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I thought it would be cool to post and continually update an ideal team comprised only of players I am really feeling right now as breakout/value types. You can call this my all “Get their ass on your team this year” team.

1st Team:

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Michael Turner

RB: Ryan Mathews

WR: Randy Moss

WR: Calvin Johnson

WR: Johnny Knox

TE: Jermichael Finley

And while I’m at it….

2nd Team

QB: Kevin Kolb

RB: Jahvid Best

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw

WR: Greg Jennings

WR: Miles Austin

WR: Jeremy Maclin

TE: Zach Miller

And while I’m at it still…

Sleepers Only:

QB: Joe Flacco (ok, maybe Matthew Stafford is a better “sleeper”)

RB: Arian Foster

RB: Justin Forsett

WR: Mike Williams (TB)

WR: Lance Moore

WR: Brandon Tate

TE: John Carlson

Note: These aren’t rankings, but more like tiers of guys I’m excited about. I don’t have Andre Johnson here, for example, but I would like you to “get his ass” on your team if you it’s feasible.

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  1. Scott says:

    Would these teams change if it was a PPR league?

    Thank You

  2. mike says:

    love hearing about your good vibe players john. keep em coming.

  3. Eric says:

    I like this list! Maybe call me crazy, but am trying to trade up in 1st round from #9 using an extra 3rd rounder that I have in my 3 keeper ppr league, to snag Mathews. I am keeping Gore(for 4th rounder), Steve Smith(giants, for 11th), and Finley(16th). It leaves me waiting to get receiver until later to go with smith and pickings will be “thin” but as your strategy suggests, I think I can mine a few gems to try to get by at wr. When you take 36 players out in our league, it is amazing what you have to do to try to draft a stud. Even your “sleeper” team looks pretty good. Keep the vibes coming!

  4. Mike says:

    Is Spiller on one of these lists now?

  5. rollback says:

    John, do you really think Turner will be limited to under 300 carries like the coaches are preaching?Turner or Rice at #4 in a non-ppr, who do you like?

  6. Jayson says:

    Great stuff, thanks.

  7. JBeau says:

    John, Non-ppr league…just did a draft, kinda light on WR…only got Meachem and Royal on the bench. Have 5 RBs on the bench..felix, ricky, bradshaw, slaton, Reggie Bush on the bench. Was thinking of grabbing up Mike Williams and dropping Reggie or Slaton. What you think?

  8. Baller says:

    The “get them now” articles are one of my favorite features of this website.

    Interesting to see Kolb rather than Flacco on the second team.

  9. Steve says:

    Great info keep it coming

  10. John Hansen says:

    Yeah, Spiller might be on the list. He looked really good.

  11. Peter says:

    Hey John – I know you don’t have much time for Ds but are you guys going to publish some kind of analysis of team Ds (or am I just missing it on the site)?IF not, do you have some place you would recommend looking?

  12. PackFan says:

    I’m going to have to take the weekend and contemplate your list.

    Some NFL general managers tend to draft the majority of their players from the big-school conferences … Big Ten, SEC, Pac Ten, and so forth. For fantasy, I tend to draft as many players as I can from good teams …

    Right now among your options, you’re offering up 3 Lions, a Raider, a Buc, a Bear and a Seahawk …

    Time to pull up a lawn chair, put a six-pack on ice … and start contemplatin’ :O>

  13. Bill Cervi says:

    Suprised to see Best on the list, do you think he will have enough carries and be durable enough to warrant the 3rd or 4th round pick it will take to get him?

  14. Austin says:

    John Great idea! Glad to see a few of my guys on the list in Calvin, Maclin and Forsett. Was hoping for a Ronnie Brown siting but it was probably wishful thinking. Haha!

  15. Burton says:

    John, Great Stuff! Thanks for all the continual updates, our draft is later today and all this will help. Thanks!

    p.s. two sleepers from SEA?

  16. Hanley says:

    Brady or Rodgers?

  17. Bart says:

    John, who do you like better as a keeper, Wells or Stewart?
    I have been planning of Wells, but am starting to have some doubts.
    Stewart seems like a safer bet, with upside and only 23 years old.
    What is your opinion?
    Thanks, Bart

  18. Floyd The Barber says:

    No love for SD WR Floyd?

  19. Slump Buster says:

    Justin Forsett? Seattle is a RBBC… Look out for Jabbar Gaffney. It looks like Kyle Orton continues to look his way.

