Tashard would be a great Choice for the Chargers

We’re seeing more trades lately in the NFL, and one trade rumor that has already popped up is Cowboy RB Tashard Choice to the Chargers. Let me say right now, that would be a fantastic move for San Diego. Yes, there will be RBs freely available in the draft, but Choice has proven a lot in his two seasons, despite not always playing a lot, or much at all.

The Chargers have a window available to them now, so it would be a little risky for them to put the hopes of their running game in the hands of a rookie. Choice has been in the league for two years, and he’s proven a lot. He’s a fine blocker, a very solid receiver, and while he’s not a stud, he’s a tough and instinctive runner. He’s just a damn good football player, and I love the fit in San Diego. If they Chargers manage to pull off a trade, they can then also draft a back somewhat early to complement Choice and give the team a viable backup (they may not have LT or Darren Sproles).

It would be tough for the Cowboys to move Choice, but he’s not helping them as much as he should be helping them, and with Marion Barber and Felix Jones a nice 1-2 punch and both signed beyond 2010, it makes sense to try to improve their team right now by moving Choice. If I were SD, I’d be willing to give up a 3rd or maybe even a 2nd round draft pick. I’ve said since 2008 that Choice may be just as effective as Barber as guy who touches the ball 13-15 times per game along with Jones.

Cowboy RB Tashard Choice would be a great solution at the RB position for the Chargers

Cowboy RB Tashard Choice would be a great solution at the RB position for the Chargers

Now the rumor of Choice to San Diego included the Chargers giving Dallas CB Antonio Cromartie. I’m not sure I’d do that if I either team. Cromartie is very talented, so it would be a key loss for SD, but he’s also a player who has serious lapses, so I’m in not love with the move for Dallas, either. The Cowboys need to stop trying to bring in these marquee names and focus on building in the draft and with lower-end free agents. One play that sticks in my mind regarding Cromartie was in the AFC Divisional round against the Jets. On RB Shonn Greene’s long TD run, Cromartie had an angle on Greene before he fully got to the second level of the Charger defense, and he just stopped, actually appearing to be unwilling to take on the powerful hit that Greene was going to lay on him. That was an ugly, ugly play. Of course, that play and his shakier coverage the last two years could explain why SD might be willing to give him up.

But the bottom line is the Chargers need a quality back, and Choice is exactly that. And Dallas isn’t fully utilizing what he brings to the table, and it will be tough to fully utilize him as long as Barber and Jones are there. It would make a lot of sense for the Cowboys to get something attractive for him, so Choice’s keeper value could be on the rise – and it could possibly soar.

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  1. JBeau says:

    It would be a smart move for the Chargers, I agree. Dumb move for the Cowboys if they go after Cromartie instead of a higher draft pick…for the reasons you stated. No need for the Cowboys to hold on to Choice when they can build up their team in other areas. Both teams are ready to go/win a SB now. If Cromartie somehow got back to his probowl form, this would be great for both squads.

  2. JBeau says:

    Not to hijack your thread John, but any news or rumors floating around on Miami looking at Boldin, Bryant or Marshall?? or any other WR? We need some help BAD!!

  3. […] trade rumors: With LaDainian Tomlinson apparently out of the picture in San Diego, the Chargers are targeting Cowboys’ running back Tashard Choice. Would be an interesting pick-up from a fantasy perspective. [Fantasy […]

  4. JOOCE says:

    I wonder if the Cowboys would be willing to trade Choice. I think a perfect deal would have to come along.

    Do you think the Chargers would make a play for Chester Taylor?

  5. John Hansen says:

    Chester Taylor would be a really solid short-term solution, but the Vikes do want to try to keep him. Not sure if SD would be willing to pay money for an aged guy like Taylor. I haven’t been following things that closely the last 7 days or so, so I don’t know anything about the Dolphins and a WR but obviously it’s a huge key for them.

  6. Gene Nestro says:

    Why would the Cowboys do this trade? They already have pro-bowl CBs in Newman and Jenkins and Scandrick is up and coming.

  7. John Hansen says:

    Good point, but Newman may be slipping. Moot point anyway, since it’s not going to happen.

  8. Peter says:

    So the Cowboys trade Choice for a 3rd or maybe a 2nd? And then they have to turn around and draft a RB3 in the 4th or even the 3rd … why? Having watched every snap of every game for a loooong time, I’d say they would be crazy to deal Choice for a choice. He’s a really good back. MB3 didn’t look good and was injured. Jones is tremendous but has yet to stay healthy. So you keep a cheap guy on the roster for the games where FJ and/or MB3 are out – who can run like a RB1. And in a couple of years?? He’s getting all of MB3’s current carries. Sometimes the best thing to do is to NOT trade the position of strength.

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