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We’ve been working behind the scenes on some site improvements, and we have one that’s just about ready, so we made it live today.

One of my goals this year is to condense our information and tools a little bit. I know most people don’t have the time to read all our stuff and to utilize all of our tools, so we have developed something that I think is quite bad-ass.

We’re going to call this thing something like “Quick Glance,” and as the name suggests, the goal is to give you as much information at a quick glance.

To see what I’m talking about, you can head over to the “Leaders” section of the DB and click on a player’s name. What you see may surprise you, and let me explain what this is.

When you click on a guy, you’ll see the table expands and includes a ton of information, at a “quick glance.” Let’s break down the information you can now see:

  1. Schedule – Comes in handy when you’re looking at a player. As the season progresses, you’ll see only his remaining games.
  2. Weather – This little widget from will show the current forecast in the city of his next game, which is something that will come in handy on game days when you’re looking at your players.
  3. Points Allowed – Next up, a nice little bar graph that will show your player’s next four opponents and the points allowed by his next four opponents in YOUR scoring system using those opponents’ last four games. Good for giving you some perspective on their upcoming schedule. This will also show the player’s next opponent.
  4. History – Wondering how your guy has done against this week’s opponent? It will quickly show you how many points your guy has scored in YOUR scoring system against this week’s opponent the last three years, with the dates of those previous matchups.
  5. Remaining SOS – In addition to points allowed, we’ll show you in a chart how you player’s SOS ranks against the league average for the position all, again, in YOUR scoring systems. This is good for when you’re looking at trades, preparing the playoffs, etc.
  6. Player News – We don’t have a lot of room for this, but once we’re rolling with player news and information, you’ll see the latest news or injury bite about your player, with a link to his news page with all news.

Now, the one thing I’d like to add, but we might not be able to right now, is the player’s current projection and comment for the season, and during the season show that for the rest of the season projection as well as the upcoming week. For now, we do have links to the player’s current detailed projections and his player page, so that information is a click away. But I want to add the projections if possible because, in theory, with season and weekly projections and comments for both right there, those who don’t have the time to really dig in deep with what we have in terms of content and tools have everything they need right there, all in one place.

Now, what I plan to do with this thing is incorporate it into MyGuru. By simplifying the whole portal and adding this, we’ll make it much more powerful and sophisticated, yet more basic. My idea is, you log on to MyGuru and click on one of your teams, your players are broken down by position down the page. You can hit all the usual links to see things like projections, news, the Roster Analyzer, or to modify your team, but there’s also an expand option that will show all this data for any of the players you want.

And finally, I don’t think it will be too difficult for us to quickly create a little player comparison tool. Simply go to this page and select the player you want to compare and all this data is right there for easy comparison. This should be good for when you’re looking at picking up players on the WW and when you’re looking at potential trades.

More to come as the season draws near, but let me know what you think of this enhancement.

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  1. jasyn haney says:

    That is fantastic. Looked at it and it will be an incredible tool. That is why I love this site! Innovation and one step ahead of everyone else. Kudos and keep up the great work.

  2. riverjags says:

    A ++++++

    Excellent snapshot of information …. look forward to your additional ideas to expand the concept … especially if you can tie into the MyGuru portion !!

    Excellant Job !

  3. cfolson says:

    Looks good. Please include this on the Projections page.

  4. JBeau says:

    Damn…doggie. Good shit!!!!! Really a notch above the cause IMO. This is a great thing especially for guys who use their phones to do alot of work during the year. 5 thumbs up, really impressed with that. Not sure if you even need the season projections in there, since half way through the year…projections drastically change depending on injuries….weekly projections are more important I would think. I can see, that not doing the magazine is paying off for your Internet only guys.~!!

  5. John Hansen says:

    Glad you guys like it. This still will go with projections and history as well. We have more, and we’re also redesigning the homepage so the scrolling down to view content will be reduced by probably 50%. It will be much cleaner with tabs for specific content types.

  6. JOOCE says:

    Great enhancement!

    I am being picky, but one thing I noticed is that the schedule is in 2 columns:

    1 2
    3 4
    5 6
    7 8
    9 10

    Would be easier to read in one column, or if it must be 2 columns:

    1 9
    2 10
    3 11
    4 12
    5 13
    6 14
    7 15
    8 16

    Again, I’m being very picky, and maybe it’s just me.

    Thanks for the improvement!

  7. Wow, that is effing incredible. Great work guys!

  8. PackFan says:

    If this is how you have been spending your time instead of doing the magazine thing, then I think your time has been well spent.

    I’m very pleased at the number of categories you’ve developed … especially where the RB/WR/TE are all included together, and also the WR/TE category. We don’t always find these combinations of positions grouped together, and I think it will be a very helpful time-saver when the games begin in the fall.

  9. Stretch says:


    I likie. But I just wanted to know if the Remaining SOS bar graph is dynamic. For example, what if CB D.Revis doesn’t get his contract extension before the season starts and decides to holdout during the season.

    Will the Remaining SOS adjust the league average against the Jets DST on the fly?

  10. John Hansen says:

    The SOS and Points Allowed stuff will be adjusted weekly as the season progresses and will use 2010’s data as it happens. This is really more of an in-season tool, but it certainly works for preseason.

  11. Jimmy Straightline says:

    LOVE IT. You guys are rockstars! I’m seriously conflicted between wanting to pimp you for a job well done, and wanting to keep your brilliant improvement all to myself. Muahaha!

  12. steve says:

    Freaking great John, also will be good to use during drafts

  13. John says:

    OK – I admit I’m blind – and dumb – but I can’t find this site enhancement – where is it?

  14. John Hansen says:

    Go to leaders, and click on a player.


    John sounds terrific, it will also be good to have running numbers on points scored for the season after each game broken down into there positions whatever occurs i feel your observations are all takes to have a winning year,THANKS Jerry

  16. Eddie says:

    Hello John,

    the new features look great! Would it be possible to add a report which will provide fantasy points per game for each position? It would be great if you could sort this list to whatever time frame you are looking for: eg weeks 2 to 6 or weeks 12 to 16. This would allow us to search for trends! Also, a report that would show fantasy points given up by teams for each position would be great. I know you have a similar tool, but this new tool should be broken down by week and allow the user to specify the time frame. In the current system, the stats can be skewed by one big or bad game. Thanks!

  17. Bill says:

    Thanks for always looking out for us by providing excellent insightful help. You’re the best!! Always in the hunt or winning since I began utilizing this site.

  18. Burton says:

    Excellent tool! I have to agree with JOOCE. The Schedule would be much easier to read vertically going down, not side to side.

    I know there are parts of the site that I don’t take advantage of. Putting as much as possible in one place or links to more information at this one place by player is great. Love the SOS graph. Most people are visual and most of us love graphs.

    John, have you ever done a Myers-Briggs test? A company facilitated a 2 day workshop at my employer on this stuff, and I found it really interesting.

  19. Frank says:

    Very nice addition to this awesome website!

  20. dboskie says:

    Great stuff. The site is better than ever. Thanks – Don

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