Favre’s coming back…or else

I said over two months ago that, if Viking QB Brett Favre were to retire, then a trade of Donovan McNabb to the Vikings would happen. One of the reasons I said this is because I believe the Vikings are done with Tarvaris Jackson as their unquestioned starter. Maybe if the team was rebuilding they’d give him another chance, but not only are they not rebuilding, they’re currently in the middle of an open window for a Super Bowl title – and as you likely know those windows can close quickly. Jackson supporters can list all the statistics in the world that make him look good – but the harsh reality is the guy can’t lead a championship team right now (and I really don’t think he ever can). It’s not happening at this point in his career, and the Vikings know it. That’s why they traded for Sage Rosenfels last year, begged Favre to return to the league, and it’s why they’d be doing a deal for McNabb right now if Favre was officially out of the mix. The Vikings are also seriously rumored to be interested in a QB early in next month’s draft. How many other signs does one really need to be convinced that Jackson’s not the guy?

And today comes the news that Minnesota is McNabb’s first choice if he’s to be traded. Of course it is. It’s the perfect fit in every way. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if McNabb let this “information” leak to the media to send a message to Brad Childress and the rest of the Viking organization: “If you want me, I’m in, so you better check on your boy Favre.”

This is a tough situation for Minnesota. Obviously, to make one more run in 2010, you want Favre, who clearly played well enough in the regular and especially in the post season to win a Super Bowl. If the Vikings played the exact same Colt team that lost in the Super Bowl, Minnesota would have won convincingly. The Vikings literally fumbled away a Super Bowl title.

However, if you believe their window is currently 2-3 years, and it probably is, then McNabb’s a better choice. There’s something to the notion that McNabb comes up small in big games, which kind of nauseates me as a Viking fan because that’s been the organization’s M.O. for about the last 40 years (so it’s a perfect fit, right?). But the fact remains McNabb is seven years younger than Favre.

This brings me to the real point of this blog post. If Favre holds off on his official decision until after it’s too late to make a deal for McNabb, and if that decision is that he is, in fact, retiring, that would be a hose job of epic proportions. Favre would really screw the Minnesota Vikings over, and he’d ruin any chance this current team had of winning a championship.

That’s why I just can’t see him doing that, so I will repeat what I said two months ago: The Vikings will either have Brett Favre or Donovan McNabb under center in 2010. It’s either one or the other, period. So if McNabb is traded elsewhere, get ready for another year of Favre in Minnesota. If I’m wrong, it will 100% be because Favre screwed the Vikings over, and that would be ugly.

As for me, a Viking fan, and what I’d like to see; I’ll take one year of Favre and one more serious run over 2-3 years of McNabb giving them a legit chance to win that elusive Super Bowl. Yeah, it’s risky to put all your eggs in one basket, but the Vikes have been pretty good over the last 40 years, yet they got nothing. McNabb’s been pretty good for over a decade, and he’s got nothing.

Yeah, I’ll take my chances with one more year with Favre.

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