  20. Salmonkiller says:

    I have the first and ninth pick in an 8 team league with Brady, peterson, andre johnson, calvin johnson who would u pick first? 1 point ppr after 5 bonus for 100yards qb 1 point per completion after 19 bonus at 300 yards tds 3pionts plus 1 point for ten yards longer than 19

  21. PackFan says:

    I got to watch the Lions play on NFL Network this weekend, and I came away pretty impressed … it looks to me like this franchise is finally headed in the right direction. They’ve got some nice young talent and have mixed in quite a few veterans through free agency and trades. Their defense isn’t all there yet … but it looks like they should be able to light it up on offense at times if everyone stays healthy.

    As a Packer fan, this isn’t the greatest of news but, as a football fan in general, it’s nice to see.

  22. Slump Buster says:

    @ Hanley…. Go w/ Rodgers. He’s poised for a HUGE season. Plus his 3-5 rushing TD’s will help elevate his fantasy numbers off the charts. Brady will never get back to his 2007 year. Moss is getting older, Welker has yet to prove he’s 100% back. Brady will go 25-28 TD’s. Nice numbers, but Rodgers will be mid-30’s in the TD passing category.

  23. Joe Bittner says:


    I sent a message yesterday but don’t seem to see it anywhere on the site.

    Question: I am in a keeper league where I am allowed to keep 2 players. The scoring is as follows: 6 pts per TD pass. Its a PPR league. Im allowed to keep 2 players. We predetermined the order and I will be picking #3.

    I am keeping Chris Johnson. My options are: Reggie Wayne with a 2nd rounder (#18); Mendenhall (9th Round); Drew Brees (#23 pick); Jamaal Charles (16th round pick)

    talking to a few guys its all but certain these guys will be gone or kept by the time I pick @ 3. MJD, AP, RRice, Arodg, BMarsh, Lfitz, Favre, Rwhite, rivers, TO, Peyton, Turner and Austin. romo and MSW

    What’s your opinion on 2nd keeper? For some reason I dont like Mendy..


  24. Slump Buster says:

    @ Joe Bittner- If it’s 6points for TD pass & all those other big names are kept (ARodg,Romo, PMann,Favre(?Really?)then go with Brees. You can find a guy that will have the receptions similar to Wayne, numbers similar to Mendenhall, or guys who will score more than Charles….I know there are QB’s later, but w/ the TD value being 6points w/ some other QB’s being kept, then go with Brees.. Good luck…

  25. Eric says:

    Slump Buster,

    Jabar Gaffney. Nice call. I’ve been looking around to see if ANYONE is talking about this guy. Seems like since Marshall went out, Orton looks his way. Everyone keeps talking about Royal.

    I keep taking Gaffney in my mockdrafts.

  26. Slump Buster says:

    I know, I’m hoping he slides in our 16 team keeper league. I also check the play by play for each of the preseason games, and even with all Gaffney’s pass receptions, there are some incompleted attempts to Gaffney. Gaffney is in Marshall’s role, So I expect a huge year from him. And I love that all the magazines are talking Eddie Royal. Good……Go to, there is a little blurb about Gaffney and other fliers.

  27. Eric says:

    People keep saying he’ll be drawing the top CB from defenses. He’s also in his 9th season and never really gotten it done. But at his price – basically a 13th rounder, he’s well worth it IMO. He had 213 yards in the final game last season with Marshall out. Denver offense in the 2nd year under McDaniels is looking better, and outside of facing Asomugha twice, he doesn’t run into a lot of great defenses. Thanks for the link.

  28. Kenneth says:

    Hey John.

    Just had my draft last night. Had pick 12 of a 12 team Non-PPR League. Grabbed a lot of the players on your ‘Get them now’ list. What do you think.

    Moss (Rd1 pick 12)
    Brady (Rd3 pick 12)
    A.Bradshaw (Rd 4 pick 12)
    J.Finley (Rd 6 pick 1)
    J.Knox (Rd 7 pick 12)
    Mike Williams (Rd 13 pick 12)

  29. eric says:

    I like your picks, except I wonder if there were any “safer” options in round 4 instead of Bradshaw. Maybe a little early for him.

  30. Eric says:

    nice to get finley in the 6th, but way early on Bradshaw. You could at least wait another round if not 2 or 3 on him.

    I’m liking Bradshaw as well, but at the end of the day he’s still a guy in a 50/50 timeshare for a team that struggled to run the ball last year. His performances were very inconsistent last year. I know, i owned him.

