This year’s Mike Sims-Walker

Last year at this exact time I told people here to pick up WR Mike Sims-Walker and I think I have the 2010 version of Sims-Walker in my back pocket.

Believe it or not, I think it is Seattle WR Mike Williams.

We’ve been on Williams all along, and although it was fair to be skeptical, I think we should have pushed him a little more than we did. But for most of you, it’s not too late, so I’d grab him now if I could. I can’t, because I missed the initial WW period in every single one of my league – working too much – and he’s gone in all of them, which is typical for an expert league.

I have to say, I really have a feeling Williams will surprise this year. He’s certainly not a stud, but neither is Sims-Walker, and while the Seahawks have other receivers, unlike the Jags last year, I think Williams is looking like a real key here, like MSW for the Jags last year, and that’s a point that our Greg Cosell agreed with in today’s Matchup Podcast. I felt Williams was running really well (for him) in the preseason, and while Greg was skeptical when I brought that up 3-4 weeks ago, he’s kind of seen the light. Of course, he said that was in comparison to Williams previously, when he ran, according to Greg, like his daughter.

I also think the Seahawks will struggle to run the ball, and that this will be an offense that hangs it hat on the passing game and their solid QB Matt Hasselbeck. So that’s another thing working in Williams’ favor, in addition to the fact that he has the size they need in that offense. We know Pete Carroll loves to throw the ball to those big receivers, and of course Williams played for Carroll at USC.

I’m not saying Williams is going off this year, but if you can add him now as a #4 WR, I think he could be quite good in a PPR. I’m thinking if Hasselbeck plays all year he can catch about 65-70 passes for about 900 yards and 5-6 TDs.

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  1. MI-5 says:

    Maybe a Joe Horn type year out of no where?

  2. p_j_madigan says:

    Who do you like better BMW (Big Mike Williams) or Dexter McCluster?

  3. mallard says:

    Think he would be better than:

    S. Smith

  4. Chris says:

    I got MSW last year in all 3 leagues based on your recommendation! so I am definitely on board with this call. Question: would you drop Eddie Royal for MW (Sea)?

  5. Baller says:

    John – thank you. Perfect timing as I almost dropped him for Berrian (I’ll drop someone else for Berrian).

    I agree with you completely on this one. I just have a feeling as well.

  6. Chris says:

    sorry to add on here but would you drop Austin Collie for MW (Sea)?

  7. Idiot Savant says:

    Thanks John,

    I drafted Mike Williams (Sea) as my #5 as the devil I don’t think I know…rather than some other schlubs at the end of my final draft of the season… I was kind of snickered at…I thought he was lower in weight than it says on the site. Is he 235lbs? I thought he was slimmer now? He was up to 270lbs at one pt? YIKES!!

    Roster requires 2QB, 4RB, 5 WR, 2D 2 K ,2 Def

    Flacco/ Stafford
    Gore/Jonathan Stewart/Forsett/C Taylor
    Calvin Johnson, Harvin, Crabtree, L Robinson, Mike Williams
    Brent Celek, O Daniels
    Philly/ Miami

  8. eric says:

    I have the other Mike Williams(TB) and Massaquoi as my #4 and #5 wrs. Would you drop Massaquoi for Mike williams(seattle)????? Help! As of now I am inclined to stand pat. Maybe more upside to seattle Mike williams??

  9. Frank says:

    John, I thought you preferred the other Mike Williams from Tampa Bay ?

  10. irishcowboy55 says:

    ok not to sure about seattle off, who would you drop to pick up williams. e royal- z miller- s holmes thanks.

  11. Former Army Person says:

    Although John’s numbers are a little higher than mine (~60/800/4), I agree with the general premise. Somebody is going to catch the ball in htis offense. I thought it was TJH, but his departure opens things up for someone to be the WR1 and I’m betting on Williams. Branch has had his chance and couldn’t do it; Tate is too raw. Butler or Williams will catch 60+, make the right call and you’ve got a nice bench player with a soft schedule (NFC and AFC West).

