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It is my opinion that anyone who goes on this site is either very well educated on the NFL or fantasy football, or if not is incredibly bright. Either way, you cannot lose taking their opinions to the bank, and their opinion of new Eagle QB Kevin Kolb is that he’s going to do well this year.

According to our latest poll, which asked which lower-end QB had the best chance to put up numbers in 2010. Out of over 2000 responses, Kolb received 41% of the vote, edging out Joe Flacco, who got 29% of the vote.

I’m placing a higher emphasis on the QBs than ever this year, but I’m not locked into taking one in the first 1-4 rounds if other appealing options at RB, WR, and TE present themselves. In fact, I’m kind of hoping I don’t get “stuck” in the 2nd round or so and feel the need to play it safe taking a Peyton Manning because I love the depth at the position. In addition to the four guys in the poll, my guy Jay Cutler has to be in this conversation, and I’m not even talking about guys like Tony Romo, Brett Favre, and Matt Schaub, who are excellent second tier options.

Here’s the poll results from the site:

Kevin Kolb 41% (882)
Joe Flacco 29% (626)
Carson Palmer 14% (302)
Matt Ryan
15% (327)

Total votes: 2137

So what are your thoughts on Kolb this year? Are you with me that he’s going to be really solid and a top-10 guy this year?

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24 Responses

  1. Scott C says:

    Huge fan of Kolb, Cutler this year. I’ve seen them fall very late in drafts, especially Cutler (I guess the Int’s scare ppl off – not really sure why, hes likely to improve on that stat and even still its only -2pts, not a matchup killer). Guys like Flacco, Favre, Ryan, Eli have been going before them. Nice value late. This is the best season to wait on a QB. A couple of the later picks could very likely reach top 8.

  2. vixen says:

    what are your thoughts on taking ben late and teaming him with alex smith, who should have an easy schedule during ben’s suspension? just something i have been tossing around in my head. or do you think that pitt is a mess and i should concentrate on kolb or cutler a little earlier?

  3. Luke says:

    I’m sold on Kolb being a good option, but I think Flacco is heading an offense that seems primed for a breakout, at least in terms of personnel.

    I’m a little concerned about depth at this position, though, especially if Favre retires. I think there are ten options that I like: Brees, Peyton, Brady, Rodgers, Rivers, Schaub, Flacco, Kolb, Romo, and Cutler. I’m actually a little leery of Cutler, but I think he’ll benefit from the Martz system. I would also add Ryan to this list if I thought he might rebound, and I’m curious as to how you and others view the Atlanta offense.

    In a 12-team league, that means I either make sure I get one of these eleven, or else I’m looking at Palmer, Eli, or some sort of plan with Big Ben, and none of those options seem very satisfying at the moment. I find Eli underwhelming, Big Ben seems lined up for one of his bad years, so I’m curious as to whether you think Cincy has enough of their act together for Palmer to be a good fantasy starter.

  4. WRArtMonk says:

    Definitely loving Kolb. Has the potential to put up the same numbers as Rivers & Schaub at a great value. I’m dying to jump on him, but won’t have an advantage in my league since everyone is an Eagle’s fan. They always snatch up hometown players sooner than they should.

    I will go out on a limp and say that Brent Celek will finish as a top 5 TE this year and I know that’s some stiff competition, but Kolb and Celek came into the league at the same time and he’s been Kolbs favorite target since day one. He’s going to light it up in ppr leagues. but Kolb may have some red zone issues in his first starting gig. But I see Celek on track with what Owen Daniels was doing last season before getting injured.

    I’d take him over Cutler in a heartbeat, but maybe not Farve. Farve’s money in the bank in that system.

