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I hope you took my advice from two weeks ago in this blog on Mike Sims-Walker. I watched him closely this past weekend, and he looked very good. He runs very good routes, so he gets open, and he comes back to the ball very well. Most importantly, he can run – at least he can compared to their other receivers. He also has very good hands. His QB is quite solid, and there’s very little otherwise at WR for the Jags. Sims-Walker looks like he should be their unquestioned #1 WR. I wanted to push him hard all year, and he was on our players to target list before missing almost all of the summer with an injury, but I’ve been on the bandwagon after that final preseason game, and especially now after his big Week Two

But the more I look at him in this situation, I think he could have a major breakout season. I think his upside is about 70-75 catches for 1100-1200 yards and 7-8 TDs.

Get his ass on your roster now.

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  1. steveo says:

    Please rank these ww picks: Edelman, B Wade,Knox, or Savage? Is Edelman going to the bench when Welker comes back?

  2. Matt says:

    Hey John,

    Thanks for the recommendation, really enjoy this blog.

    How do you see Sims-Walker in relation to other recent WW pickups like Mark Clayton, Steve Smith (NYG) and Laurent Robinson, for example?

    Thanks very much.

  3. Nick says:

    Edelman will play a much smaller role once Welker comes back and will not be fantasy worthy

  4. MarkV says:

    Chad Schilens looked amazing in preseason and Russell looks lost without him. Is Schilens worth a roster spot? Based on your projections above for Sims-Walker, my guess would be ‘no’ but I thought I’d ask. Thx.

  5. steveo says:

    I just wondered why he left Wade off the waiver wire list, and went nuts over Edelman. I would think it would be 1- Knox, 2-Wade, 3-Savage, and 4- Edelman. BTW, I KNEW Schaub was going to be nails. Sometimes, you have to trust your own instincts.

  6. Ariakis says:

    Can you do some sort of analysis for all of the main sleepers emerging and perhaps some suggestions on who to give up on for roster management? For example, if I need immediate help I go for xx and if I need playoff juice I’d target xx higher.

    So Manningham, LRobinson, Edelman, Knox, Sims-Walker, Schilens … how do you rank them? Would you cut guys like Josh Morgan at this point for them?

  7. Baller says:

    Thank you! He’s mine this week.

  8. Don Carlson says:

    John, should I pick up Sims and drop Hester. My other 3 WR’s are Colston, Cal.Johnson and S.Smith (Car)?
    RB’s: MJD, McFadden, Bush (Oak), CBenson, MLynch, DBrown

    thanks, Don

  9. Jason says:


    I currently have Laurent Robinson in one league and Josh Morgan in another. How would you rank these guys with Sims-Walker & Manningham?

  10. Yuke says:

    Love Walker but he gets hurt rolling out of bed.

  11. Larry says:


    In my PPR league, I need to decide on a flex option this week between D.Driver at the Rams, Felix Jones at home on Monday vs. Carolina or Leon Washington at home vs. the Titans. Your thoughts?

  12. John Hansen says:

    I don’t look at the matchups until tonight.

    I will try to address all these concerns in tomorrow’s strategy article, but I would definitely drop Morgan for Walker.

  13. John Hansen says:

    BTW, Wade was in the WW on Monday.

  14. Scott says:

    Please pick 2 in a PPR

    Steve Smith (NYG) Laureent Robinson, Mike Sims-Walker

  15. Hail Skins says:

    Haha, Scott, the title of the blog is “Get Mike Sims-Walker Now”. I think it’s pretty evident who you should pick up.

  16. Jason says:


    WW deadline tonight…Sims-Walker, Bennett or Knox? I was leaning toward one of the bears until I saw this blog. Thanks.

  17. Burton says:

    I’m assuming John likes Sims-Walker over others, Bennett, Knox, Edelman, and Garcon??? Here’s how I rank these:

    1. Sims-Walker since he is probably a #1 WR, according to John (trusting you, John)
    2. Manningham since he is now their #2 guy. I just don’t like that he falls down so easily when he gets touched, but that will change in years to come if he dedicates himself
    3. Garcon since he will likely be involved for a minimum of 4-6 weeks, but likely all year as the second WR
    4. Knox since he will likely be a go-to guy all season long for Cutler, even though his third option
    5. Bennett just because
    6. Edelman since he will likely be replaced by Welker in the coming week/s.

    p.s. S.Smith(NYG) ahead of these guys

    ???Let me know what you guys think???

  18. John Hansen says:

    Steve smith is money, can’t believe he’s avail. Sims-walker after that in ppr.

  19. Curt says:


    Who is the RB that we must grab off WW right now? I’m WR heavy right now. Looking for a RB right now who could put up #2L or #3 numbers by the end of the year.

  20. Jayson says:

    Hey John or others reading this,

    Are you so high on Sims-Walker that you consider dropping Laurent Robinson for him?

    Thanks -

  21. tom brady quinn says:

    sounds familiar…alot like how you were touting colston after week 1 of his rookie year….so im definitley gonna go for it

    im about middle of the pack on waivers…im sure most of the people in front of me will try to be all over manningham so i think i have a shot…i hope knox can fall back to me the second time around

  22. Burton says:

    Jayson, John’s got L.Robinson just ahead of Sims-Walker on the WW list. Don’t know if that is significant enough though, so go with what you think.

  23. Jayson says:

    Thanks Burton, I did see that. I guess I’m wondering if Sims-Walker has a bigger upside then Robinson. It sounds like he probably does?


