This year’s Mike Sims-Walker

Last year at this exact time I told people here to pick up WR Mike Sims-Walker and I think I have the 2010 version of Sims-Walker in my back pocket.

Believe it or not, I think it is Seattle WR Mike Williams.

We’ve been on Williams all along, and although it was fair to be skeptical, I think we should have pushed him a little more than we did. But for most of you, it’s not too late, so I’d grab him now if I could. I can’t, because I missed the initial WW period in every single one of my league – working too much – and he’s gone in all of them, which is typical for an expert league.

I have to say, I really have a feeling Williams will surprise this year. He’s certainly not a stud, but neither is Sims-Walker, and while the Seahawks have other receivers, unlike the Jags last year, I think Williams is looking like a real key here, like MSW for the Jags last year, and that’s a point that our Greg Cosell agreed with in today’s Matchup Podcast. I felt Williams was running really well (for him) in the preseason, and while Greg was skeptical when I brought that up 3-4 weeks ago, he’s kind of seen the light. Of course, he said that was in comparison to Williams previously, when he ran, according to Greg, like his daughter.

I also think the Seahawks will struggle to run the ball, and that this will be an offense that hangs it hat on the passing game and their solid QB Matt Hasselbeck. So that’s another thing working in Williams’ favor, in addition to the fact that he has the size they need in that offense. We know Pete Carroll loves to throw the ball to those big receivers, and of course Williams played for Carroll at USC.

I’m not saying Williams is going off this year, but if you can add him now as a #4 WR, I think he could be quite good in a PPR. I’m thinking if Hasselbeck plays all year he can catch about 65-70 passes for about 900 yards and 5-6 TDs.

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  1. Jay Alan Spateholts says:

    Devin Aromashodu says: September 12, 2010 at 5:04 am:

    “It is maddening how many questions go unanswered on this page. It’s people asking the same question over and over and this John guy ignores all of it.

    What’s the point of offering help if you don’t provide it?”


    John has addressed the point that this is not an open forum for questions and answers, so I will not spend time making that point to you. Many of the questions asked are answered somewhere within this site, if one takes the time to flesh out the information. Now, I realize in a society that thrives on the 15 second sound bite and has lost the skill of delay of gratification and forfeits responsibility for actions taken or not; that putting forth effort to acquire the information one seeks may be an endeavor too tasking to undertake. Please, have the grace not to make personal attacks when clearly hard work has been demonstrated for the purpose of providing information to enhance your game experience.

    John, I am certain you were not in need of my defense; but I was compelled to respond.


  2. Jay Alan Spateholts says:


    Now to your question:

    “Who’s a better flex this week in a deep ppr league- Mike Williams TB, Mike Wallace or Jonathan Stewart?”

    First let me be clear that I am not claiming expert status, simply providing my thoughts for your consideration.

    M. Williams TB had 9 targets last week. Caught 5 balls for 30 yards with a TD pretty good for PPR flex. This week M. Williams has a tougher assignment against solid corners. M. Wallace Pitt (more of a big play WR) had 5 targets last week. Caught 2 balls for 62 yards not so good for PPR. Given his limitations I would pass on him as my flex in a PPR. M. Wallace may hit on a big play, but that is not what you are looking for based on your question. J Stewart Car is as you know in a 2 RB system. J. Stewart put up 230/2 against TB last season and seems to be getting healthier. J. Stewart had 5 carries last week for 12 yards and was targeted zero times in the passing game. J. Stewart is a talent and has upside, but for this week it seems a bit risky to go with him.

    Based on the site projections the players are ranked Stewart (29), Williams (68) then Wallace (88). My advise go with M. Williams TB as your flex in the PPR this week.

    Full disclosure statement: M. Williams of the Seahawks is a great story and I hope John is right, but I am not buying in at this point.

    My two cents worth which in todays economy translates to about a tenth of a penny!


  3. John Hansen says:

    I’m sorry guys for not having time to answer your questions.

    And I’m sorry for only replying to defend myself, but this post was on 8/9, and TJH was cut just that week, so as long as TJH was on the team I wasn’t ready to make a bold statement. It also doesn’t matter if I’m “late” on a guy; I’m just writing about what I think.

    And for the record, I wrote this on August 18th about Mike Williams in Good Vibes/Bad Vibes.

    This was written 22 days before this original post that I’m getting slaughtered about here. I’d say maybe I should have known TJH would be cut, but we actually speculated that 1 week before he was cut.

    “Also offering some hope was WR Mike Williams, who kind of blew me away with how well he moved after the catch on his TD. This guy was a sloth a few years ago, but now he has some speed to work with. He will make the team, and he might possibly emerge as something of a go-to guy, given the fact that the team is loaded with #2/3 slot receiver types.”

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