Check out our new site design

It took a long time, but our new site design is finally done, pending a few final tweaks and fixes.

The goal of the new design is pretty simple: less scrolling around for content, and less busy.

Let’s start at the top and let me give you a quick review of how this new Subscriber Homepage works.

Note: I HIGHLY recommend using the Firefox Browser for our site. That’s what we use in the office, and if there are any problems we know right away. This new homepage has no reported issues using Firefox. There might be some java issues currently with this new page for those using IE 7.0 or older, so if you insist on using IE, I suggest updating to version 8.0. In the meantime, we’re looking into any other issues.

At the top of our new Subscriber Homepage, you can still see the Top Headlines as usual, but you can also quickly hit the Recent Article tab to see our latest articles listed by date

You can still see our top headlines where you always did, but you can also click the Recent Articles tab and quickly see our latest articles posted by date

Right at the top, you’ll see the feature article, so that hasn’t changed. Across from that you’ll see our Top Headlines, which also hasn’t changed. The one change in this area is the recent article tab we’ve added. Just click on “Recent Articles by Date” and the most recent articles we’ve posted will load in the same area where headlines are, so you still have quick and easy access to our most recent stuff and if you want to quickly see what we’ve posted or updated recently.

To the right and the final column, we have added a new Twitter widget, which scrolls through our most recent “Tweets.” I love this Twitter thing and think it’s fantastic for breaking news and quick insight. If I’m out to dinner with the family, for example, and something breaks, I (or someone else) can tweet about it on a blackberry and it automatically gets displayed on the site. So really, we’re never away from the site and insight can be had whenever and wherever we are. In addition, we also added a feed of national NFL Reporters (just click the NFL Reporters tab). These are the guys we follow on Twitter, so just in case we’re not right on the ball to the second, you can tab over there and see what’s going on. Note: The one issue with Twitter is it does go down or drag on somewhat regularly – so you might not always see it when you access the page – but that’s a small price to pay for such a great tool.

Staying on the smaller right column, the blogs, podcasts, recent MB posts and such pretty much remain intact from the older version of the site.

We've moved a few items to a more prominent spot, including Depth Charts, our Chat area, and our current Poll.

Otherwise, we moved a few things to the first two columns to run left to right, starting under the feature article is where we’ll be promoting chats, will have our depth charts, a promotional area for “MyGuru,” which will be revamped shortly, and a place for us to pass along any key site news.

In the second column just under the headlines/recent articles, we still have newsy stuff, like NFL Team Reports and daily news and injury updates, which will kick off when training camps start up in very late July (although we do have some sortable tidbits in there now from our last two Team Reports. We also moved our current poll here, so it’s a little more prominent. You’re encouraged to vote often on our polls because we think our subscribers are pretty smart, and the questions will always been kind of tough.

Now instead of scrolling and scrolling to view our content, everything is presented in tabs, with most of our key articles falling under the General Category

Of course, the big change is the content sections in tabs. You’ll find our content is still broken down into logical sections, but thanks to these tabs there’s far less scrolling down and less chance that you won’t be able to find something. The one section that is a little broad is the “General Articles/Guru Reports” section, but this will always load fully by default and will usually contain our “hottest” articles and features. This section will be pretty jammed packed, but if you’re looking for a specific type of article, you should easily find it in its respective section. In addition to more general articles or reports, there are tabs for the following:

  • Rankings & Projections – Includes all cheat sheets, PDFs, etc
  • Strategy Articles – The Draft Plan, etc
  • Statistical Analysis – Anything stat-heavy or statistic-oriented
  • Keeper/Dynasty stuff
  • IDP content
  • Auction related content
  • Mock/real draft analysis
  • League Management/Misc. – Articles on running leagues, our interviews, any other leftovers.
  • Downloads/Worksheets – All our excel files, PDF worksheets, or anything like that.
  • Site Tools – They are also on the top navigation but here with a brief description of the tools we have on the site.

So that’s about it. I’m sure we’ll add some tweaks, and we will revise for the regular season. But I’m pretty pleased with this look in terms of its slickness and functionality/ease of use.

I know people are resistant to change, but I think in this case it will be welcome.

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12 Responses

  1. Irish_Flyers says:

    Site looks great, John. Very clean and pretty easy to navigate. I just checked it out on IE & Firefox…..didn’t notice any problems on IE yet, but like you said…..Firefox is the way to go.

  2. healthpellets says:

    the site is nice and compact. however, i still can’t find a feature that I think is very useful: the ability to search for articles by author. or a listing of article authors, and the ability to click on a picture and see all of the articles written by that author.

    otherwise, good work.

  3. JBeau says:

    Site looks good John.

  4. John Hansen says:

    That will be something we might have next year Health, since that’s a major undertaking. But we are looking to overhaul our back end.

  5. Kevin says:

    I am using the latest version of firefox 3.6.3 (mac) and I have noticed one issue. The site looks good at 100% zoom on firefox but many people (myself included) zoom out some to fit things better to the screen. For some reason zooming out causes problems. It took me a while to determine that this was the issue. I could understand it more if I was zooming in so things couldn’t fit on the page but I am zooming out. Anyone that comes to the page with a browser zoomed out even a little, will not see a clean site. This is not a major issue for me but thought I would let you know that there is some type of problem with the code in case you wanted to fix it. The exact problem is that when zoomed out the “chat transcripts,” “my guru,” “site news” and “depth chart” stack on top of each other instead of in columns and push everything down the page. Once again, not a big issue at all but wanted to make you aware at least.

  6. Kevin says:

    Also the “twitter feed” tabs are stacked on top of one another regardless of zoom instead of next to each other.

    Other than those things it looks great John! Nice Work!

  7. John Hansen says:

    Yeah, I do see that and will look into any possible solution. I don’t think anyone would want to zoom out based on the smallness of the text already, but I do see what you mean. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Kevin says:

    Thanks John. On a Macbook Pro you can actually zoom in and out with the touchpad so it is easy to zoom in or out and forget about it (not know whether you are at 100% or not). I think this is why I wasn’t at 100% when I first viewed the site. I agree that is not a big deal though.

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  10. Stretch says:

    I enjoy the NFL Reporters tweets. Now that was clever.

  11. Dennis Sims says:

    Been a subscriber for years, I like the new look. I have been playing FF since you had to do stats by hand and I am getting use to new tools. For several years my secret has been Guru and led me to a lot of winning seasons. I actually (as old as I am) got a Iphone and wonder is there a means to get Sundays gameday activation/injury not playing on iphone as alerts.
    thanks for many years

  12. John Hansen says:

    Dennis, Not sure about that, but I’m actually hoping to get an outside developer to create a mobile page just for Sunday updates, but our current pages should be viewable, that’s one of the reasons we use a plain page with just text, for viewing on mobile devices. BTW, we will have some iphone applications available in July.

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