12-Team PPR Draft happening tonight

I am doing a 12-team PPR draft tonight for Buffalo Wild Wings and will post the results here.  The company clearly gets the appeal of fantasy football, and they have set up a whole micro site for their “Blogger League” here: http://ff.buffalowildwings.com/

The stakes are pretty high, as the winner gets a trip to the super bowl and gets to play in a flag (or touch, can’t recall) football game with some all-time greats, like Jerry Rice. Man, I would love the opportunity to “try” to cover Rice, or to have him cover me and catch a pass on him. Of all things sports, catching a football was always the thing I did best. I made the playoffs last year and was looking really good to make it to the super bowl round until my team came up flat in Week 2 of a 2-week semi-final round, but I’m confident this year I’m going to field a winner. Not to make excuses (but you probably know I usually do, yet I usually have legit one), but I was hosting a radio show while doing the draft last year, so it was tough. I drafted Frank Gore over Chris Johnson, for example, not knowing Johnson was available. But while I will be working while drafting, not hosting a radio show is all I ask for, and I’m not tonight.

The draft starts tonight at 8pm ET, and I landed the #2 pick, which is nice. I’ll be looking at Adrian Peterson, and then I’m all about BPA. If I hold off on a QB a little, I’ll be hoping for Matt Schaub in the 4th or my ace in the hole, Joe Flacco in like the 7th. We’ll see what happens, but I’m looking for as many impact players as I possible can get. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting Ryan Mathews and Calvin Johnson (a terrific 1-2 punch when picking late in the 1st). I actually wish I was drafting at the bottom of the first, but I will have to “settle” on AP.

I’ll post the picks as I make them.

8:00: I took Adrian Peterson. The little “scare” with MJD and Favre’s return made that easy.

8:12: Best WR on the board was Greg Jennings, and I want a piece of that Packer offense. Now if Jermichael Finley falls all the way back to me I might be a little upset.

8:13: Unreal, I had to chose between Brady and Manning at the top of the 3rd. It was a brutal call, but I went with Tom Brady because I’m loving what I see from the Pats. Little dangerous as Manning is safer, but Brady has more upside, and I’m playing to win.

8:25: Well, it happened. Jermichael Finley was there for my next pick, but I decided to pass on him mainly because I already had Greg Jennings and also because I knew I had a shot at him 2 picks later. So I played to win as usual and took C.J. Spiller.

8:26: Well, Jennings or not, there was no way I was letting Jermichael Finley past me here. If the Packers blow up like they seem to be poised to, I’ll have no qualms having Aaron Rodgers’ top-2 targets.

So I think I have my impact guys. Now I just need to take advantage of the depth and mine a sleeper WR or two, and another RB.

8:34: Wow, 1 pick away from me and my guy Johnny Knox went. Had to be too good to be true, I told myself when I was 1 pick away. I settled on Jeremy Maclin.

8:35: So despite taking a QB and TE early, I get Malcom Floyd as my #3, giving me Jennings, Maclin, and Floyd as my top-3. Pretty strong.

8:45: Right where I’m targeting him, I get Clinton Portis in the 8th as my flex/#3. I feel okay about that.

8:49:I am feeling REALLY good, and I can’t believe I considered him, but I doubted he’d be there all the way back through almost 2 full rounds, so I went for it with Tampa WR Mike Williams, who is the real deal.

9:01: Absolutely thrilled to get Chester Taylor as my #4 back in a PPR league in the 10th round.

9:02: I almost feel like I can stop here, and I got lazy and didn’t take long, but Mohamed Massaquoi as the #1 in Cleveland with a decent QB and as my #5 WR is pretty good.

The rest of my draft: Got hosed on Toby Gerhart, but here’s where I went after this:

12th round: RB depth with Willis McGahee.
13th round: Could not pass on the upside of Owen Daniels as my #2.
14th round: Protected Clinton Portis with Larry Johnson.
15th round: Backup QB with Vince Young.
16th round: Lucky to get the top PK, Garrett Hartley.
17th round: But did wait too long on a defense, so got Chicago.

Overall, I love this draft and team. It was almost perfect. Let’s look at the starting lineup. 12 teams, PPR.

QB: Tom Brady
RB: Adrian Peterson
RB: C.J. Spiller
Flex: Clinton Portis
WR: Greg Jennings
WR: Jeremy Maclin
WR: Malcom Floyd
TE: Jermichael Finley
PK: Garrett Hartley
DT: Chicago

The team might be a little top-heavy, but I have great balance, and also upside. I also have very good depth. Don’t think you can do any better than this in an “expert” league, although missing my guy Johnny Knox by 1 pick was a buzz kill.

