Dr. D checking in on injuries

I received an e-mail with some injury thoughts on some current guys from our Dr. D, our resident physician and fantasy freak. He had some good insight on some of these injured players, so I thought I’d share.

Anthony Gonzalez/Felix Jones – Like with what I said last year about Sidney Rice, the recovery for these injuries is completely variable.  Some athletes start feeling “right” within a few weeks,and others take a very long time to get their proprioception (or position sense) back to normal.  If I had to guess, I would say that Gonzalez would be back to normal sooner than Jones, since Jones’ game is far more likely to be affected by this injury than Gonzalez’.

Willie Parker – I have been down on Parker for a while, and all this injury does is slow him down even more.  From his history, he’ll likely try to practice play through it, which should only exacerbate it, making him slower and less agile.  I doubt PIT will have patience with that.

Frank Gore – Gore’s had a history with his ankle, and his current injury really sucks.  I have no idea what an ankle strain is – we don’t usually refer to any ankle injury as a strain.  It sounds like he sprained ligaments, but he also has a hind foot injury that may be a result of this recent injury or it may be a chronic injury.  I can’t say for sure, but the MRI report sounded bad.  Foot sprains really suck – I would advise any Gore owner to RUN, not walk, to get Coffee, since I would bet Gore is out for longer than any Gore owner would hope.

Kevin Smith – your guess is as good as mine. No clue when the Lions got so tight-lipped.

Kurt Warner – For a guy pulling the trigger on a pass-happy team to have an injury to his throwing arm that might cause weakness in the arm and numbness in the hand…not good.  This is a days-to-weeks kind of injury.

Matt Forte – Watch this one.  The way he got hit is a swell way to injure a medial meniscus or MCL, and his “not feeling natural” on that knee could be from that.  If he were on my team, I wouldn’t be happy, but there’s nothing out there about that.

Laurent Robinson – not a good injury, and I’d bet he’ll need surgery.  He’ll probably recover well enough for next year, since the injury is pretty far away from next season.

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  1. Ariakis says:

    In a dynasty where I don’t own Coffee but in theory have a team that can compete to win now … do I sell Gore for a Moreno type or stand pat and try to ride it out with the CBucks, Maurice Morris’s, and the Garcons of the world?

  2. JM says:

    Thanks for the info. This is really useful.

  3. tom says:

    In regards to the Frank Gore injury, I know Coffee is the guy, but I’ve read nothing about Michael Robinson. Just curious what his value is. How can they have that much faith that the rookie can handle this role single-handedly?

    Also in reference to Kurt Warner, I haven’t seen Leinart on the waiver wire report since the injury. Is he worth stashing at this point?

  4. Curt says:

    John – if you had to guess when Gonzalez would return which would it be? What week would you grab him and stash him on your bench if he’s available on WW?

  5. beaver says:

    Is Andre Brown worth keeping in a dynasty league? Can Rb’s come back from a torn achilles?

  6. Richard Munizza says:

    What is the deal with Wes Welker? Please???

  7. pat says:

    should i pick up mike bell right now?if i need him if i make the playoff?

  8. visigoth says:

    Dr.G, great imfo. Any news about Wes Welker? How bad,and what kind of knee injury does he have? Thanks for any input.

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  10. across says:

    I love John’s blog entries…I wish he’d have them more regularly…

    But I hate that they are available for free via Yahoo (see 7 on 7, above)

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