Love me some Percy Harvin

Not sure if everyone has drafted already, but a last minute thought I’ve had since the end of this past week. I’ve been concerned with Harvin’s issues for weeks, probably months. But Harvin says he’s ready to play, and if he plays let me tell you: he’s going to do really well. With Sidney Rice down probably for half the season, Harvin’s going to become Brett Favre’s go-to guy. It’s so obvious and staring us all in the face. If Harvin’s headaches don’t bother him, he’s going to be considered a fantasy steal. I’m saying the guy has top-15 potential this year- – if the health is fine.

So basically, if you haven”d drafted already, I say get him. It’s a risky move, but this is a risk that appears worth taking.

Le’s see if I’m right on this one, but I like it!

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  1. Crowbar718 says:

    John you know how the league works better than me. What are the chances the players union can reduce VJaxs suspension back to 3 games instaed of 6 if he’s traded in the next few weeks. I’m thinking after a game or 2 there’s gotta be at least some team looking to upgrade their offense & give in. Picked him in 12 th round in a 16 team league. Didn’t invest much but would love to have him for 75% of season. Thanks

  2. Burton says:

    Good stuff!

  3. Eric says:

    I’m right with you with Harvin. Targeting him at 4:11 in my 14 team big $$$$$$ league on Tuesday.

    Thanks for all the hard work this summer.

  4. Slump Buster says:

    John~ I like the thinking on that, but can a trio of Shiancoe, Camarillo & a healthy Berrien make up for the loss of Rice? Harvin will certainly build off of his rookie season, but I think the Vikings will struggle a little more than last year. I see Harvin’s value increase, but not too much.

  5. Baller says:

    Not sure if everyone’s drafted? Aren’t Tuesday and Wednesday the biggest draft nights? Please keep last minute tips coming.

  6. JM says:

    Yeah I was going to say, all my serious leagues draft Tuesday and Wednesday night. The more tips and insights the better.

  7. John Hansen says:

    Yeah, right, people should still be drafting. I guess I saw one too many “the preseason’s over and I need Week One rankings” e-mails come in. When people have already drafted, they expect us to ignore everyone else who has a draft still and focus on Week 1.

  8. Terry Lessard says:

    Being a Viking fan since 1969 I was ahead of you on this thought. I am targeting him as my WR3 and fully expect to move him into the 2 slot once our hunch pans out.

  9. Fred says:

    The headaches have bothered Harvin since he was a kid. I don’t think they’re magically just going to disappear for this season. So yes, he would definitely be top 15 if they did, but that’s just wishful thinking.

  10. Idiot Savant says:

    So its safe to say you like Harvin over Knox…who has been your boy!

    I would love insight on Housh’s impact on Ray Rice, and Boldin…and does this make Flacco move HIGHER than Favre?

  11. Eric says:

    Yah, the league I commish drafts Tuesday night. Always wait as long as possible, it’s so worth it. Only problem with it is that I draft against a few guys in my league in other leagues, and they always pay attention to who I like.

    Harvin I’m torn on. Those migranes really concern me. He is easily the best WR in MIN right now with Rice on the shelf. It’s all about the health concerns.

  12. Eric says:


    Wasn’t Flacco already higher than Farve? I mean, at least since Rice went down.

    Yes, I would take Harvin over Knox. He is more talented than Knox and there is less concern with the MIN offense as there is with the Bears. Problem with Harvin, of course, is health.

  13. John Hansen says:

    Don’t see TJH as having much value on his own. All he does is help Flacco and takes a little but from Boldin and Mason, but not all that much. He’s an inside slot receiver, and Boldin’s already entrenched as an active inside guy. Don’t think the signing will make much of a splash. If anything it’s because they were down on Clayton.

    I would not take Harvin over Knox. The headaches are the issue. I’ve always loved Harvin; I’m just feeling him now because he says he’s good to go (and I know the headaches are still a serious issue).

  14. Peter says:

    Would you drop Louis Murphy to pick up Mike Williams (seattle) as a #4 WR? I also have Roddy White, Fitzgerald and Knox. This is a non-keeper standard league.

  15. John Hansen says:

    Tough call, I probably would since Williams has a chance to actually be his team’s #1 WR. I like Murphy but he does not start when Schilens is in.

