Thoughts on the first 6 games of the week

Here are some of my initial reactions to the preseason action we have seen so far.

  • The Raider offense isn’t quite there yet. I spoke with a Raider beat writer on Friday, and he didn’t have a lot of great things to report. It appears they are still prepared to try Darren McFadden a lot at RB, which we know won’t really work. WR Chaz Schilens’ foot issue seems to be in play still, and WR Darius Heyward-Bey’s great offseason has come down to earth a little. The good news is TE Zach Miller’s been great.
  • Tony Romo’s never going to change. He’ll always be a guy who holds on to the ball at times and breaks plays down on his own when he shouldn’t. He’s always going to have the faults we always point out, but he’ll still put up large fantasy numbers.
  • The Patriot offense is shaping up to be pretty damn good. It might be changing a little to take advantage of their new toys (like the TEs and WR Brandon Tate), but that can’t be a bad thing. I think they could be potent even without Wes Welker because Julian Edelman looks fantastic. If they have Welker, look out.
  • Robert Meachem’s fantasy stock is dropping while Lance Moore’s stock is rising. I think Moore’s going to be a big factor from the slot, so Meachem’s going to be extremely hit-or-miss. Forget about a breakout season from Meachem because it’s not happening. They will never feature one guy here, and if they do, it is still Marques Colston. Oh, and they might have a problem on the OL.
  • Panther QB Matt Moore’s margin of error could be smaller than we thought. Rookie Jimmy Clausen looked pretty poised. If they are losing and Moore’s struggling, this coaching staff may make a move because their jobs are on the line.
  • The Raven offense looks scary. When Mark Clayton’s your 4th receiver, that’s pretty good. And those rookie TEs look like they are going to be big factors, especially Ed Dickson, who jumped off the page to me (maybe I’m just used to see Todd Heap, who can’t run). I think Joe Flacco is ready for this. And given the state of their secondary, they could be in some serious shootouts. I’m really feeling Flacco.
  • The Bills are in trouble, and the bad vibes are beginning again. There’s no way C.J. Spiller is ready to handle a large workload and the responsibilities that come with that. The Fred Jackson injury is a major buzz kill, and probably squashes any chance of Marshawn Lynch (who also got hurt) being moved.
  • The good vibes in Washington I’ve had have carried over into the preseason officially. I spoke with a Redskin reporter this week and asked if he agreed with my assessment that TE Chris Cooley should be the guy much more so than Fred Davis, but he pointed out that Davis could steal several red zone TDs, which played out in the opener. This guy also said to look for Devin Thomas to start to open the season, despite his current place on the depth chart. Also, it looks like Larry Johnson will be a somewhat large factor, but Clinton Portis should still get about 60% of the touches. But I think Brian Westbrook will be a Redskin this coming week, which means Willie Parker will be gone. It just makes too much sense. So we may be dropping Portis a tad. We’ve already moved LJ up significantly.
  • The opener for the Eagles might be a preview of things to come. Kevin Kolb forced some throws, but the passing attacked looked fantastic with him running it otherwise. I was really impressed with his arm strength in the game. He’s got more zip on his passes, no question. If you can’t see the serious fantasy juice Kolb is bringing to the table right now, you’re just not looking. And the WRs look like great picks. Also, I’m feeling better about LeSean McCoy. He’s been solid.
  • The Jags are going to be a mess this year again. But, my guy MJD can rise above it as usual and put up big numbers. He can in part because he’s all they have, really.
  • The Falcon offense will be very efficient this year and very good. It’ll all start with Michael Turner, but they will work Jason Snelling in quite a bit. Not sure about Jerious Norwood. But Matt Ryan will be a nice and steady backup.
  • The Chief offense is a work in progress to be kind. I don’t get a good feeling watching Matt Cassel play. They did spread it out a lot in the game, and when they did Jamaal Charles busted off big runs. That dude needs the ball, period, so he should be okay.

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  1. JBeau says:

    Looks like you saw what I saw John. Not really feeling McCoy though, cause it didn’t seem like they could run very well…but maybe I missed that. Kolb really looked good, and so did Vick. I am really struggling with Welker. I have an option to keep him or S. Rice. both have question marks around them now. Hate to let my PPR king Welker go…I may have to keep him and target Edelman a little early just in case. My Dolphins play tonight, looking forward to it!!

  2. H00KemH02NS says:

    Lee Evans has caught a plethora of deep balls in 7on7s. As sad as the team is, you gotta’ think they’ll be playing from behind alot… which means a plethora of deep balls to Evans.

    Also, I’m starting to wonder that if Jackson’s hurt and Lynch is banged up- will they just give the ball to CJ more? If so, he might bump up on my list.

