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While working on our massive free agency preview, I kept looking into some of these free agents and coming up with teams these guys would be good fits for, so I thought I’d do a quick blog post on some potential landing spots for some of these free agent players. Projecting this stuff can be really difficult, so don’t expect many of these calls to go down as accurate – but it is fun here in late February. Also keep in mind I’m doing these projections off the top of my head based on what I know about the teams, not based on any real inside free agency information out there right now (and there’s not much).

Also keep in mind I’m mainly covering players who are a good bet to move on to another team this offseason.

Chad Pennington – If healthy, he’d be better than all the guys in Cleveland. I’d feel a lot better about the Texan offense if he was their backup, as well. Same thing with the Giants, where he’d be an upgrade over David Carr.

Kellen Clemens – He’d make sense for the Cardinals, who of course will be forced to start Matt Leinart. It’s not inconceivable that, if given a legitimate chance, he could be better than Leinart. I’d give the edge to Leinart mentally, and Clemens physically. Obviously, Leinart would have a major advantage overall should Clemens end up there.

Chester Taylor – He’d clearly be a great fit and short-term solution for the Chargers, who most likely won’t have LT back in 2010. Digging deeper, he’d be helpful for the Redskins, especially if they part ways with Clinton Portis. Digging really deep, he could be a nice player for the Texans, but his versatility wouldn’t be as valuable there with Steve Slaton there. But SD aside, Taylor may be better off staying in Minnesota.

Willie Parker – Since the Chargers will likely need a top back, you have to list San Diego here. You can’t rule out Washington if Portis is shown the door. If he is willing to accept a backup role, he could be a nice backup in Chicago. If the Falcons let Jerious Norwood walk, he could help their offense due to his (albeit diminishing) speed, but that’s a stretch with Jason Snelling there and looking like a viable #2.

Larry Johnson – He probably wants to start, and he’s obviously a bit of a jerk, which should scare some teams off. But he would make sense for the Texans, who continue to look for a “bigger back.” LJ still does have some game left. I don’t think he’s a guy who’s fallen off a cliff like Shaun Alexander did a few years ago. If Parker leaves Pittsburgh, LJ would be a viable backup there as well. And yet again, you have to consider the Redskins.

Darren Sproles – This one’s going to be interesting because based on the ridiculous amount of money he made last year, he might be one of the few key RFAs at RB who does wind up moving on. If so, he could be a good complementary player for the Falcons (if they let Norwood go). He’d make some sense for the Eagles if Brian Westbrook’s not in the mix (although he appears to be in the mix for 2010). Pittsburgh would be interesting. But he’s a really tough call for my purposes here.

Mike Bell – If the Vikes do lose Chester Taylor, then he could be a player to look at as a backup to Adrian Peterson. He doesn’t have Taylor’s versatility, but Peterson’s receiving game improved greatly in 2009. He could help Pittsburgh if Parker goes, too.

Terrell Owens – The Bengals have come up for a reason: their receiving corps stinks. He’d be a nice fit. Once again you have to bring up Baltimore. The Ravens should draft a WR early, but will that guy be able to help them right away? Owens would. Carolina would make some sense. Jacksonville’s a possibility. Miami would make sense as well. And given Wes Welker’s very shaky status for 2010, how interesting would he be in New England teamed with Randy Moss?

Antonio Bryant – As mentioned in his writeup, he just makes a lot of sense to me in Carolina opposite Steve Smith. I like the fit in a lot of ways. He would help the Ravens, that’s for sure. You can’t rule out Buffalo, since T.O. is as good as gone. He’d certainly help the Browns, but he’s been there and gone already in his career. If T.O. is a no-go in Cincy, Bryant would fit there as well. He’d be an upgrade over Bryant Johnson in Detroit, too. Jac, KC, Mia, NE, Was, and Sea could use him as well. Bryant’s appealing because he’s still fairly young and very talented, but won’t likely command a lot of money.

Kevin Walter – He makes sense for the Pats, since he’s a good inside receiver and since Welker’s status for this year is in doubt. He’d make some sense for the Chiefs as well. Denver would make some sense, too. You also can’t rule out a return to the Bengals, where he started his career.

Chris Chambers – Other than returning to the Chiefs, the Patriots could take a look at him, since they need another outside receiver. Cincy could be a decent spot for him, as would Baltimore, Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, and Washington.

Brandon Marshall – He’s restricted, but we could also see him moved in a trade. If so, Baltimore and Miami are the top teams to look at. You can’t rule the Bengals out, since they specialize in problem players. He did play for Mike Shanahan in Washington, and the Redskins desperately need a playmaking receiver with size. Tampa Bay would have nothing at receiver if they let Antonio Bryant go. Seattle could be a viable landing spot. Obviously, Cleveland has next to nothing at the position.

Malcom Floyd – I’ve been talking him up to Chicago for six months now, but since he’ll likely be restricted, and since the Bears found Devin Aromashodu, that doesn’t look all that viable. He’d be a nice #2 opposite Randy Moss in New England. He’d help a lot of teams looking for a #2 or even a #1, such as Mia, Bal, Cin, Car, Buf, Det, KC, Jac, and Cle. But most likely, he’s not going anywhere.

Mark Clayton – If he moves on, I could see him going to a team in dire straights at the position, like the Browns, Panthers, or Bills. KC, Car, Mia, NE, TB, and Was would make some sense.

This could finally be the year in which Ben Watson gets a chance to be a focal point of an offense

Ben Watson – He seems to be as good as gone, and I like him fitting in on the Rams. He needs a chance to be featured, and he could be there. He’d be interesting in Baltimore as well. The Browns could certainly use him. KC could certainly use him and there are some connections there.

Tony Scheffler – He appears to be on his way out as well, and he’d be an interesting “move” guy for a team, but I don’t see a ton of great fits. NE, KC, Jac, Cle, and Bal make some sense. And if I were the Texans and concerned about Owen Daniels’ recovery, I’d look at Scheffler as a nice backup plan.

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  1. MI-5 says:

    T.O. in Baltimore, I just can’t see it. He burned a lot of bridges (including Ray Lewis’) when he refused a trade there from the 49ers and forced his way to Philly. Remember when he score a TD vs. Baltimore after that and did the Ray Lewis “pre-game dance” to a tee.

    Just can’t see it. But he did play in Dallas after disrespecting the “Star” at mid-field; so I guess you never know…

  2. crowbar718 says:

    John any idea what the Jets plan to do at WR? Keep Beaylon, draft a receiver or go after a FA?

  3. crowbar718 says:

    sorry. Braylon.

  4. John Hansen says:

    We covered that extensively in the FA preview, we think the odds are better he sticks.

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