    Before Gibbs quit and Okung got hurt, I thought Carlson would benefit more from the lack of an established WR1. But I have more worries about the o-line now, which might mean more blocking duties for Carlson. But I think TJH’s departure does help Carlson too.

  12. Fred says:

    John, Couldn’t agree with you more. As an avid Seahawks fan, I’ve been following them closely all preseason. Williams has that “eye of the tiger” look about him. He’s the real deal.

  13. tom brady quinn says:

    i called this prediction from you on the message board…i said every year there is a guy you urge us to go get on the wire…like colston in his rookie year(although there was even an urge to draft him from you late)…and sims walker last year….i went and got him two days ago….i knew you would be over this!

  14. tom brady quinn says:

    @pj madigan…i had to drop mccluster to get bmw….i hated to do it..i have a thing for mccluster and love him….but something i felt i had to do….maybe i can scoop him back up soon…i just hope he doesnt blow up real quick…but im afraid he might

  15. Eric says:

    Which Mike Williams will be better this year, TB or SEA? I’m going with Mike Williams of TB, any takers?

  16. Bittner says:

    Filling spot @ 2nd Wide Receiver for Week 1 have Javid Best in the flex.

    Who would you go with: Steve Smith – CAR OR Jabar Gaffney?

  17. John Hansen says:

    Thanks, Tom. I wouldn’t say I LOVE Williams; he’s just a guy who makes a lot of sense.

  18. Tim says:

    Big Mike might be a decent pick-up, but he feels more like a WR4/5 versus a WR3 with upside that Sims-Walker was last year. My gut has been telling me all along that this years MSW is Louis Murphy from the Raiders.

  19. Joe says:

    Not sure I’m buying it. MSW didn’t flush out from two other organizations so seems like a strange comparison.

    Aren’t the recent reports saying that BMW is the starting flanker which makes him the deep route runner? Doesn’t seem like the ideal role and there does appear to be some commitment to getting as much production from Branch as possible (e.g. Branch sat out preseason game 4 where BWM played).

    So poor o-line, aging QB who averaged 216 yds/gm last season, first time NFL OC…seems like a lot of risk to bank on anyone really emerging as a high-upside WR fantasy play. This offense reminds me of the 2009 TB Bucs and I didn’t want any of those players on my team either.

    Not trying to rain on the parade though.

  20. Trent says:

    BMW was available on my waiver wire for week 1….I dumped Massoquoi for him (Massoquoi was my 6th WR) In a PPR league, it’s all about who will make the most catches…Hasselbeck may be old, but they will have to play ketchup ball and pass a lot…it’s not about winning the game, it’s about making fantasy points. BMW will be spotty (as Sims-Walker was), but he is in a good situation…and for a bench/flex/bye week player I am glad to have him on my roster.

  21. Bill says:

    I am real deep at RB(Turner,Mathews,Best,A. Foster,Bradshaw). I am pretty good at WR also(R. Moss,B. Marshall,Bowe,Maklin,Knox,Williams/TB/? My TEs are Shiancoe & Z. Miller. Should I trade Bowe and Shiancoe for Gates or should I trade Bradshaw for Finley ?

  22. Ben says:

    This guy was drafted in all my leagues this year–and I missed him in all of them by a round or two, thinking he would never go in the 11th. He went earlier every draft.

    I need another one, John! Thanks in advance.

  23. Jay says:

    Who do you like better BMW or eddie royal?

  24. BigBiceps says:


    Which Mike Williams should we roll with? Drafted the Tampa Mike Williams and have no one I can really drop. Kareem Huggins may be the only option.

    What should I do? Go with Mike Williams (Tampa) and keep Huggins or go with the two Williams and dump Huggins?

    Bottom line question is: Which Williams to go with?

  25. Blake says:

    you are the man john, but as a lions fan i just can’t. just can’t do it.