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  1. PapaKlix says:

    love the brady play to win pick, his weapons are all of the sudden plentiful and the pats are hell-bent on throwing the ball and they never take their foot off the gas. i say take finley anyway if he falls back, what a preseason he’s had!

  2. John Hansen says:

    I did take Finley.

  3. Sean says:

    I like that team a lot. Are you considering Dexter Mccluskey in the next few rounds? Most sites including CBS have him as a WR, but he gets a lot of RB reps. Or do you think he is a waste of time?

  4. John Hansen says:

    I love him, but probably a waste.

  5. Eric says:

    CJ spiller that “early”? Who else did you pass up to draft spiller??? Are you really feeling it that much with him?? How early did J. Best go? Love your team drafting from that #2 spot. I, like you, seem to prefer to draft in positions 10 through 12, it makes the decisions a bit easier it seems.

  6. John Hansen says:

    Best went about a whopping 17 picks before Spiller. I passed on Forte for Spiller, but wanted to target Chester Taylor for a piece of that action, and I got him. Sometimes, when you’re feeling good, you have to grab a guy a little earlier than his ADP, especially when you’re feeling strong. And the “sleepers” do go earlier in an expert league.

  7. John says:

    I love the late high upside picks with Williams and Massaquoi. Jennings is a solid pick as well and with Rice hurt I think AP puts up the best numbers of any back this yr.

    The only pick I am not feeling is the QB pick. I dont know if I would ever take one this early but with the 2 pick in the 3rd round probably makes sense. That being said the play to win pick is Peyton Manning…. I feel he gets underrated (on a relative basis) every yr vs all other top qb’s for that yr. In my opinion he is the top dog. He averages > 4000 yrds and 30 td’s every year and most importantly plays every game. I understand if someone goes Brees or Rodgers over manning but Brady is much more eratic. His upside (outside of his one sick year) is only as good manning. I think you take on too much risk with not enough upside with Brady. At the end of the day what does it matter, it’s a luxury to picking between those guys. Personally I would have went with another top WR or RB and taken Flacco in rds 6 or 7.


    Finley is a Beast

  8. John Hansen says:

    Manning’s obviously great, but the last time Brady played a season completely healthy, which I think he is now and was not last year, he threw 50 TDs in 2007, and he has better weapons now than he did then.

  9. John says:

    He didnt play that great Jets defense that yr. Take away 500 yrds and 5 td’s for that alone if Revis signs. Also, I believe the colts have a much better passing schedule. isn’t NE’s one of the toughest?

    For full disclosure, I am a jets fan ;)

  10. Eric says:

    Does this imply you have cooled on Kolb?

    Seems like you were quick to endorse Flacco there.

  11. John says:

    One other thing to note, i love picks in rounds 13-15. Owen Daniels is a beast and was having a monster yr last yr until he got hurt. You could potentially be trading him for something later on.

    LJ is going to start and

    Vince Young, I dont know, I just have a really good feeling about him this yr. I took him to back up Flacco and think he will do an admirable job.

    I also have the chicago defense and with Peppers, Urlacher and Hester they should be a good unit. Laugh at the dude who takes the jets defense 5 rounds to early. Yr to yr too much changes to waste a good pick on a D.

    Solid team with a lot of depth.

  12. Bart says:

    You took Spiller..who went before Spiller and of those guys who you have picked had they fallen to you.

  13. Eric says:

    You can’t say Manning plays every game when he is usually worthless to your fantasy team during the playoffs.

    Agree, Spiller pick seems high but you never know, he has upside for sure.

  14. Bart says:

    my main issue is if Spiller, Foster and Stewart are all available who is your pick?

  15. John Hansen says:

    Foster and Stewart were gone. It was Spiller or Forte really.

  16. Bart says:

    would you pick both stewart and foster before spiller and in what order

  17. John says:

    Although a fair point thats happened to him only 2 times in 11 yrs (if we are talking week 16 championships). It’s a very rare occurrence that they sit star players in week 16. You have to have everything locked up by then and that doesn’t happen to often.

    Too your point, if you are one of the unlucky few who it happens to that can leave a real sour taste in your mouth. You know one thing for sure, Belicheck will come out guns blazing whether he has 15 wins or 5.

