12-Team PPR Draft happening tonight

I am doing a 12-team PPR draft tonight for Buffalo Wild Wings and will post the results here.  The company clearly gets the appeal of fantasy football, and they have set up a whole micro site for their “Blogger League” here: http://ff.buffalowildwings.com/

The stakes are pretty high, as the winner gets a trip to the super bowl and gets to play in a flag (or touch, can’t recall) football game with some all-time greats, like Jerry Rice. Man, I would love the opportunity to “try” to cover Rice, or to have him cover me and catch a pass on him. Of all things sports, catching a football was always the thing I did best. I made the playoffs last year and was looking really good to make it to the super bowl round until my team came up flat in Week 2 of a 2-week semi-final round, but I’m confident this year I’m going to field a winner. Not to make excuses (but you probably know I usually do, yet I usually have legit one), but I was hosting a radio show while doing the draft last year, so it was tough. I drafted Frank Gore over Chris Johnson, for example, not knowing Johnson was available. But while I will be working while drafting, not hosting a radio show is all I ask for, and I’m not tonight.

The draft starts tonight at 8pm ET, and I landed the #2 pick, which is nice. I’ll be looking at Adrian Peterson, and then I’m all about BPA. If I hold off on a QB a little, I’ll be hoping for Matt Schaub in the 4th or my ace in the hole, Joe Flacco in like the 7th. We’ll see what happens, but I’m looking for as many impact players as I possible can get. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting Ryan Mathews and Calvin Johnson (a terrific 1-2 punch when picking late in the 1st). I actually wish I was drafting at the bottom of the first, but I will have to “settle” on AP.

I’ll post the picks as I make them.

8:00: I took Adrian Peterson. The little “scare” with MJD and Favre’s return made that easy.

8:12: Best WR on the board was Greg Jennings, and I want a piece of that Packer offense. Now if Jermichael Finley falls all the way back to me I might be a little upset.

8:13: Unreal, I had to chose between Brady and Manning at the top of the 3rd. It was a brutal call, but I went with Tom Brady because I’m loving what I see from the Pats. Little dangerous as Manning is safer, but Brady has more upside, and I’m playing to win.

8:25: Well, it happened. Jermichael Finley was there for my next pick, but I decided to pass on him mainly because I already had Greg Jennings and also because I knew I had a shot at him 2 picks later. So I played to win as usual and took C.J. Spiller.

8:26: Well, Jennings or not, there was no way I was letting Jermichael Finley past me here. If the Packers blow up like they seem to be poised to, I’ll have no qualms having Aaron Rodgers’ top-2 targets.

So I think I have my impact guys. Now I just need to take advantage of the depth and mine a sleeper WR or two, and another RB.

8:34: Wow, 1 pick away from me and my guy Johnny Knox went. Had to be too good to be true, I told myself when I was 1 pick away. I settled on Jeremy Maclin.

8:35: So despite taking a QB and TE early, I get Malcom Floyd as my #3, giving me Jennings, Maclin, and Floyd as my top-3. Pretty strong.

8:45: Right where I’m targeting him, I get Clinton Portis in the 8th as my flex/#3. I feel okay about that.

8:49:I am feeling REALLY good, and I can’t believe I considered him, but I doubted he’d be there all the way back through almost 2 full rounds, so I went for it with Tampa WR Mike Williams, who is the real deal.

9:01: Absolutely thrilled to get Chester Taylor as my #4 back in a PPR league in the 10th round.

9:02: I almost feel like I can stop here, and I got lazy and didn’t take long, but Mohamed Massaquoi as the #1 in Cleveland with a decent QB and as my #5 WR is pretty good.

The rest of my draft: Got hosed on Toby Gerhart, but here’s where I went after this:

12th round: RB depth with Willis McGahee.
13th round: Could not pass on the upside of Owen Daniels as my #2.
14th round: Protected Clinton Portis with Larry Johnson.
15th round: Backup QB with Vince Young.
16th round: Lucky to get the top PK, Garrett Hartley.
17th round: But did wait too long on a defense, so got Chicago.

Overall, I love this draft and team. It was almost perfect. Let’s look at the starting lineup. 12 teams, PPR.

