers – but more specifically to wide receivers and running backs. (In our league, we do not have to start a tight end .. they are simply considered receivers).

    In your case it’s Jennings and Finley, and in my case this year it’s Malcolm Floyd and Ryan Matthews. I know it’s probably a bit anal on my part – but it grates me to start two skill players from the same team, because I know that on any given possession, only one of them can score.

    This bothers me through our entire draft because in the end .. I know I’m going to draft who I consider to be the best player available, regardless of team and probably bye week – in most cases.

    I don’t know if anyone else wrestles with this but I do. I suppose if both the guys are studs (probably in your case with Jennings & potential stud Finley) it’s better than starting a second or third tier player, but I can’t help think that I’m not maximizing my lineup if I have two guys from the same team starting.

    Maybe I just need therapy.

  12. Burton says:

    PackFan, I think John addressed this a few blogs back. Anyway, I ended up with Jennings and Finley as well. I don’t have any problem starting both if they are on a high powered offense, as long as they are considered the #1 and #2 receiving threats. If a receiver gets 10 targets, I feel good. On a passing team, there should be enough targets to have two guys producing. Also, one guy might go off and score two TDs and the other might get average yardage/points.

    I wouldn’t have problems starting Floyd and Matthews at the same time simply because they are on the same team. Theoretically, both should produce on a team like SD. I worry if the team has potential to get shut down.

  13. Blake says:

    hey john,

    seriously…this is awesome. been a subscriber for years and love all the features you’ve added. but i’ve always said to myself, “I’d love to just watch john run a team.”

    well now you’re doing it! please, i beg you…update us every week before you drop/add and let us know who you start on sundays all season long with this team.

    thanks again for everything!


  14. PackFan says:


    Thanks for the therapy.

  15. michael says:

    hey John! tough one..flacco vs bengals or Palmer vs ravens..?

  16. Eric says:

    Boy, don’t know about rolling with Chicago vs. Dallas. There are always good weekly defensive plays on the waiver wire and I would opt for one of them.

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