  18. John Hansen says:

    I’ve liked both Flacco and Kolb all along, just now feeling better about Flacco than Kolb based on the preseason games. I wouldn’t say I’m hoping on the Flacco bandwagon very recently, since I wrote this two weeks ago:

    “I feel very strongly that Flacco will deliver the fantasy goods this year in a big way. Everything is in place for a break-out season, and if that secondary is a major issue and Flacco has to throw more than we expect, he could go down as THE QB value of the year.”

  19. Bart says:

    if you had the opportunity to pick one: stewart, foster, best and spiller, how do u view them? I would appreciate your reply

  20. John says:


    What was the thought process behind Spiller over Forte? Play to win pick? Spiller has looked outright nasty but the Buffalo backfield is somewhat crowded and Forte is the featured back. There have been some rumblings about Lynch being traded, did that play in to your decision?

  21. John says:

    I am riding Flacco in all leagues and that is either to the championship or toilet bowl lol. He is my starting QB and I am sitting in all leagues week 1 for the Jets matchup. Something tells me i will be regretting that one.

  22. John Hansen says:

    Spiller vs. Forte strictly for upside. They didn’t use a top-10 pick on him despite needs across the board to ease him into the mix. I think Taylor is more of a threat to Forte’s touches than the other guys for Spiller.

  23. Eric says:

    I know you’ve liked Flacco all along, just that you had Kolb slightly ahead of him.

    How do you feel about Kolb now? Would you still be confident rolling into the season with him as your starting QB?

  24. Eric says:

    Was Arian Foster still available when you took Spiller? Just curious.

  25. Sean says:

    John stated above Foster was already gone when he took Spiller.

    John Hansen says:
    August 30, 2010 at 8:25 pm
    Foster and Stewart were gone. It was Spiller or Forte really.

  26. Eric says:

    Ah, thanks.

  27. Burton says:

    I get the impression from this draft and other commentary that you would rather pick a top K than a top DT (or something like that). If I don’t get one of the DTs that I want, I always feel worse than if I don’t get a K that I want. That’s what drives me, what is your philosophy on DTs versus Ks?

    Also, I have noticed that a person can usually scoop up that sleeper DT off the WW Week 1 or Week 2, but don’t wait too long or they will be gone.

    I am not feeling Floyd, but Naanee in the later rounds seems like a better upside play.

    I am definitely feeling TB-Williams and CLE-Massaquoi, thanks to this site. Williams went too early in my draft, but I did get Massaquoi.

  28. Austin says:

    I love the Spiller pick to be honest and would of gone with him over Forte as well. Not a huge fan of going QB that early but your final roster looks great so maybe I need to rethink my strategy. Still might of gone with a WR there and targeted Flacco a little bit later. All in all a great draft though and I love these types of blog posts. Nice work John

    With McCluser if you play in a yahoo league they list him as a wr/rb so he might have added value in yahoo leagues because of his versatility. Just something to think about…

  29. andrew says:


    Not bad…Maclin though? With injuries all day and I don’t think Kolb will stay healthy…not sure that o-line will hold long enough for him to be open. Not a big winning draft but solid to say the least.

    Oh – I hate Brady although I respect your thought….Manning though! MVP and returning AFC champ…might hurt ya passing him by. Love ya John – you guys do great work!

  30. andrew says:

    MY 10-team big money draft: (PPR & PPC)

    A. Rodgers
    C. Benson
    R. Brown
    flex:A. Bradshaw
    C. Johnson a.k.a MegaTron
    G. Jennings
    J. Finley
    R. Longwell
    Baltimore D/ST

  31. Leo says:

    wow john your draft was eerily like mine i had last sunday except for a few small changes our 1st 8 are pretty much identical (mine is non-ppr and 1pt/25 return yards but pass td only 4pt) also drafting 2nd out of 12

    1) CJ
    2) Manning – brady/brees/rodgers all gone
    3) Jennings
    4) Stewart – foster and spiller went before, really happy i ended up with him thanks to the hype train from those guys
    5) finley
    6) maclin – i seriously considered floyd but i didnt really want my top 2 wr on bye at the same time
    7) your boy JKnox
    8) Portis

    that draft was so funny i actually ended up with cutler as my final round pick (15th)

    thanks for showing me the way lol

  32. JB says:

    John, did you take Spiller over Reggie Bush in this PPR league?

