2010 OL Rankings

I’ve been slacking a little bit on the blog lately, but we’re almost over that early summer hump in which we crank out a ton of content, so I should be pretty good to go soon. I’m actually on vacation right now all week, but I’ve been working. Having 100,000 words to crank out for our player previews will do that.

We’ll be rolling out our extensive previews of the OLs in a couple of weeks (that thing takes forever to research and write up), but for now with the season getting closer it’s a good time to give readers a basic overview of how we see the OLs stacking up this year. This is always tough because you can find flaw with almost every line in the league, but here’s what we got.

R    Team     Run Grade    Pass Grade     Total     Comments

1    New York Jets    90    89    179    Only loss from this excellent OL was LG Faneca, but rookie Ducasse has the ability to step right in and keep this line performing at high level.

2    Baltimore Ravens    90    89    179    Situation with T Gaither needs to play out, but otherwise one of the best OLs in the biz and […]

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