My 2010 Power Rankings

I’m still pretty busy working on our 2010 player profiles, but this morning I took a moment and checked out Peter King’s first look at his 2010 Power Rankings and I was SHOCKED by some of the placements (Seattle at #11, Carolina at #8, for example). So I figured I’d whip up my own set.

I’ve been studying up on 2010 hardcore style for about six weeks now, and I certainly wasn’t sleeping in February and March, so here’s what I got off the top of my head. I know I’m not going out on any major limbs right now, but that may change once training camps start up.

In the playoffs:

1. IND – Manning’s playing out of his mind now, and his receiving corps should be better. Defense is shaky, but it’s potentially okay.

2. NO – Haven’t lost enough from 2009 to prompt me to expect anything but great things again.

3. MIN – This ranking assumes they have Brett Favre. With Favre, if CB Cedric Griffin makes a speedy recovery, you could make a very strong case for them #1. Without Favre, I’d probably put them at #13. If they have Favre and get Albert Haynesworth, they are #1.

4. GB – Stability here is fantastic, and given how good their offense is and how well they adjusted to Dom Capers’ 3-4 defense last year and how the OL is in better shape, this team could be 13-3 in 2010.

5. BAL – Some secondary issues, but the offense is stacked, and that defense is always somehow pretty damn good.

6. NYJ – Obviously loaded, but I’m not going to buy in totally until we see their chemistry, health, etc. Too many times I see situations that seem to be too good to be true actually be too good to be true. In many ways the Jets in 2010 seem too good to be true.

7. DAL – Certainly a very good team, but the OL is a question and their defense isn’t dominant.

8. NE – Defense should be better and that’s the key, plus Brady should be more comfortable. They do have some receiver issues, of course.

9. SD – Love the offense, but what about the defense? They held up surprisingly well last year, but questions about their ability to stop the run and their secondary looks shaky.

10. PIT – If the stud safety is healthy, the defense will be better but they do still have CB issues. And that situation with the QB.

11. NYG – The defense is extremely talented, and if they can come around and get healthy, this looks like a very good team given how well the passing game did last year.

12. CIN – This is actually a very good team on paper and very well rounded. QB Carson Palmer just has to be the Palmer of old, or close to it. If so, this is a good offense, and the defense is solid.

Note: I know I don’t have an NFC West team in here and one has to make the playoffs.

Right there for playoff spot, but fall just short:

13. PHI – Still very good, but they do have some secondary issues, may not be able to lean on the running game, and Kolb as much as I like him may lose some games for them due to his inexperience.

14. HOU – Great offense, and the front seven is okay. But that secondary looks really weak.

15. MIA – Like what they are doing and like QB Henne a lot. But to me they have questions on the front seven, even with LB Dansby added.

16. TEN – They were better than their record last year, and QB Young does win. There’s enough talent here to seriously compete for a playoff spot.

17. ATL – Quality team, but still not sold on that young defense and the offense has something to prove.

Decent teams, but not ready to make the post season:

18. CHI – Defense should be better and so should the offense. They should be very competitive.

19. SF – Pretty nice team, but QB Alex Smith does limit you a little, and they may be a year away. But great division to be in and that could mean a division title.

20. WAS – Defense should be good, but DT Haynesworth’s issues are a concern. Offense will be better with McNabb.

21. ARI – Should have a good running game and Matt Leinart may not kill them as much as their weak defense does.

22. DEN – To me, they’re a complete mess. If their revamped defensive front falls flat and the (aged) secondary falls short, they could be like 6-10, even in this bad division. Their passing game should stink, and the running game isn’t great. Oh, and all of a sudden they have OL issues.

23. OAK – Competitive in 2009 and now they have a real QB. They won’t make the playoffs, but 8-8 is possible.


24. CAR – Very good OL, running game, and secondary. Very questionable front seven and QB play isn’t stellar. Receiving corps still poor. No way that they seriously challenge for the playoffs.

25. DET – On the rise, but let’s not go crazy. They need a ton of things to fall perfectly in place, but they’ll win 5+ games.

26. JAC – Terrible receiving corps and weak secondary, just like last year.

27. SEA – I think Matt Hasselbeck is done, and their secondary is bad. They also have no pass rush, a shaky OL, lack a go-to back, and their receiving corps is brutal. Otherwise, they’re good to go.

28. KC – This team is on the rise, but they have a ton to prove and I’m not buying it yet. Still have issues on the OL, front seven, and their secondary isn’t strong just yet.

29. CLE – Also on the rise, but only slightly in 2010 and still have a serious QB issue and the receiving corps is awful.

30. TB – I really think the Bucs have something in Raheem Morris, but based on their talent and inexperience, they’re going to lose a lot of games again.

