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Excuse me for not posting here; it’s been a brutal week. This week is easily my least favorite of the year, but it’s almost over and soon we’ll settle into a routine and things will be more manageable.

Anyways, I wanted to chime in here quickly on Steeler RB Mewelde Moore. As you likely know, he was on the field exclusively late in their game Thursday night. That was revealing, and starter Willie Parker did not look good at all. As for Rashard Mendenhall, the team may have told us what they think of him by not playing him much in the opener. I still think he will have a large role if Parker is out of the mix – and that’s the only reason we kept him on our target list this summer (but we did downgrade him because he continued to leave us wanting more when he played).

The Steeler line is not blocking for the run well, in fact they were terrible in the opener. If they have designs on being a passing team, which they may not have much of a choice to, then Moore should have a very large role. He’s a good blocker, and he’s a damn good receiver. I think he has a big fan in head coach Mike Tomlin, so especially in a PPR league, Moore could actually be the RB pickup of the week.

Also, some quick thoughts

  • I hope you guys picked up on the Percy Harvin love late and got him because the Bobby Wade release is huge for him and it tells us all we need to know about Harvin: they have huge plans for him. I’ve been targeting him in all my leagues since that third preseason game two weeks ago. I got him as my #3 in the PPR, 14-team NFFC league.
  • I just picked up Ram WR Laurent Robinson in the few leagues. I think he’s going to be quite solid.
  • I also picked up WR Hakeem Nicks. I liked Domenik Hixon a month ago, but I did say his margin of error was small. I think Nicks closed the gap between him and Hixon. I like Nicks’ upside over Hixon’s, even though Hixon will still get that key chance to start and show what he can do.
  • In deeper PPR leagues, I’d like grab Mike Sims-Walker now. They want him to be their starter, and they need him to be their starter. They can’t rely on Troy Williamson.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hey John,

    What is up w/ the Fantasy Fix TV show this season? I have it scheduled to record from last season and cannot find it anywhere. Canceled?

    Let me know the deal.


  2. Mike says:

    Guru subscriber and an avid listener to Blog Talk and Sirius programs.

    Just had my high stakes money league draft. 12 team, PPR league. You can start a third RB at your Flex spot.

    I was drafting out of the 10th spot.

    I heard the Guru’s voice in my head at several spots in the draft

    Steven Jackson slipped to me and had to take him over the non-Fitz WRs… and got Westbrook at 15. I am bit concerned about my WR Corps.

    Ended up with in this order:

    1. S-Jax
    2. B-West
    3. V-Jax
    4. Kevin Smith
    5. E. Royal
    6. B. Edwards
    7. C. Palmer
    8. Felix Jones
    9. Hasselbeck
    10. Shiancoe
    11. J. Finley
    12. Burelson
    13. Scheffler

    I would appreciate some thoughts on my overall draft and a few of my tough decisions.

    I the 3rd Round I took Vincent Jackson over TO and Houshmandzadeh?

    In the 4th Round I took Kevin Smith instead of Chad Johnson.

    Biggest gamble I took was Felix Jones in the 8th Round instead of John Carlson as my first TE. I did the math and I thought for sure I would have gotten either Carlson, Keller, Daniels in Round 9, but for some reason two teams took backup TEs before I got a chance to take Shiancoe in Round 9.

    Should I add Laurent Robinson for Burelson or one of my TEs…

    Is carrying a third TE a waste of a roster spot? Not sure which one will emerge as my number one TE.

    Thanks for any input…


  3. strikeforce says:

    i listened , got p harven in the 16th round and felx jones in the 8th,
    thanks for the info,
    now i got avery in the 15th so to me a sgood vaule , so i no WR Laurent Robinson is a good pick p but not over avery is he ?

  4. Hit The Hole says:


    I dunno- I really like your draft. Solid up and down. Great upside with Shiancoe and Finley. Get rid of Sheffler and pick up another WR like Robinson or Nicks. You can always drop Burleson after a couple of weeks if you see someone else emerge. Good Luck.

    As to Harvin, I usually do not jump on the rookie WR bandwagon and I especially don’t reach for them. Consequently, I missed out on him in my 3 leagues and am regretting it already. Had I only known that a solid, steady, yet unspectacular guy like Wade was going to be released, I’d have picked him up in a minute!

  5. John Hansen says:

    Solid team, yeah, I would drop Tony S for Robinson asap.

    Comcast is not going Fantasy Fix this year, and I’m totally fine with it. I never had the time in the first place.

  6. I have a dilema,in my league there’s 1rb,2wr and 1 flex. Have D.Williams as #1 rb,then L.Johnson,T.Hightower and C.Buckhalter as my other options for a flex or I have my wr’s (need two) I’m starting R.Moss and maybe V.Jackson,also have W.Welker,C.Henry,K.Walter.Wondering if I should start 3 wr’s or is it better to go rb as a flex ? Thanks

  7. BritPat says:

    Hi John – would you start Robinson this weekend? I’ve recently taken over a Keeper team that’s in dire need of some TLC, and I’m looking for any kind of advantage – I can start three WR’s, and the three I currently have pencilled in are Lance Moore, Eddie Roal, and Steve Breaston. Would you start him over any of those?

  8. Mike says:

    A RB at flex only makes sense if they are clearly a better overall player than the WR…

    I would go Williams, Hightower, Moss, V-Jax, and Welker

    Any chance you can add a Fred Jackson or Mike Bell to start at RB2?

  9. Erok says:

    Why is it now Mike Sims- Walker???

  10. markinsand says:

    You give us advice on who to pick up, how about advise on who we should cut? One problem I have is jumping the gun and cutting the guy who I should have hung onto.

    If you could provide a simple list of ‘cuttable’ players (not the obvoius ones of course) that would help!

  11. markinsand says:

    for example would I cut one of these players for Moore:

    Bush, Michael

    Bennett, Earl

    Robinson, Laurent

  12. […] John Hansen offers a strong Mewelde Moore(notes) endorsement: "If [the Steelers] have designs on being a passing team, which they may not have much of a choice to, then Moore should have a very large role." You’ll note that Moore is about to face a Chicago defense that will be without Urlacher and likely Pisa Tinoisamoa(notes) (PCL). [Fantasy Guru] […]

  13. Bruce says:

    Is there any way we can protest to comcast to bring back Fantasy Fix? I loved that show.

  14. Mike says:

    should i be worried about eddie royal? he is my WR2.

    I have:
    Reggie Wayne WR1
    Royal WR2

    Chris Henry
    Laurent Robinson

    Think i should pick up someone on waivers?

    getting nervous and not too many options out there in our league.


  15. Darren says:

    My team is having a tough time in wr. I used in week 1 Roddy White, Vincent Jackson,and Lance Moore. On my reseve I have Percy Harvin,and Patrick Crayton. Vincent Jackson was a bust for me. Right beofre the game I almost swapped out Moore for Harvin(should of listened to you). Of those 5 what 3 should I play this week? Thanks

  16. chris says:

    I have olsen for TE should I drop him or dominick hixon for shockey or celeck? thanks

  17. markinsand says:

    don’t drop Olsen

  18. Darren says:

    Just updating what i posted. I’ve dumped Lane Moore and hopefully picking up Mike Clayton. So now what 3 should I start. M Clayton, V Jackson, Roddy White, P Crayton, or Harvin.


  19. ClemSnyde says:

    Darren, you got to go with “rowdy” Roddy W.

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