  5. Eric says:

    I agree with the poll in terms of Kolb’s upside in the wacky pass heavy offense of the tunnel vision Andy Reid, but am seriously worried about his durability and ability to take the abuse that will happen to him behind this inconsistent offensive line. I think we are about to appreciate how mobile and elusive McNabb really still was. It would not surprise me to see Vick (assuming no suspensions) be behind center for the majority of the season!!! In terms of second tier qb potential, I think a lot of people are overlooking Eli, who has a pretty good maturing set of wrs in an offense whose running game really is not what it was. Don’t be surprised to see the younger Manning have a stud-type year. I think he is flying under the radar enough to represent good value in the mid to later rounds, or maybe in the 5th/6th rounds of keeper drafts such as the league I am in where each of the 12 teams keeps 3 players, and essentially 9 of the 12 teams are keeping a qb.

  6. John Hansen says:

    The depth at QB is good enough that I would not dabble in Big Ben/Smith as a combo. BB should be a backup.

    I like the Falcon offense to rebound nicely, but Ryan’s upside is limited. Great backup, though.

    Kolb’s durability is a potential issue but he’s not a statue back there and he makes very quick decisions, so that will help. Their OTs could end up being actually very good.

    Note sure on Manning, I’m sure they want to run it more this year. Coughlin is a big believer in the running game setting up big play in the passing game.

  7. Austin says:

    I will never understand why people use a pick on a QB in the first 3 rounds. Unless its some crazy scoring system it just doesn’t make sense. Who would you rather have Rodgers/Brandon Jacobs or Kolb/Michael Turner? The difference between Kolb and Rodgers will only be a couple of points per game but the gap from Turner and Jacobs should be huge. Anyways…..I think Kolb, Flacco, Cutler and even Palmer are going to be really solid late round options. I’ve been able to get Flacco in the 9th in most mock drafts and I feel comfortable with him there. I think people are starting to sleep on Cutler a little bit and it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up the closest to a Schaub type year from last year. I think Kolb is about as safe as it gets with the offense they run. He has to produce. I also think Maclin might be a better ppr option than Desean because of Kolbs strengths but thats a different article! Keep up the great work John!

  8. Burton says:

    You have to love that Kolb has sat being McNabb and learned the offense and matured as a pro player. He has even gotten playing time and showed promise. Remember when Carson Palmer got his chance – pure stud for a few years! What more can you ask for? — There are more things to consider.

    Demands of the Offense: Let’s not forget that this is a different kind of offense. This could be great for Kolb if he performs in this pass happy offense which is probably why he is getting so many votes. But, this kind of offense is make-or-break for a young QB. This begins the uncertainty for the amount of risk involved in creating a team around Kolb.

    Running Game: Big Ben, Flacco, Ryan, Palmer, and more have all been successful with the help of a strong running game. Keeping defenses off balance between a balance of running and passing with strategic play calling for passes that builds success. This hasn’t been the recipe from the Eagles for years. Will they change they offensive identity? Can they run the ball like the Ravens and Bengals did last year? These are questions I have.

    No Westbrook: In my opinion, Westbrook was the key to the Eagles’ offense. Obviously, McNabb and he both were key elements, but their type of pass first, short passes, pass-runs, etc. were all possible because of Westbrook. No Westbrook, more uncertainty.

    Dependable Veteran at the WR, TE, or RB position: I would feel better if they had a veteran leader in their prime to lead or carry them through tough times. Think of a J.Bettis, Chris Carter, or even a Derrick Mason, or a Shannon Sharpe. That would make me feel better, but they have all very young players at these key positions that have to integrate seamlessly with the QB. Kolb will be asked to carry this team.

    Veteran Leaders at the WR, TE, or RB position: Not only that, but which one will try to impose himself into the leadership role that shouldn’t? There may be a power struggle that emerges. We see it all the time with young WRs with young QBs. It usually takes a year or two for the hierarchy to settle out.

    Well, those are my question marks. I think it will be boom or bust fantasy wise. I don’t doubt Kolb. I don’t doubt Kolb in this Eagle system. I simply see more risk this year with having him lead my fantasy team. Although, if you draft the right players prior to getting to Kolb and get a great QB back-up, you might have the best team if Kolb comes through.