  24. tom brady quinn says:

    jayson…ill say it again…i dunno if john will acknowledge it…but this reminds me of him telling us to go out and get colston after week 1 a couple years back…he was touting colston in the summer too…but he said if he was still available you had to go get him…luckily after week 1 that year i was #1 on waiver priority….and i ended up putting him in my lineup with chad johnson and larry fitzgerald all year…and very good things followed(i came in 2nd place despite taking shaun alexander #1 and getting virtually nothing and losing a semi productive halfway kevin jones halfway through the year)

    walker might not be that productive(or as productive as colston in his rookie year)..he might be an injury problem….but i think you have absolutely have to get him over a guy like robinson

  25. Mason says:

    Would you consider dropping someone like D. Mason who has started slow despite good passing numbers for the team in general for Sims-Walker who seems to have greater upside? I have Robinson and Harvin as well so its not like I don’t have upside. What do you think?

  26. Jayson says:

    Thanks Tom Brady Quinn, I appreciate your thoughts. I’m definitely excited about Sims-Walker now. I feel that John wouldn’t go out of his way to pump us up about Sims-Walker if he didn’t feel he was special.

    Good luck.

  27. Burton says:

    There seems like 4 or so good WR pick ups this week. I’m going after one or two. I am dropping M.Bell and/or M.Clayton(BAL) to get a couple of these guys. I am keeping D.Mason over M.Clayton since I have both of them. There are always at least one stud WR that comes out of no where, so I am willing to roll the dice in the first couple weeks on a chance at a break out player.

  28. John Hansen says:

    Robinson is a little safer than Walker, his role as the #1 is pretty clear now. Tough week for decisions on the WW. I don’t have all the answers but all these guys look good: Robinson, MSW, Manningham, Knox. You can make a case for all 4. Robinson has done it 2 weeks in a row now.

  29. Burton says:

    Adam C. stated on radio show tonight he feels L.Robinson is safer than Sims-Walker. He wasn’t as hot on Knox. They said you have to keep a guy like Mason over these guys. They were hot on Sims-Walker though if he stays healthy, so go get him.

  30. Eddie says:


    In desperate need of WR help

    1 pt for 10 yards
    5 pt bonus for 100+ yards.

    No PPR.

    I have first Waiver Wire pick this week.

    Sims-Walker or Manningham?

    Thanks and Great Job!

  31. a says:

    Drop Laveraneus Coles for MSW?

  32. Fred says:

    for Sims-Walker I would have to drop one of the following: P Manning, D Garrard, B Westbrook, L Washington, Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, Reggie Bush, McGahee, TJ Housh, DeSean Jackson, D Bowe, or L Tynes. Anyone jump out at ya?

  33. vixen says:

    robinson, sims walker and manningham are all available in my league
    ppr, 1/10
    what is the order i should be trying to get them, have request in for manningham but have a little time to change it. i am dropping henry
    i could also drop mason or walter and get one of the other ones (or drop anthony g)
    this is a tough yr so far (but you called that ahead of time too)

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  35. Fightin' Amish says:

    You were big on m. moore too (last week) and he didn’t do much week two. Are you still big on him? I dropped him to pick up l. mccoy when westbrook went down. I don’t much care for mccoy but I am dangling him in a trade with the westbrook owner now and trying to get p. thomas for him. Long shot but ya never know. If it doesn’t work out in the trade should I keep mccoy or do you still think moore is the better choice?

  36. Burton says:

    john’s Hansen on Strategy article provides great advise on these sort of WW decisions

  37. Mike says:

    who would you start as your #2 this week?

    Laurent Robinson
    Sims- Walker
    Eddie Royal
    Mark Clayton

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  39. […] spent $36 on Walker in the Yahoo! Friends and Family League (that’s out of $100, gamers). [Fantasy Guru, F&F […]

  40. JP says:

    Manningham went this week on our WW. I had him as my #1 option then got both Robinson and Walker off waivers. Dropped Earl Bennett and Louis Murphy. My other WR’s are Calvin and DJax.

  41. JP says:


    If James Davis is available go get him now as Lewis could miss time and is old and slow. On one of my teams I have Moreno, Slaton, McCoy, Felix, and Bradshaw so I dropped him week 1. I could have gotten him back but instead helped a family member because he could use the help. Slaton is killing me so maybe I should have gotten Davis. Either way that’s who I’d suggest if he’s available on your ww.

  42. Erok says:

    Great now I will lose my bids this week for him, because the moronic masses will follow this advice with total disregard to value & overpay for him spending $850 or more to pick him up.

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  44. Mike says:

    JP — what about Jarome Harrison? why is James Davis better to have on the roster? he hardly gets touches…

  45. Adam says:


    I’ve got Calvin Johnson and Ochocinco as my starting WRs. Just picked up Knox and Sims-Walker is still available. I’m thinking of dumping Eddie Royal for the upside of Knox and Sims-Walker – one of them has got to work out and Royal is not doing much. Thoughts?

  46. Guy says:

    Hi John hate to highjack this thread but … Do I really start Garrard over Palmer and Roethlesberger?

  47. Ariakis says:

    In my WCOFF format league someone bid $43 and won Knox and MSW spending $86 of their $100 budget.

  48. John Hansen says:

    Guys, you should all call into the radio show Thursday nights from 7-8 pm ET. I started this just for this reasons, so people could ask me these questions, yet we’re not getting many calls. I can’t answer all these questions.


  50. Jay Mac says:

    Hi John…

    Would you recommend dropping Holt for Walker?


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