  16. PackFan says:

    I would think the Viking brain trust would be scheming to use Harvin’s quickness and speed in as many ways as possible, not just catching downfield passes, but running reverses, flanker screens and maybe even doing a little Wildcat. Having a guy like Peterson in the backfield will certainly draw a defense’s immediate attention – and that should also aid in promoting Harvin’s effectiveness. But inside the red zone, my money would still be on AP by ground and Shiancoe by air.

    Berrian looks like he can run … but I think it remains to be seen if he can become a reliable weapon – he’s going to see a lot of single coverage. Camarillo might become the Viking’s version of Wes Welker once he becomes familiar with Favre and the offense – if he can gain Favre’s trust.

    All in all, with a fairly slow, somewhat immobile quarterback in Favre, much of their success or failure will depend on the offensive line. If they can keep defenders off Favre’s back, he still has the arm to make all the throws, plus he’s seen about every defense an opponent can utilize, and should be able to dissect them rapidly.

    On the other hand, if he’s running for his life back there, he’s going to have to get the ball out quickly – and Harvin’s big play value will be diminished. If he gets knocked on his ass more times than not … they’re in trouble.

    The Saints game on Thursday should be both informative and entertaining to watch. It could also serve as a testament to how valuable training camp really is. Did any team in the league have more studs taking days off and not practicing during training camp than the Vikings?

    It would also help if the coaching staff can throw eleven guys out there instead of 12 after a timeout. Wow …

  17. irishcowboy55 says:

    so john, I have knox and the owner who has harvin has been wanting to trade, so who is the player you want the next 3 years knox or harvin thanks

  18. John Hansen says:

    I think Harvin’s a better player overall. Harvin has top-10 potential, whereas knox is more like a top-25 guy. But Knox’s QB situation is much better and doesn’t have the health issues.

  19. steely says:


    I am a subscriber to your site. What value am I getting now that you are spreading your info free on Sirius Radio (especially), and also your blog and Twitter?

    I am truly not trying to be a dick here, I think it’s a fair question.

  20. Killrobotkill says:

    Keep in mind that, for all the hand-wringing fantasy owners have had with Harvin’s migraines, he missed a grand total of one game last year because of them. You’ll just have to sweat out some game time decisions if you draft him. Make sure you have a decent bench WR ready to go in case of a migraine (or a late game) and you’ll reap the rewards.

    And God help the other owners in your league if you count return yardage. Mine does, and Harvin was our #5 overall WR last year. I fully expect him to be a WR1 again this year for me.

  21. Eric says:

    Knox’s QB situation is better than Harvin’s? The only way this is true is if you think Favre is going down to injury. Chicago is a mess offensively, although I’d take a chance on Knox and maybe Forte.

  22. Burton says:

    Favre scares the heck out of me. No way was I drafting him this year. Comments???

  23. Burton says:

    And, with the WR injury issues, I didn’t think any of the MIN WRs were good values. I do agree though if they fall far enough, you got to roll the dice. I may even try to trade for Harvin if the perceived value has dropped far enough. Favre still scares me though.

  24. Slump Buster says:

    I think this is the year that Favre’s consecutive game streak ends. He is going to take a pounding. Last year he eased into football shape with games against Cleveland & Detroit. I don’t think he’ll have that luxury this year starting with the Saints. He’ll start out the season getting banged up and he won’t have 6 months to recover.

  25. Mark says:

    Week 1 PPR question- who’s my flex John- J Stewart, Wallace, or Mike Williams, Tampa? Like any of those guys a lot this week?

  26. Dave says:

    Should I start meacham or harvin week 1?

  27. John Hansen says:

    Definitely concerned with the lack of chemistry in Week One, but keep in mind Favre started slowly last year: 265 yards passing & 3 TDs total in his first 8 quarters. Sidney Rice? 5/46 total in 2 games.

  28. Eric says:

    Considering Favre is exempt from Training camp and they lost their best WR, and are now breaking in new guys like Camarillo, not surprising that they were just sloppy offensively. It hurt me with AP, he just didn’t get any redzone looks.

  29. Mark says:

    Week 1 PPR question- who’s my flex John- J Stewart, Wallace, or Mike Williams, Tampa? Like any of those guys a lot this week?

    I’m concerned about Freeman’s thumb and Dixon’s inexperience and I have J Stew in right now.

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