  33. TOM KING says:

    i have the beastly t e in four leagues,i think he will put up wr numbers more often than not,i got him with rodgers,and h told rich,on the nfl network that we need to draft findley,great job SLEEP LIKE A BABY

  34. John Hansen says:

    It just worked out that I got a late pick in the next to last round and early pick in the last, so I was able to get Hartley. I’d rather have a good defense, if one exists.

    I did take Spiller over Bush, which might have been a mistake. Then again, drafting Bush even in a PPR in the 4th has been a mistake for years, so I was targeting him later. Spiller should be more involved than Bush in grand scheme of things.

    I like Maclin. Not as much as Knox, but he will prove to be a good player, and will be more than fine in a PPR in this pass happy offense.

    Not sure why anyone wouldn’t be sold on Floyd as the #1 in SD. He won’t put up Jackson’s numbers, but what’s not to like? 6-5, runs well, great leaper, great QB, and a TE to command attention. The only issue I see is he refuses to use an “L” in his first name.

    As for Kolb, I am a little concerned. We can speculate all we want in May, but it’s in August, specifically late-august, that we see the vibes and make determinations. I’m still okay with him as a low-end starter. As shaky as the OL has been and how it’s getting him to play fast, I know for a fact he knows that he’s doing that and he can be coached up. And this preseason he has definitely shown flashes of brilliance. He needs those receivers healthy, but I think he’ll be fine. For example, Week 1 he’ll probably throw 1-2 picks, but for also about 350 yards and 2-3 TDs as he’s playing from behind against the Packers.

  35. TR says:

    Funny, this is nearly identical to a team I drafted this weekend too, though mine was in a non-PPR league.

    The notable exception is that instead of Brady, I wound up with a combo of Favre and Palmer. I’m not a Favre fan, but there was a ridiculous QB run early and he sank to me in the 10th.

    How would you feel about that QB duo, John?

  36. TR says:

    Not sure why anyone wouldn’t be sold on Floyd as the #1 in SD.

    I was at the NO-SD game, and he looked like an absolute beast. I was thrilled to get him as my WR3.

  37. Austin says:

    How are people down on Maclin? he avg. 5-80 the 2nd half of the year with more catches than Desean. His game fits Kolb’s strengths better than Desean’s so I see that same trend continuing. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Maclin outscores DJax in a ppr format and catches 80 balls. John Maclin was a great pick!

    I also love Bush and think he is a value in ppr formats but no way do I take him over Spiller. Spiller has a much higher ceiling and could be in line for alot more touches than Bush. Another solid and gutsy pick by John.

  38. Bittner says:

    Week 1 Who would you go with:

    Cooley – DAL
    or Gresham – @ NE

    J. Best – @ CHI
    B. Jacobs – CAR
    M. Barber – @ WAS

  39. Guy says:

    Am I going to be ok at QB? Kolb (70th) and Flacco (53rd) both went before I took Cutler at 83rd

    12 team, picked 11th. Moss 11th, SJax 14th

    QB – Cutler, Roethlesberger
    RB – SJAx, Best, Forte, Forsett, C Taylor
    WR – Moss, S. Smith (car), J Knox, D Bryant
    TE – D. Clark, B Watson
    K – Feeley
    D – NYG

  40. Slump Buster says:

    @ Bittner–
    -Cooley over Gresham (unless Grossman starts)
    -I would go Best over the others. Some of the rookie RB’s will tend to make that big splash early in the year and Detroit might like to show off their new toy to their division opponent.

    As for Malcolm Floyd, he will produce. Wasn’t he the # 1 receiver on the last game of the reg season where he had 9 rec for 140 yards? Naanee will also have a solid year, but Floyd will be just fine. He’s very similar to V Jax. Floyd also scored 3 times in 3 starts in 2008.

  41. Jack says:

    Nice team, I also have the 2nd pick in my ppr league…now I have an outline of players to look for…


  42. magicmarc says:

    question: if you had also got knox… would you start him over floyd or over portis as the flex?
    i have floyd and know as 3rd’s, and l. mccoy as my flex, and sitting knox… currently.
    thanks for the ideas.

  43. Eric says:

    Hey Guy,

    Looks like you have strategy similar to mine. I’ve been taking Big Ben assuming he only gets 4 games. That way you can survive the first 4 weeks with a Kolb/Ryan type. Only difference is I do NOT like Cutler. Couldn’t believe the hype he was getting all summer and I commented on it in one of these forums a while back. I live in Chi town and the Martz hiring makes Zero sense. Their weakness was pass protection and too many INT’s and all they did was ADD to that with Martz.