QB: Tom Brady
RB: Adrian Peterson
RB: C.J. Spiller
Flex: Clinton Portis
WR: Greg Jennings
WR: Jeremy Maclin
WR: Malcom Floyd
TE: Jermichael Finley
PK: Garrett Hartley
DT: Chicago

The team might be a little top-heavy, but I have great balance, and also upside. I also have very good depth. Don’t think you can do any better than this in an “expert” league, although missing my guy Johnny Knox by 1 pick was a buzz kill.

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  1. Eric says:

    Joe, yah, bad example with Parker, but you get the point. Brad Childress just called Albert Young and Gerhart options 1A and 1B when they don’t use AP.

    I think the best roster stash has become Donald Brown. Addai was injury prone to begin with and now he gets a concussion. And if Addai goes down I have to believe Brown will get the vast majority of the carries. In that offense, the type of guy on your bench that eventually can take you to a Fantasy title. I had him on my bench the entire year last year and it didn’t work out but I’m willing to roll the dice again.

  2. KB says:

    I am drafting on the 1st in a 16 team ppr league with 4 pts/TD pass with the 8th pick overall(…25,40,57,72 etc.). Am I going to be all right with A. Rodgers, G. Jennings, M. Forte, and J. Finley as my first 4 Picks? Is AR a decent choice at 8 in this league? Thanks—KB

  3. Slump Buster says:


    If you feel that you can get all 4 w/ the first 4 picks, it looks fine… I love the Pack, but you’re relying on 3 from their passing offense. Hope they will be stellar week in and week out. You may want to continue w/ RB’s & WR’s as you continue w/ your rounds. Guys like Arian Foster, Michael Bush, Mohammed Massaquoi, or Jabbar Gaffney can all be had a little later in the draft. Good luck.

  4. Double H says:

    Yuck to Portis in the 8th and you compounded your mistake with LJ in the 14th.

  5. Eric says:

    KB, like Buster said, I would think about diversifying. I love the Pack as much as the next guy but that’s too many from 1 team. Maybe switch out Greg Jennings for an Austin Miles or Roddy White, or if you really like Jennings than take a guy like Gates in place of Finley.

  6. John Hansen says:

    Double, not sure taking a guy in the 14th who will be the lead guy if my 8th round pick gets hurt is “compounding” the situation.

  7. Jason says:

    Totally jacked up. I just used your guys strategy and drafted a very solid team. If guru projections are correct.

    6 Michael Turner, Atl RB
    19 Tom Brady, NE QB
    30 Ryan Mathews, SD RB
    43 Wes Welker, NE WR
    54 Jahvid Best, Det RB
    67 Jermichael Finley, GB TE
    78 Jeremy Maclin, Phi WR
    91 Johnny Knox, Chi WR
    102 Derrick Mason, Bal WR
    115 Montario Hardesty, Cle RB
    126 Zach Miller, Oak TE
    139 Carson Palmer, Cin QB
    150 Sidney Rice*, Min WR
    163 Giants D/ST, NYG D/ST
    174 Jay Feely, Ari K

  8. Eric says:

    Great looking team Jason! What spot did you pick in and how many teams in league???

  9. Kevin says:

    Guru Rocks! Recent draft, PPR and IDP, 12 teams, I had #2 pick

    (2) Chris Johnson RB
    (23) Calvin Johnson WR
    (26) Tom Brady QB
    (47) Jonathan Stewart RB
    (50) Mike Sims-Walker WR
    (71) Johnny Knox WR
    (74) Zach Miller TE
    (95) Jeremy Maclin WR
    (98) Donald Driver WR
    (119) Eli Manning QB
    (122) Montario Hardesty RB
    (143) Steve Slaton RB
    (146) D.J. Williams LB
    (167) David Harris LB
    (170) New England DEF
    (191) Josh Scobee K
    (194) Javon Ringer RB

  10. Eric says:

    OK, just had my first money draft of the year. I really hope you guys are right about Knox b/c I’m far from sold on anything to do with the Bears. So it went like this (7th pick out of 12):

    QB: Flacco – Kolb
    WR: Miles Austin, Garcon, Knox, Mike Williams (TB), Jabar Gaffney, Louis Murphy
    RB: Turner, Arian Foster, Donald Brown, Montario Hardesty
    TE: Antonio Gates

    Defense I rotate week to week, so I took Tennessee as they are home vs. OAK in week 1, so a very solid play.