  31. Slump Buster says:

    I had Bradshaw as well, but last year he had the foot problems and still managed to avg nearly 5 yards per carry. You’re right on the sharing the carries w/ Jacobs, however, I don’t think it will be an even split with Bradshaw seeing a slight majority of touches. I’m liking Finley immensely. I kept him as one of my 4 keepers and drafted him last year late in the draft. He will have a monster year this year.

  32. Kenneth says:

    Hey Eric and Slump Buster. Thanks for the reply.

    Correction on Bradshaw. He was my 1st pick of Rd 5. Here is how it went for me. I had pick 12. We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR, TE, K, Def. Standard Non-PPR Scoring. Kinda heavy bonus with 10 pts at 300 pass, 100 run/rec. 4pts pass td and 6pts rush/rec td.

    1 Moss
    2 Benson
    3 Brady
    4 S.Smith (NY)
    5 Bradshaw
    6 Finley
    7 J.Knox
    8 R.Williams
    9 M.Hardesty
    10 Philadelphia
    11 B.Scott [Handcuff Benson here]
    12 Alex Smith
    13 Mike Williams [TB]
    14 James Jones [Really wasn’t what I wanted but clock ran out on me]
    15 Matt Prater

    I am hoping Bradshaw can come through or mabey even Williams or Hardesty. Would have liked better but RB’s were picked clean. Would have had to give up Moss really in the 1st and go RB-RB to have gotten better. Could even get Jahvid Best in the 3rd. Crazy.

  33. Kenneth says:

    Meant to say I Couldn’t get Jahvid Best in the 3rd. Best available last pick of the 3rd for me where LeSean McCoy, Jonathan Stewart or Arian Foster. I thought I could get Arian Foster later but wow he was jumped on. Mabey hindsight 20/20 I take one of those guys but Bradshaw could end up performing just as well as those guys. Will have to see.

  34. Eric says:

    Guys I’m really starting to like:

    Bowe, Gates, Gaffney, Naanee, Brady, Flacco, Big Ben, M. Walllace, M. Bush, Jennings.

    I’m torn on this Zach Miller thing. Is it worth drafting a guy like Michael Bush/Forsett instead of a Vernon Davis/Finley because I can wait and grab Zach Miller? Or is it better to lock down a stud TE and let the RB sort itself out later? This is the part of the draft I’m stuck at right now, I’ve been doing a lot of mockdrafts.

    My draft stategy always revolves around not filling the RB2 spot because it’s so much easier to fill that position as the year goes along. I like to get 3 stud WR’s. After that (and AP with my 2nd overall pick) do I go after a stud TE or a solid RB2?

  35. eric says:

    That team looks pretty solid, though you sure are banking a lot on Alex Smith. Might have made sense to wait on drafting DST and going for the qb instead of eagles dst. WRs look pretty solid, and you are in good shape if Hardesty produces.

  36. Joe says:

    Just read this post and feel better about my draft last night. Got Turner, Brady, and Calvin. It’s a 12 team, non PPR. I’m a very experienced drafter and did something I’ve never done before. My 8 year old nephew was with me and desperately wanted Peyton. So I took him at 2.8. No QB’s went between my next two picks so I grabbed Brady at 4.8. Made me really weak at flex (Donald Brown/Hardesty/Berrian), but I’m confident I’ll be able to trade either Brady or Peyton for great value as soon as other guys in my league realize they can’t roll with guys like McNabb/Ryan every week or another QB get’s injured. Love the content John. Keep the vibes coming…

  37. Slump Buster says:

    I’m thinking with his Brady pick, he might have covered the QB. Alex Smith will be solid especially with Crabtree in for a full season, plus his weapons in Davis, Gore & Josh Morgan. I agree, don’t bite on the defense early, keep on drafting backs & receivers. Also, watch out for Bernard Scott. He’s a quick runner and put a couple good games last year. I would just be slightly worried of Cedric Benson putting two solid seasons together and avoiding injuries and suspensions…. Again, I cannot stress enough of the dominant year Finley is going to have. This will be a special type of year for him.

  38. J.BIttner says:

    Thanks for the Reply Slump Buster,

    I was leaning toward Brees; locking in a stud every week at QB is steady points.

    Since I am picking #3 in the keeper the options left appear to be: Frank Gore, Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Steven Jackson.

    Since I have Chris Johnson should I go the Randy Moss route? I see he is one of the guys to get up above….