  26. Brent says:

    Drop E. Royal for BMW? Too late, I already pulled the trigger. MSW worked pretty well for me last year, hope this one does.

  27. Brian says:

    hey John, I have L.Evans as my #5WR right now….do you think BMW will have a better season??

  28. Jack Kellman says:

    I must DROP one. Please advise:
    – Derrick Mason, BAL
    – Laurent Robinsom, STL
    – Devin Aromashodu, CHI
    – Kevin Walter, HOU

    Thank you & Keep up the GREAT JOB!!

  29. Ben says:

    Honestly, MSW was owned in like 5% of all leagues this time last year. BMW is owned in about 50% of all leagues now, before Week 1, and in all “expert” leagues I know of.

    John, any other rough diamonds knowledgeable owners didn’t draft?

  30. Ian says:

    Starting Wayne as my number one. Who do you like better for my WR2. Smith NY or Knox in a 1/2 PPR?

  31. MDS says:

    If he didn’t get his knee scoped and still have foot issues (which may actually make the case for being the next MSW), I would have said Chaz Schilens.

  32. Terry Lessard says:

    How do you like this Guru influenced draft in a 10 team no ppr?
    C. Johnson, Deangelo W., J. Best, Ricky Williams
    Calvin J., Knox, M. Floyd, Crabtree, Berrian
    Shiancoe, Zack Miller
    Az K
    Phil D
    Thanks for your hard work and a great site to use as a research tool.

  33. COTY says:

    Definitely a little late with this one. A few people were more bullish on this, grabbed L. Moore over him on your recco. Although Moore is solid I think BMW is going to see more target’s.

    I don’t think Guru should get the prop’s he’s getting on this call, it was already out there.

  34. It is maddening how many questions go unanswered on this page. It’s people asking the same question over and over and this John guy ignores all of it.

    What’s the point of offering help if you don’t provide it?

  35. Speaking of which I have a question- let’s see if it’s ignored too.

    Who’s a better flex this week in a deep ppr league- Mike Williams TB, Mike Wallace or Jonathan Stewart?

    Thanks for your time and your expertise.

  36. Austin says:

    BMW isn’t available in any of my 6 leagues, whereas I picked up MSW in most of my leagues last year at this time, so this isn’t quite a fair comparison.

  37. Harry says:

    how about eric decker? it appears as though he’s over his injuries and won starting come on late in the preseason. he has great size and athleticism (2 sport athlete) with good hands (dropped 3 passes out of 300+ passes in Minn), intelligent (scored 40+ on the wonderlic test), runs solid routes, and blocks well in the running game. he is tough and consistent. he can prove to be orton’s most reliable target this year. he certainly has much more upside than the pedestrian jabar gaffney.

    or stephen williams on ARI. he leaped up to 4th on the depth chart in preseason after going undrafted. he was the star of preseason and stepped up well with the first team while Fitz was out with his knee injury. williams is an athletic, long player with good speed. he runs good routes and can make tough catches in traffic. his leaping ability combined with his height make him a natural redzone target. he adjusts to he ball very well and appears to have a knack for snatching the ball at its highest point. Fitz is mentoring him and his teammates have praised his work ethic as well as his talent. they say that it’s a crime that he wasn’t drafted by anyone. they believe they have found a diamond in the rough. he can be a productive starter here for years. plus, early doucet (3rd on depth chart) is injured again (groin) after a preseason filled with injuries. the injury put williams on the field in week 1 and he recieved two targets but finished without a catch. if you’re looking to catch lightning in a bottle, this may be your guy.

  38. John Hansen says:

    Devin, No where on this blog does it say it’s a live advice line. In fact, that’s not what blogs are at all. Blogs are for the author to write his or her thoughts, and readers to chime in with their own comments. If I closed off the comments because I don’t have time to answer all the questions – which I don’t, as this past week is the busiest/toughest of the year for me – then that would piss more people off.