    Kicker is Rob mmmyyyyy Bironas. Kickers are devalued in all my leagues at 2pt per FG and 3 for a FG over 50. So I’m not too concerned.

    I really was burned in round 4. Dwayne Bowe went 1 pick b4 me, I REALLY wanted him. I take Gates in the 3rd b/c I always know I can grab Bowe in the 4th, but not this time, WR’s went WAY early in this draft. So I took Garcon, who I like but was hoping he’d be my WR3.

    I normally stockpile way more RBs and less WRs, but since I was able to steal Arian Foster in the 5th I had 2 studs and didn’t feel as good about my WRs so stockpiled a bunch of WRs with upside instead.

    Love having Gates on my team.

  11. Jason says:


    I drafted 6th in a 12-team league that gives 6pts for a passing TD. That’s why I took Brady in the 2nd. I was trilled when Ryan Matthews was there in the 3rd. Turner is a stud and I just need 1 or 2 of the 3 rookie RB’s to pan out to have a playoff team. I don’t normally take 2 TE’s but nobody was jumping off the page when I picked Z. Miller. I may use him for trade bait if Finley is healthy. Very happy with Guru’s advice…


  12. Tommy says:

    My money league. Picked 9th in a 12 team league. (no ppr; 5th round protection)

    9. Andre Johnson
    16. Ryan Mathews
    33. LeSean McCoy
    40. Anquan Boldin
    57. Joe Flacco
    64. Ahmad Bradshaw
    81. Donald Driver
    88. Bernard Berrian
    105. Steve Slaton
    112. Chris Cooley
    129. Green Bay D
    136. Kyle Orton
    153. Rob Bironas
    160. Larry Johnson
    177. Roy E Williams
    184. Jason Campbell
    201. Kareem Huggins
    208. Lance Moore

  13. Blake says:

    Our drafts are turning out remarkably similar…I picked 7th in 12 team non ppr:
    1. Turner
    2. Mathews
    3. Brady
    4. Steve smith (car)
    5. Finley
    6. Barber
    7. Knox
    8. Maclin
    9. Hardesty
    10. PIT d
    11. F Jackson
    12. Sproles
    13. Lance Moore
    14. Snelling
    15. Neneene
    16. Hartley

    I have a keeper .5 ppr draft coming up John, I have Adrian Peterson as a keeper, of the available Andre Johnson, Turner, Steve Jackson, Frank Gore and Moss who would you take 1st…I’m leaning towards Johnson.



  14. Jason says:

    I concur with Johnson since you already have a young stud RB in AP.

  15. Bittner says:

    @ Slumpbuster:

    I am deeper at Running back then Wide Receiver.

    Another team has bradshaw and was looking to get Jacobs from me for the handcuff.

    My W/R’s are Steve Smith and Jennings and Gaffney. I had the keeper league where my RB’s are MJD and CJ2k. I also have Best and Barber and Portis

    Would you trade Jacbos for Hakeem Nicks?

  16. Bittner says:

    @ Slumpbuster

    Steve Smith of CAR

  17. josh says:

    1. (9) Randy Moss
    2. (16) Shonn Greene
    3. (33) Greg Jennings
    4. (40) Pierre Thomas
    5. (57) C.J. Spiller
    6. (64) Jason Witten
    7. (81) Jay Cutler
    8. (88) Santana Moss
    9. (105) Justin Forsett
    10. (112) Fred Jackson
    11. (129) Devin Aromashodu
    12. (136) Matthew Stafford
    13. (153) Julian Edelman
    14. (160) Dan Carpenter
    15. (177) Cincinnati

  18. josh says:


    Yes get a hold of Hakeem. He will shine this year like he ended last year.

  19. justin says:

    I had 11th pick in a keeper ppr league.