  39. J.BIttner says:

    Follow up Question:

    Since I’m keeping Brees at #23 my next pick is #38.

    I am on the Javid Best Bandwagon. Should I take him @ 38 with my 4th pick, think he will be there on the wrap around at 43?

    What about Jamaal Charles at #23?

    Thanks for all the Advice!!

  40. Slump Buster says:

    J. Bittner-
    I am always an advocate for more RB’s, but, Moss seems to be a viable option in that scenario. Gore should have a really good year this year. Wayne will have a good year, but may dip slightly in the receptions due to all the receivers for Manning to distribute the ball to. Steven Jackson should not be in the top 10. I love S Jax, but his team is the one I’m concerned about. Yes, Sam Bradford looked good against the Pats-but it’s the PRESEASON. I like Best, I see him similar to CJ2K- small, expolsive & super fast. However, Best may not be able to handle 20+ carries a game like Johnson. Charles will post the huge numbers, but I see the Chiefs like the Ravens- Charles is the Ray Rice & T Jones is Willis McGahee.

  41. Slump Buster says:

    J Bittner-
    Keep going after some backs & receivers- Take some of the guys on the “Get them Now list”. Arian Foster will have a really good year as well as Ahmad Bradshaw. Another one to consider that’s not on the list is Michael Bush. Other receivers to consider is Jabbar Gaffney, I think he will have a huge year. Another guy to consider is WR Mohamed Massaquoi. Delhomme has been known to lock onto a receiver and Massaquoi appears to be that guy. Keep the questions coming, I will answer the best I can.

  42. Slump Buster says:

    …sorry about the grammar errors…..

  43. Eric says:

    funny, I just gave Steven Jackson a couple of slots “bump” on my draft board. I know it’s only preseason, but it was the 3rd preseason game and all the Pats starters were in there. If anything, it proves to me that STL will at least have a competent, if not exciting offense. Before this, I laughed at anyone wasting a pick on Jackson in the Top 12.

    Good call on Michael Bush. Love him, DMC is a bust. Oakland could run the ball semi-effectively even with Mega Bust Russell, so they should be even better this year and the annoying Fargas is out of the picture. I see Bush being the major workhorse in that offense. I’ve been taking his as my RB2 all summer long and nothing is changing now. Don’t let any McFadden hype cloud your vision.

  44. J.BIttner says:

    I’ll keep the questions coming –


    Here it is; I’m Picking 3rd and I’m looking MJD in the face.

    Do i take him? I have CJ2K as on of my keepers – Do I pass on MJD and take Moss?

    Or take MJD and have Jennings/steve smith (CAR) as my #1 WR; The Knee Scope is scaring me big time.

    The timing of this injury is mind-blowing; Patron is calling my name…haha..

  45. J.BIttner says:

    I didn’t mention MJD before since he was going # 2; I heard he’s going to be there at #3.

  46. Slump Buster says:

    J. Bittner-
    If you went Moss, what other backs do you think might be available????

    ….. And a little shout out to all, what the h*ll is up w/ Tomlinson running like it’s 2006? I traded for Shonn Greene, in the offseason in our keeper league, thinking he will be the man, but Tomlinson is running pretty well… I thought Greene would have similar to Thomas Jones’ stats from last year (1400 yards 14tds) while Tomlinson had similar numbers to Greene from last year (500 yds 5-7 tds). I know it’s preseason, but I’m feeling uneasy about how things are shaping up…

  47. Slump Buster says:

    J. Bittner-

    Better question for you, if MJD is projected @ #3 in a keeper league, who is going #1 & #2?

  48. J.BIttner says:

    Some guys weren’t saying who they were finally going to keep but its pretty much set now:

    As of 10:30pm i hear: Pick #1 is Peterson; Pick # 2 is Andre Johnson based on the MJD news. I know you said earlier that Brees is a lock as a 3rd round pick with all those other QB being kept and I agree, since its 6pts per TD.

    If Healthy, MJD and CJ would be INSANE..only thing is my WR would be so-so.

    So MJD or Randy Moss?

    The guy who had AJ is letting him back into the pool since he drafted Turner in previous years and got lucky picking up Miles austin last year on waivers.

  49. J.BIttner says:

    Could go:

    Keep: CJ2K & Wayne and Draft MJD at # 3 and gamble on the QB spot


    Keep: Brees and CJ and Draft MJD; Hope that Jennings/Steve Smith (of either Car/NYG) is there

    What do you think of Welker? Big Gamble?

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