    I also like the fact that if all these young Eagle players pan out and find their harmony, this team is set for many years to come.

  9. Jeff says:

    I agree with the support for Kolb. He has waited, watched, and learned. He had a couple of nice stat games last year. He has weapons to work with on offense. I think he is a great option after the top seven QB’s get drafted. That puts him in with Farve, Cutler, Ryan, Manning, and Flacco tier. Of those I really like Kolb the best. I would like to try and pair him with Cutler. As a participant in a 12 team league, I can see him going in the 6th round. I would like to gamble and wait, but the league will have to search for 12 starting QB’s and I have a good thoughts on Kolb. Just like I did for Schaub last year and Warner the year before. I hope my gut instinct is correct again. Nice to get a nice QB without paying the retail price.

  10. Burton says:

    In recent years I have been a fan of drafting, preferably, the 3rd best QB on the board. But knowing that even John Hansen is leaning toward grabbing a sure fire QB in the early rounds, makes me wonder what everyone else in my league will be thinking… {Get a QB early!}

    Thinking like a Contra Fund manager, I am starting to think this is the year to wait on a QB. Just look at the talent around QB#9 through QB#16, which according to the ADP is approximately from the 8th Round through the 10th rounds in a 12 team league: Kolb, Flacco, Cutler, Young, Ryan, Palmer, McNabb, and E.Manning. Some of these guys I like more than others, but what a selection! Who really cares which of these guys you get if you wait until the 8th or 9th round to draft a QB? Simply take your pick at that point, or even pick two in a row if you like.

    The only downfall is you might end up with a QB carousel. If your league has lots of roster spots, this might not be so bad. Although you won’t feel good about it all season and it may drive you totally crazy, enough to make a foolish trade. But if you other roster spots avoid the injury bug, you may be able to take your QB carousel to the playoffs.

  11. John Hansen says:

    Burton, My main point is not to reach for any players and get as many sure things as possible. So if I’m not comfortable taking, say, Shonn Greene 13th overall, I’ll take Rodgers. I agree that there’s great options later.

  12. Billy says:

    To answer your question Austin, I would rather have Rodgers/Jacobs. I have learned the hard way about thinking QB’s points will barely be different. The problem is with your RB theory. Last year if you had let’s say Ryan/Turner, you would have been screwed. Turner was hurt all year and you maybe would have gambled on the wrong QB like Matt Ryan, thinking he would have like 20 less points than Drew Brees.

    If you take Rodgers/Jacobs, you know you are set at QB and will dominate there. If Jacobs doesn’t work out, you probably will have drafted 2 other RB’s that will and even find 1 or 2 on the free agent wire. Qb’s are much harder to do that with and my advice is to lock a good one down early.

  13. David says:

    I guess I am in the minority on Kolb. Being “the man” is totally different than being the back up. Everyone looks at the 2 games last year that he played very well in. Both at home against less than stellar defenses. I watched him play 2 years ago against the Ravens and he was brutal. Granted he had no reps, but he made sooooo many mistakes. It is not clear at all to me that he is “that” good. I also think the Philly may be declining a bit. You don’t get wiped out that bad 2 games in a row at the end of the season and it not mean anything.

    I am feeling much, much better about Carson Palmer than Kolb, who I think can be had even later in a draft. Antonio Bryant will make all the difference in the world and Palmer is an undeniable talent. The only issue with Palmer is how much Cincy will run the ball.

  14. John Hansen says:

    David, I don’t really put all that much stock in those two games. I do put a lot of stock in the fact that the Eagles have seen him in practice for 3+ years and decided to trade away one of the franchise’s all-time greats to a division rival. Also, our Adam Caplan goes to most practices open to the media and thinks Kolb’s been fantastic in practice for over a year.

  15. Jeff says:

    How do you view Kolb after the top 7 QB’s? Does he go before Farve? Flacco? Cutler? Ryan? Eli?…Do wait for those guys to get picked before selecting Kolb? Do you go ahead in rounds 6-8 and just take him with those other QB’s still on the board? Curious to hear thoughts on those that believe in Kolb.