    1. Andre Johnson
    2. Steven Jackson
    3. Brandon Marshall
    4. Matt Forte
    5. CJ Spiller
    6. T.O.
    7. Kevin Kolb
    8. Zach Miller
    9. Carson Palmer
    10.Rob Bironas
    11.Jabar Gaffney
    12.Willis McGahee
    14.Lance Moore
    15.Adam Vinaterri
    16.Ben Watson
    18.Michael Vick

  20. Dan D says:

    Hey John, All else being equal would you draft (see below) in a keeper league. Reality is I need to get a qb in the second (staford) I PK 4th in a 10 team (Starting roster of 9 kept) top to bottom draft. I have the worst Qb of the ten and don’t see anyone picking one (QB) before the 4th RD but I’m gunna get Staford in the second. No matter what I do I doubt I can win this year so my first pick is a question. Needs to be a WR so it’s Crab, Flyod, Garcon or Robinson or Mike Williams A guy for the future. Once again I doubt I can wi this year so I need the best future talent. What do you think?

  21. Frank Nelson says:

    Since everyone else is leaving their team. Just drafted mine in 12-team PPR, yardage bonuses, Guru Style: 1st pick

    1. Chris Johnson
    2. Miles Austin
    3. Roddy White
    4. Antonio Gate (Finley 2 picks before me)
    5. Joe Flacco
    6. Jeremy Maclin (Knox goes 1 pick away)

  22. Slump Buster says:

    @ Bittner-

    I would say make that move for H Nicks. Jacobs has already been demoted behind Bradshaw. You would then be solid @ WR & RB.. As for another RB, monitor the situation in Cleveland w/ Peyton Hillis. Hillis was already receiving plenty of touches and may have cemented the goal line status w/ Montario Hardesty out for the year.

  23. Slump Buster says:

    @ Bittner-

    Does anyone have TE Rob Gronkowski-New England- in your league? While keeping the excitement tempered because it’s only preseason, he has scored 4 td’s: All passes from Tom Brady & all w/ Randy Moss & Wes Welker on the field. I would pick him up & cut Gresham..

  24. Slump Buster says:

    Any of those owners above that have RB Montario Hardesty (@ Kevin & Jason) you may want to pick up RB Peyton Hillis of Cleveland. He was already in line to receive touches in that offense and has cemented his status now that Hardesty is out for the year.

  25. Kevin says:

    Big blow losing Hardesty, this is why I prefer drafts after the preseason is over. I just picked up McGahee on the WW to repalce him. What do you think about James Davis? Some other choices on the WW are ….

    Laurence Maroney
    Toby Gerhart
    Tashard Choice
    Larry Johnson
    Jason Snelling
    Fred Taylor
    Correll Buckhalter
    Justin Fargas
    Sammy Morris
    Kevin Faulk
    Jerious Norwood

  26. Slump Buster says:

    @ Kevin-
    I liked Davis going into last years’ regular season, but his shoulder injury kept him from doing anything worthwhile. I do like Hillis better than Davis at this point. Good pickup in Willis McGahee and is your best option over all those other backs. Maroney/or Taylor would be an intriguing pick up, but not sure who will be the main back in the mix. Obviously watch the situation (unfortunately so will all the other owners in your league!) Good luck…

  27. Bittner says:

    @ Slumpbuster – Another Trade –

    Drafted Best in the 5th and it’s a keeper league;

    I was offered Fitzgerald for Best; I like Best this year and im not sure how ARI will be this year; What do you think?

  28. Slump Buster says:

    @ Bittner:

    I’m not enamored w/ Fitzgerald this year. It is a keeper league, so that does have merit. I’m liking Best, but his size & injury history would put a little doubt in my mind. Is there anyone else that he can offer? Maybe another WR w/ Best?

  29. Bittner says:

    @ Slumpbuster –

    I couldn’t keep Fitz next year so that was another reason why I was down on that deal. I know Best has some injury history but hopefully thats behind, he has looked explosive..

    I’m making the move for Nicks.

    I’ll checkout Hillis, Thanks.

    He has Brandon Marshall as well. Same deal Marshall can’t be kept next season.
    He hasn’t offered him though (I also hate MIA being a Jets fan).

  30. Slump Buster says:

    Looking for some opinions… I’m in a 16 team 4 keeper league where we can trade future draft picks for current players. Do I trade Shonn Greene away for Knowshon Moreno and maybe pick up a 3rd rounder next year? My overthinking is that Tomlinson gets a little more involved than I would like where Moreno is the man in all situations, and just hope he stays healthy. My concern is that Greene’s value dips after a few weeks, he loses value and a trade is an afterthought… Thoughts?

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