  39. The Outlaw says:

    Would you trade Shonn Greene straight up for DeSean Jackson. I am weak at wide receiver after Andre Johnson and already have the following running backs besides Greene: Michael Turner, Arian Foster, Ahmad Green, Marion Barber and Thomas Jones.

  40. The Outlaw says:

    Also thinking about picking up Brandon Jackson.

  41. Ariakis says:

    Hey John do you think Law Firm should be on the radar behind Fred Taylor as much as Starks is behind Brandon Jackson?

  42. Mike P says:

    Comment on the article. Not some unrelated question, unreal.

  43. Erik says:

    As others have mentioned, MSW was barely owned at this point last year while BMW is owned is most competitive leagues at this point. You are a little slow with this one John. Also, how can you have time to write a response about not having time to write responses, and then not answer any questions? Once again, I have been severely let down by your “guru” tag. At least you aren’t hyping Reggie Bush as a pick to win it all this year. You should really work for ESPN, the mindless drivel you put out would fit in great over there.

  44. Jason says:

    you guys do realize you’re reading a blog right? The message boards are on the main site.

  45. Burton says:

    Ok, BMW is still available after waivers ran this week. I have Massaquoi and L.Murphy as my WR4 and WR5. Is it worth dropping L.Murphy for BMW?

  46. Burton says:

    Harry, I have to say that ARI looked like it had many great young WRs behind the so called starters this preseason. I didn’t take note of their names, but I remember thinking that ARI must have (one of) the best WR depth in the league. Skelton looked great too.

  47. dirty says:

    Hey John!
    how are things? Two quick questions
    1. What school did your son end up choosing?
    2. Laurent Robinson could have a great year(1td and two missed td’s sunday) but he’s always hurt. What’s your take on Eddie Royal or the guy you have been touting BMW? I already have Knox, Malcom Floyd, Calvin Johnson, Mike Sims-Walker with Robinson as my 5th.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work


  48. Harry says:

    stephen williams WR ARI has moved up to the 3rd spot in the depth chart. he is replacing early doucet who has battled injuries all preseason and who is believed to have a sports hernia, which could keep him sidelined for an extended period of time. possible a month or longer. the cards use 3 receiver sets pretty frequently so he may be poised to surprise some people. he already had plenty of work with the first team offense during fitz’s absence with his knee inj.

    here’s a link to a great article about williams:

    some quotes from the article:

    “according to Fitzgerald, who said Williams eventually might replace him as the Cardinals’ No. 1 wideout.”

    “How bad did NFL scouts miss the boat on rookie wide receiver Stephen Williams? So bad that, according to former Cardinals linebacker/defensive end Bertrand Berry, every NFL team should have to forfeit a draft pick next year because of their stupidity. “It’s insane. It’s an absolute crime,” Berry said this week during a radio interview on KDUS-AM (1060).”

    “Quarterback Derek Anderson said he never has seen a rookie free-agent receiver with the skill set of Williams – and Anderson played with a do-everything, undrafted receiver in Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns.”

    “Cardinals free safety Kerry Rhodes said: “I have no idea how this kid didn’t get drafted, but he’s a beast. Whether he’s going up against the third team, the second team or the first team, he’s a beast.””

    it’s one thing to impress the fans and analysts. it’s a whole nother ball game to impress the players he’s playing against. these are pretty high compliments for a wr that has not caught a single reg season pass. but it is also evidence that williams may be a true diamond in the rough. he already slipped past scouts and analysts. Now he’s poised to slip past defenders and take the fantasy worl by storm.

    there’s no guarantees here but if you’re looking for a high ceiling for a very small price, stephen may be the guy you’ve been waiting for. he should be owned in every dynasty and keeper leagues. he should be owned in every league where doucet is on a roster.

    the nest MSW? MSW is not a special talent. he is a solid player that is better suited for a wr2 role. this guy williams has the talent to be a true wr1.

  49. Burton says:

    Harry, good info. Yeah he looked great in the pre-season. I had no idea of all the props from his piers.

    p.s. you’re not his agent are you? just joking!

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