  3. Burton says:

    Questions I’m pondering:

    Which OAK WR is better pick now: Schillens or Murphy?
    Which SD WR is better pick now: Floyd or Naanee?
    Which GB WR is better pick now: Nelson or Jones?
    Which NO WR is better pick now: Henderson, Moore, or Meachem?
    Which TE will be best keeper for next year? Cook-TEN, Nelson-BUF, Pettigrew-DET, Keller-NYJ, Moeaki-KC, Dickson-BAL, Gresham-CIN, or Graham-NO?

    What are odds B.Scott RB CIN, plays a significant fantasy role this season and/or next season with Benson in a contract year?
    Is A.Bradshaw in the 7th round a potential great value?
    If given a chance, can Starks be a feature back for GB?

  4. steely says:

    I am beginning to get a tad bit worried with Kolb. He looks great but I can see them bringing in Vick to steal some TDs and mess up his momentum like they did McNabb last year.
    I don’t want to be watching by fantasy QB head to the bench. Any worries there?

  5. PackFan says:


    Regarding the GB receivers … danged if I know, and I watched them from the stadium last night with binoculars.

    I’d say Jennings and Finley. Maybe Nelson over Jones … but, factor in Donald Driver, and there’s not enough balls to go around. Swain might catch a few too, if he gets healthy.

    If you don’t draft Jennings or Finley … look around the league for more consistent fantasy targets, because if everyone stays healthy, it’s going to be hit & miss on any give week.

    That’s my two cents worth.

  6. Burton says:


    I’ll give you my take on Kolb while feeling the need to update some of my previous question marks about Kolb after watching some of that game. I still say McCoy is no Westbrook, but he runs hard and the OL looked pretty good to me. Both WRs looked terrific to me and poised to produce. The team as a whole has a great energy, or as John says good vibes. Kolb looks ready to be the man. I agree that Vick could cut into Kolb’s (or other players’) TDs a little since Vick’s ability to run in the redzone is a threat. Vick may also help Kolb though if teams have to game plan for both. So, for me I wouldn’t worry about Vick. He will help and hurt some, but not likely to make a huge impact on Kolb either way. My only concern was that Kolb was going to Celek way too much. Without doing any real analysis, that tells me Kolb is not going through his progressions like he should. I know he missed a wide open WR on one play for a TD. I could see the WR shaking his finger in the background of the video shot after the incompletion. That could lead to some major problems if they don’t straighten Kolb out on that. In general though, I retract most of my earlier concerns about Kolb.

  7. Burton says:

    Packfan, thanks for you input. I probably spend too much time with 3rd receiving options, but I’m also looking for some keepers for next year. Assuming Driver is out due to injury, which WR would step in?

  8. PackFan says:

    Sorry Burton, but I don’t have a good answer for you. If the tackles hold up, and pass blocking holds up in general, you could see both Nelson and Jones line up with Jennings .. and they might even split Finely out wide – he’s got a bit of speed to go with his height. He might be too fast for some linebackers, and a bit tall for some corners to handle consistently.

    I might tend to say Jordy Nelson would be the third guy if Donald is out, but that’s off of last year’s season, where James Jones was hampered by injury for a good portion of the year. I don’t think we’ve seen his true potential yet .. so I really don’t know.

    They might use Ryan Grant in the screen game .. and last night at least, there was a rookie back named Quinn Porter from Stillman College that looked interesting. He’s listed and 6 foot and 205 pounds … He generally made one cut and ran north / south with authority. James Starks, another rookie back from Buffalo, is supposed to be fast and quick .. but he didn’t play due to injury.

    In the end, how many of those guys they can line up out there as targets for Rodgers will probably depend on the success or failures of the offensive line.

    Rodgers looked good, he had a bit of time to throw, plus he got the ball out quickly in a lot of his throws … but again, it’s only pre-season.

  9. topwonk says:

    John, the Eagles offensive and defensive starters looked good. Two things to keep in mind – the JAGS are a bototm tier club on both sides of the ball, and the Eagles have no depth anywhere – other than possibly at RB with Mike Bell and WR. Their defensive backups are not good at all, and same goes for their O-Line. Kolb could be running for his life quite a bit with even one or two injuries to the O-Line, which is only average even in the starting ranks.

  10. topwonk says:

    It says here that the Bills will be the worst team in the NFL this year. The Rams, Lions, Bucs, Skins, Chiefs, Seahawks, and Raiders all made improvements and have good young coaches, with the exception of the Skins who have a two-time Super Bowl winner in Shanahan. The Bills need help in every area, particularly on the O-Line, have mediocrity at QB, and drafted Spiller, a specialty player, in the first round – and tabbed Chan Gailey as their leader. Ooooh boy….

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