  16. beanfigger says:

    I’m with David. I do agree that Kolb has a lot of upside. He has weapons and is in a pass-first offense, but he hasn’t done anything, yet. I would be surprised if he was anything less than a top-15 QB based on those facts alone (considering all the QBs that have had success in relief of McNabb in recent years), but I am hesitant to put him in the top ten at this point. I am not saying he definitely won’t be; I’m just not sure why people seem to be that high on him at this point. I, also, do not think that he will have any trouble with mobility because I actually think that is a strength of his. I don’t care how accurate he looks in practice, I’ll have to see him do this consistently in real games before I jump on the bandwagon. Furthermore, I hope he is very strong mentally because the Eagles have a BRUTAL home schedule this year, and we all know how tough it is in that city if you don’t impress. I would hate to see a Ryan Leaf, or even Vince Young, reaction to being booed and criticized. This is why I feel it is crucial to get one of the top 7 QBs because I have so many questions about all the guys that have been talked about here. Chad Henne has just as much upside this year, so why don’t we all think he’ll live up to it?

  17. PackFan says:

    I am one of the 29 percent who selected Joe Flacco over Kevin Kolb in your poll and, had I been given two votes, I would have taken Matt Ryan as my second choice. Kolb may very well turn out to be a top notch NFL quarterback, but we really don’t know for sure how he’s going to react once defensive coordinators begin game planning for him week in and week out. The Eagle skill players are extremely young, and I’m not confident in their current maturity levels – to be able to pick themselves up by their bootstraps in the face of adversity. LeSean McCoy is no Brian Westbrook (in his heyday) – or at least he hasn’t proven to be so far – and neither is Mike Bell. DeSean Jackson is an immense talent, but toys continue to fall out of his mouth when he speaks – as witnessed by his comments regarding Donovan McNabb. We’ll see how he reacts with a new quarterback if things don’t go too well at times. Philly has a lot of young guns – but we haven’t seen them do anything together just yet – in my opinion they may be a year or two away. Both Flacco and Ryan have faced NFL competition for a couple of seasons each now, and at least in my opinion – both have better running backs and better running games than do the Eagles. Will Andy Reid change his pass happy ways? I doubt it … which means there’s going to be extra pressure on Kolb to perform at a high level. I also feel the Ravens and Falcons have more mature passing games – and by that, I mean they have a lot more experience at the the wide out position than do the Eagles – which for me, tilts the scale a little more towards Flacco and Ryan. Also, this will be the second year where the Eagle defense will be operating without the late Jim Johnson who, in my opinion – was one of the better NFL defensive coordinators. Will the Eagles regress on defense and give up more points? I think that is a distinct possibility – which again, would place more pressure on the Kolb and the young offense. For me … I might still wind up drafting Kevin Kolb – but only as my second QB. He may well have great potential, but I’m not going to draft him as my starter – but I sure wouldn’t mind having him on my bench as a second option if you and the majority of your readers turn out to be right. As for Cutler, I might also select him as my number two guy … it might be possible to go from train wreck to star in a single season, but again … I’m not willing to take that gamble and select him as my starter. Mike Martz did great in St. Louis under Dick Vermeil, but I also seem to remember him coaching at Detroit and San Francisco, where things didn’t go so well. At any rate, thanks for letting me sound off. I enjoy reading the various opinions that your readers have.

  18. Jake says:

    Flash back to 2008. A young quarterback in Green Bay takes over for the legendary Brett Favre amidst question marks about his durability and a fan base with high expectations. Two years later he has established himself as a fantasy stud and one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

    While Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Kolb are not the same quarterback it’s hard not to draw comparisons. Both offenses have all the pieces in place at the skill positions. Both players spent a significant amount of time backing up pro bowl QBs. Both showed flashes of brilliance when given opportunities.