31. STL – Good OL and running game, but the defense isn’t very good, and their QB won’t scare anyone in 2010.

32. BUF – How you don’t address your QB, OL, and WR issues in the offseason – at least one of them – is beyond me.

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  1. JBeau says:

    I saw that article too John, and was kinda surprised he had my Dolphins so high. I prefer they sneak up on cats, but its all good. You definitely aren’t throwing any bold statements out there brotha…..but we all know that the past few years, there has been great turnover year to year between playoff teams…so just going on that premise, this list is WAY off. I think 3 teams in your 2nd tier will make the playoffs…Mia, Houston, Atl. I don’t see the Steelers, NE or NO in the playoffs this year. But thats just me. Love the Niners in the West, but wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks shocked the world and won that division

  2. WRArtMonk says:

    You nailed my original conclusion after looking thinking out about next years season. And that is to circle and asterisks both Viking/Packers games (if Farve plays). Those will be the “new P. Manning/Brady games” of old, only with more meaning.

    I’m a Skins fan and agree with you. No OL & no Haynesworth equals no luck.

    Those Ravens, Steelers and Bengals games will all be fun to watch this year too!

    And, I agree with you, I think if any team has a chance in the NFC West, it has to be the 49ers.

  3. John Hansen says:

    I understand the nature of the NFL means there will likely be turnover, but my brain doesn’t really work that way; I simply have to break down the strengths and weaknesses of the teams and rank them as such, while also giving some other smaller factors consideration such as experience, schedule, etc. I don’t like being bold just to be bold, which what I think King does. I have 2 non-playoff teams in the playoffs, and actually I really have 3 with the 49ers the highest ranked team in the NFC west.

  4. Baller says:

    This list looks pretty good, but you should move Baltimore up to the No. 3 spot. Last two years it has taken superbowl teams (Pitt/Indy) to knock them out of the playoffs, so the spot would be deserved. And this year they will be one of those superbowl teams. GB does not deserve the spot ahead of them.

  5. Burton says:

    It is amazing to me that every team, even to top ones, have some issues to be concerned about. A few teams will overcome their issues, but which ones? Other teams will reveal issues where we thought they were good, but which ones? No one knows which teams will overcome their issues and which teams will reveal new issues. And then, the dreaded injury bug always comes into play too.

  6. Burton says:

    I do think John is onto something with the different categories. My initial thoughts are:

    CIN – I agree with John, and would like to see them make the playoffs. Can this team actually pull itself together? Something seems amiss with this organization and we know it’s not the head coach… so it must be something upward from there.

    PHI – Considering the other teams around them I can’t argue, but I am worried about both Westbrook and McNabb leaving the team. First, they should have kept McNabb. Alternatively, they should have kept Westbrook to transition to the new QB, but they apparently waited too long for that. I look for them to stumble this year. I would move them back to the end of this pack.

    CHI – On paper better than last year. I am concerned that the team may divide if they don’t succeed at first. Older DEF players will not have stamina to make up for young offensive errors. Did anyone else notice the Martz and Warner’s discussion on the field after ARI beat SF last year? I am no lip reader, but I would bet money that Martz was totally dissing Head Coach Singletary. It seemed obvious to me based on both of their extreme body language and facial expressions. Hopefully Martz checks his ego at the door.

    SF & WAS & even OAK – I’m hoping they break through to the next level.

  7. Wade says:

    I promise you this right now: The Saints will NOT win the NFC South. Since the NFC South was formed, not once has a team repeated as champs on the division. These division have existed long enough that that is no coincidence.

    It is still too early to judge rank teams. After all last year does not equal this year.

  8. Austin says:

    I like the rankings but I would flip Bal / Jets. Jets D will look like Ravens of old, UNBREAKABLE.

  9. Idiot Savant says:

    John, I generally like the list, but with Big Ben out 4-6 weeks and a tough offseason, I can’t get behind them. I agree with your statement on the Jets, but also LOVE the talent they possess.

    Cincy and Baltimore will slug it out and so will GB and Minny…
    I’d say S.D. will win the Division but I am concerned with Gates Plantar Faciitis, the OL and the Defense. VJax will be studly and rested after his suspension, but the reliance on Matthews..could he hit a rookie wall.. if any other team had made major strides I’d push S.D. down.

    N.O.’s trendy pick to fail…but if Sharper is back, I like them. The defense really changed with him back there.

    I like S.F in the West, and believe that the Rams are two years away…S Jax should be traded now, because he won’t be a stud when the team is ready to compete for the playoffs.

  10. Burton says:

    Good point about S.Jackson, but who else on the team is worth paying good money on a ticket for?

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