    Honestly, I might go with Orton or Cassel over Cutler. Shoot, I might even go with Vince Young over Cutler. At least you get those rushing yards.

  44. Eric says:

    John thx for ur comments on Kolb/ Flacco.

    But if Kolb goes for 350, 2-3 TD and a couple INT’s against a decent GB DEF, isn’t that what the expectation always was?

    I like Flacco more at this point too, but problem is my big money leagues are no joke and so do the other guys. Meaning I might have to swoop in with at early 6th round pick to get him.

    Who do you (or any of you guys here) like between Matt Ryan, Kolb, and Orton at this point, assuming I could get Big Ben as insurance?

  45. JP says:

    Hello all – I don’t understand the need to pick a QB early. In my league (PPR), the team that usually has the #1 or #2 scoring QB is out of the playoffs most years. There are fine QB options many rounds later. I am surprised that all the experts are putting so much emphasis on getting a QB early. The goal is to draft the best TEAM, and taking a QB so early DEFINITELY compromises either your RB’s or WR’s. Do the math. You can get a great QB in the 7th, 8th or even 9th round that produces 250 or more points. What other player drafted in those rounds can do that?

  46. Jim says:

    Brady vs Manning.

    I’m a huge Colts fan, so that makes me anti Pats in general, but it’s fantasy. You can’t discount how bad the Pats defense has looked. This leads me to believe they may be playing from behind or in closer games than usual… Thus throwing even more. Also, the fact that Brady and Moss are playing for contracts make them both really attractive. As far as the schedule goes, a tougher schedule for th Pats actually makes them more attractive to me than Indy with the easier one. Indy may not need to pass quite as much. And at the level Brady and Moss play at, I’m not too concerned with a tougher schedule. (especially if Revis remains out which is looking more and more likely).
    As a Colts fan, I hate to say it, but I like Brady slightly better for numbers this year than Manning. Not by a lot, but considering the above mentioned, I think you have to go Brady.

  47. steely says:

    Keep these coming. I like to see your thought process when you are drafting. It gives us a good feel on these players.

    Though I would never take Brady over Manning.

  48. Joe says:

    Hey John,

    If you had to do it over again, would you go Gerhart and Heath Miller instead of Owen Daniels and LJ? I’ve seen the entire draft posted on another site and seems this would have been the scenario if you did handcuff Gerhart to AP (assuming Daniels didn’t drop enough to take him instead of Heath).

    I’m a Redskins fan and think Gerhart would have more upside if AP were to miss games than LJ will have if Portis goes down. I think if Portis were to go down, LJ would still be splitting carries with Torain and/or Keiland Williams – I think all four of those backs will be on the 53 man roster. LJ hasn’t looked all that good in preseason action so far but some of that could be the Ravens and Jets fronts he’s faced – hard to say how much juice he has left.

    P.S. I like Spiller’s upside and think that was a solid pick. Especially considering you went Finley next and it didn’t really hurt you at WR – Sims-Walker, Bowe, Ward, Garcon, Nicks, Harvin, TO, Santana, and Knox were the WR’s taken after the Spiller pick and before the Maclin pick and I think Floyd has as much or more upside than any of those guys.

  49. Eric says:

    The problem with handcuffing these days is – do you really know if the incumbent will assume the same role as the starter? Will Gerhart REALLY take over AP’s role? True you’d make up some production but who’s to say Albert Young wouldn’t be the beneficiary and Gerhart’s role wouldn’t change at all? Or some unknown kid we don’t even know about?

    People were drafting Sproles to back up LT…. problem is Sproles role doesn’t really change with or without LT. There are certain cases where it’s pretty clear (Bernard Scott looks pretty clear cut to take over if Benson goes down). Ricky Williams, Jonathon Stewart, etc.

    But if Portis goes down, there’s a good chance that Willie Parker would be the guy. Or, even worse, a 50-50 split between Parker and LJ.

  50. Joe says:

    re: Eric’s comments…

    Willie Parker will not make the Redskins final roster. There isn’t one Redskins beat reporter who expects Parker to make the team and he hasn’t helped himself in the preseason games.

    Exactly my point though, I don’t believe LJ will be a true handcuff to Portis. Think Gerhart has a much better chance of taking the lead role if AP is down for a few/several games. Which leads me to believe that the Gerhart/H. Miller combo would have more upside than O. Daniels/LJ.

    Kareem Huggins has officially become THE roster stash – just waiting for the inevitable Caddy injury.

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