    It is for these reasons that I really like Kolb this year. Because he won’t go early, targeting him gives owners the opportunity to hit a home run by loading up on RBs, WRs, and even get a top tier tight end in the early rounds. I really like hime for a keeper league. Since you may be able to get him in the 6th or 7th round he has potential to be a great value as a keeper.

  19. beanfigger says:

    Flash back with me to Arizona, when an amazing offensive team made the highly anticipated move to their first round draft pick Matt Leinhart. He can’t miss as a high draft pick after an amazing college career with some of the best pass catchers of the decade on his team. He did miss… TWICE!!

    Flash back again to a franchise on the rise, fresh off a 10-6 season with an offense full of pro bowlers. They hand the ball to the great Brady Quinn. Shall I go on?

    I’m not saying Kolb will be a bust like them, but for every good comparison you make there are also really bad ones. Kolb should be fine, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for anything more than a good Jon Kitna-like season when he was playing in Detroit with Martz. Hopefully, he’ll do better than that for my home team, but I’ll let someone else take that risk at the moment.

  20. bustedflush says:

    I think if you can get similar numbers to Kolb’s filling in for McNabb last year, you could do a lot worse. That being said, in a league with 6 pt passing TDs I am concerned about finding high TD totals and I think Kolb could be more of a yardage guy. In 6pt Passing TD leagues are you guys putting QBs even higher on the list this year?

  21. Billy says:

    If Chad Henne played on the Eagles or Colts for that matter, I would say he has upside. Chad Henne playing for the Dolphins in that system does not have much upside and I would be hard pressed to think to many people will be debating between Kold and Henne when it’s time to take a QB. The point is Kolb could blow up or he could be Matt Cassel in Kansas City. Every pick is a gamble but I think Kolb is a good gamble. Yes it was only two games and yes it wasn’t great defenses, but his numbers in 2 games were better than an entire season from Tavaris Jackson or Demarcus Codine Russell. It is a pass happy offense and while he may have some picks, he will have plenty of 300 yard passing games. One screen to Jackson may go 90 yards. I’m cool with Kolb

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  23. […] is official. Everyone’s favorite fantasy football sleeper this summer seems to be Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb . A buddy at worked even dropped his name last week. Prepare for a gigantic leap in value, to the […]

  24. Eric says:

    Scanned thru all these comments and i’ll give my 2 cents:

    I think you guys are way too bullish on Cutler. I think the Martz hiring was bad, and the leadership from the top in this organization is questionnable. Martz’s offenses tend to produce a lot of sacks and the Bears made some nice upgrades to their Defense this off season but nothing to a terrible OL. Maybe it will play out differently but I’m not touching Jay Cutler.

    I’ve been debating for a few weeks now on which QB’s in this tier I like the most. Eli, Kolb, Flacco, Ryan, Cassel, Palmer, McNabb, Henne. I’ve gone out and purchased about 3 different fantasy mags and read every ‘expert’ opinion on every one of them. Why do you think I ended up on this website right now? ;)

    And my verdict: Kevin Kolb. With Flacco running a close 2nd. I want to have 2 options so when I draft if the guy before me steals one I’m comfortable taking the other.

    Reasons for Kolb? Like Hansen said, Andy Reid was so confident in him that he dumped McNabb to a divisional rival and made Kolb the unquestioned starter. And Reid knows a helluva lot more about that offense than anyone here ever will.

    2) He had 85 pass attempts in his 2 starts last year. 80 freakin 5. Thats 43 per game. And if the defenses were so atrocious he was playing, couldn’t they have just run the ball? No, b/c Philly doesn’t run the ball. Kolb will probably pass the ball to McCoy more times than he’ll hand it off to him.

    Based on situation alone I give Kolb the slight edge over Flacco. I think Flacco is the better real life QB. But Baltimore likes to run it a lot more than Philly and they usually play good Defense so not too many shootouts. I do think that Flacco will have a nice year with Boldin, Rice and 2 new TE’s and some more spread formations in the mix.

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