2010 OL Rankings

I’ve been slacking a little bit on the blog lately, but we’re almost over that early summer hump in which we crank out a ton of content, so I should be pretty good to go soon. I’m actually on vacation right now all week, but I’ve been working. Having 100,000 words to crank out for our player previews will do that.

We’ll be rolling out our extensive previews of the OLs in a couple of weeks (that thing takes forever to research and write up), but for now with the season getting closer it’s a good time to give readers a basic overview of how we see the OLs stacking up this year. This is always tough because you can find flaw with almost every line in the league, but here’s what we got.

R    Team     Run Grade    Pass Grade     Total     Comments

1    New York Jets    90    89    179    Only loss from this excellent OL was LG Faneca, but rookie Ducasse has the ability to step right in and keep this line performing at high level.

2    Baltimore Ravens    90    89    179    Situation with T Gaither needs to play out, but otherwise one of the best OLs in the biz and solid for both the run and the pass.

3    Tennessee Titans    88    88    176    Getting older and lost their veteran C, yet his play had fallen off anyway and still overall one of the best lines in the business.

4    New York Giants    88    87    175    They are starting to slip and underperformed in 2009, but still have excellent continuity and stability here for the run and the pass.

5    Carolina Panthers     88    87    175    The OL is clearly the strength of this team along with the running game. Very solid on the edges and overall one of the better lines in the league – if the two tackles are healthy.

6    New Orleans Saints    88    87    175    As long as LT Brown is back and happy this is a rock solid line that is always helped by the incredible clock in QB Brees’ head.

7    New England Patriots    87    87    174    Hanging in there overall and some youth infused at LT could help them, but overall they are still one of the better groups in the league.

8    Philadelphia Eagles    87    88    175    Had some injury issues last year, but should be strong on the edges. Yet they do have some issues inside.

9    Green Bay Packers    87    88    175    Should be much healthier on the edges and addition of #1 pick Bulaga really helps their depth.

10    San Francisco 49ers    87    87    174    Major upgrades at T and G in the draft should result in this being one of the better lines in the league for both the run and the pass.

11    Denver Broncos    87    87    174    In one year’s time they have gone from an elite group to one with issues, especially if LT Clady can’t play early in the season.

12    Houston Texans    86    88    174    The improvement of LT Brown has been huge, but they still do have to replace G Pitts and continue to improve overall.

13    Miami Dolphins    87    87    174    Pretty solid overall and room for improvement in 2010 if Incognito is an upgrade over Smiley at RG.

14    Cleveland Browns    87    87    174    Quietly did a great job for the run and serviceable in pass protection. Overall, they are above-average.

15    Cincinnati Bengals    88    85    173    Very strong last year blocking for the run, yet their pass protection needs to improve. If so, this line is pretty good.

16    San Diego Chargers     86    86    172    If they stay healthy they should be okay but this line has had injury issues and is getting older.

17    Indianapolis Colts    85    87    172    As usual, QB Manning makes them look better than they are. They’re getting bigger, but run blocking was still mediocre last year.

18    Minnesota Vikings    85    87    172    Disappointing in ’09 blocking for the run and barely above-average for the pass but overall still decent.

19    Dallas Cowboys    86    86    172    Still have some talent but unathletic line with a potential issue at LT with first-year starter Doug Free plus they are getting older.

20    Pittsburgh Steelers    86    86    172    Addition of #1 pick Pouncey should help their run blocking and while they aren’t great, this line should be serviceable.

21    Stl Louis Rams    86    86    172    If former #1 pick LT Smith plays up to his potential this line should be in solid shape despite the loss of RT Barron, who wasn’t very good anyway.

22    Jacksonville Jaguars    86    86    172    Disappointed a little in 2009 specifically blocking for the run, but there’s some young talent here that could come to the surface.

23    Atlanta Falcons    86    86    172    Not a lot of stars on this line, but they are serviceable for both the run and the pass.

24    Tampa Bay Buccaneers    87    85    172    Better for the run than the pass, but at least this line has been together for a while and should be cohesive.

25    Arizona Cardinals    87    85    172    Better for the run than pass, but they were shaky in pass pro and the QB got hit a lot in ’09.

26    Washington Redskins     85    86    171    Major injuries last year was a nightmare, but #1 pick Williams should be a fixture at LT and could be decent if the other veterans are healthy.

27    Kansas City Chiefs    85    85    170    Some improvements made in the offseason should help, but this line was terrible last year blocking for the pass. Run-blocking was serviceable.

28    Chicago Bears    84    85    169    Very sluggish for the running game last year and also shaky for the pass. Some potential to improve if all goes well and former #1 pick LT Williams a huge key.

29    Detroit Lions    84    84    168    Nothing to get too excited about here, but they seem to quietly do a decent enough job. But overall, this line is average at best.

30    Oakland Raiders    84    84    168    Not a very talented line and have issues across the board, yet they may not be horrible in 2010 with a better QB and commitment to running game.

31    Seattle Seahawks    84    84    168    Addition of LT Okung should help them, but overall this line still has some issues and is probably below average for run and the pass.

32    Buffalo Bills    83    83    166    Major issues on the edges, but there is a chance this OL isn’t horrible this year. Unfortunately, that’s their upside: not being horrible.

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6 Responses

  1. Luke says:


    Interesting stuff. I’m curious about the relatively low ranking for the Vikings. Is there a little bit of Vikings fan pessimism here, or do you think the poor run blocking from last year was indicative of a bigger problem? If the latter, how does this affect Peterson’s value? I wonder if we’re seeing something similar to what happened to LaDainian, when, after he had a couple of great seasons behind what looked like a great line, there was an apparent decline in the performance of the line and an obvious (and presumably related) decline in LDT’s performance.


  2. Austin says:

    I hold the #1 pick in a ppr league that also awards bonus points for going over 100 yds so this stuff is great. It will come down to AP vs. Johnson and I’m curious if the difference in the line is enough to put Johnson ahead of AP in this type of format. Can Minn. problems be addressed or is it just a lack of overall talent? I’m leaning towards AP but the line does scare me….

  3. John Hansen says:

    The Viking line was pretty lame blocking for the run, but Peterson didn’t help by failing to run with patience at times. They really missed C Matt Birk, and were particularly weak inside blocking for the run. LG Hutchinson looks to be on the downside. It’s just not a very good line, but it shouldn’t be any worse and could improve a little with RT Loadholt and Sullivan having a year’s experience. But I don’t see a measured improvement since it’s the same guys, plus they lost depth with Hicks gone. One would think it would be solid with some of the names, but it’s really just an average line.

  4. Burton says:

    Help, John: I am looking for some SD OL information that gives me cause to spend a Round 1 or Round 2 pick on R.Mathews.

    I noticed that rookie Ryan Mathews is being ranked around top 10 RB for fantasy. How can this be if the SD OL is ranked tied for 17th through 23rd for the Run? That is a little scary! I know nothing about SD’s OL issues last year, but one certainly can’t blame it all on LT. I do know LT could run a lick last year mostly because of the OL.

  5. Scott says:

    Theres a much better breakdown of this topic listed here: http://www.profootballfocus.com/articles.php?tab=articles&arc=&id=153

    Well worth the read.

  6. John Hansen says:

    Burton, SD’s line won’t be poor and prevent them from getting things done with the running game. But it’s a line that is getting older and has some injury issues, especially C Hardwick. But again, being average isn’t a huge concern. Any of the lines in the 10-20 range could be more than fine.

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