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I thought it would be cool to post and continually update an ideal team comprised only of players I am really feeling right now as breakout/value types. You can call this my all “Get their ass on your team this year” team.

1st Team:

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Michael Turner

RB: Ryan Mathews

WR: Randy Moss

WR: Calvin Johnson

WR: Johnny Knox

TE: Jermichael Finley

And while I’m at it….

2nd Team

QB: Kevin Kolb

RB: Jahvid Best

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw

WR: Greg Jennings

WR: Miles Austin

WR: Jeremy Maclin

TE: Zach Miller

And while I’m at it still…

Sleepers Only:

QB: Joe Flacco (ok, maybe Matthew Stafford is a better “sleeper”)

RB: Arian Foster

RB: Justin Forsett

WR: Mike Williams (TB)

WR: Lance Moore

WR: Brandon Tate

TE: John Carlson

Note: These aren’t rankings, but more like tiers of guys I’m excited about. I don’t have Andre Johnson here, for example, but I would like you to “get his ass” on your team if you it’s feasible.

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  1. Slump Buster says:

    That CJ2K/MJD lineup would be CRAZY good! Wayne should have a good year, but w/ Anthony Gonzalez back in the fold, not to mention Clark, Garcon, & Collie, I think Wayne might see a slight dip in production. However, he is still the #1 guy in a very potent offense. Jennings will be very good (again), so he would definitely be worthy. Some others (like I mentioned in earlier posts) that you could snap up later could be Jabbar Gaffney, Malcolm Floyd, or Mohamed Massaquoi and get production out of them. Welker looks like he never was injured. He has had an amazing recovery and looks poised to have a good year. I don’t think the gamble for him would be huge. Bottom line, dig a little more on MJD, but I think he will produce similar to his lofty status and if you think you can get some of the players back that you mentioned, then go that route.

  2. Burton says:

    I just have to say that I got Finley in the 8th Round in my draft (10 teams). I had selected D.Clark early, so I didn’t want another TE pick. But, I just couldn’t pass on him one more time in the 8th. I may be starting Clark as my TE and Finley as my RB/WR/TE Flex spot.

  3. Slump Buster says:


    Good call on that. I am a HUGE Finley supporter and see Rodgers getting him involved early and often…

  4. Coach11 says:

    I draft Monday night and would love to see these “got to have” teams tweaked one more time. Thanks!

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