My picks for 2009

We’re doing a little poll thing among the staff members for the upcoming season, and we should have it up tomorrow. But in the meantime, here are my picks as well as my 2009 Power Rankings, something we will update for the staff weekly this year. We’ll also be putting out staff picks for each game each week as well.

AFC East Champ – New England
AFC North Champ – Pittsburgh
AFC South Champ – Tennessee
AFC West Champ – San Diego
Wild Cards – Baltimore, Indianapolis

NFC East Champ – New York Giants
NFC North Champ – Minnesota
NFC South Champ – New Orleans
NFC West Champ – Arizona
Wild Cards – Atlanta, Green Bay

Super Bowl Pick:
Steelers 20 Vikings 17

Value QB of the year – Jay Cutler
Value RB of the year – Felix Jones
Value WR of the year – Vincent Jackson
Value TE of the year – John Carlson

Sleeper QB of the year – Matthew Stafford (put this out before he was named starter)
Sleeper RB of the year – Michael Bush
Sleeper WR of the year – Percy Harvin
Sleeper TE of the year – Visanthe Shiancoe

Bust QB of the Year – Tony Romo
Bust RB of the Year – Larry Johnson
Bust WR of the Year – Antonio Bryant
Bust TE of the Year – Kellen Winslow

Power Rankings

4 NE
5 SD
10 GB
11 BAL
12 NO
13 CHI
14 ARI
15 CAR
16 DAL
17 NYJ
18 MIA
19 HOU
20 WAS
21 SEA
22 JAC
23 CIN
24 SF
25 BUF
26 DEN
27 DET
28 STL
29 CLE
30 KC
31 TB
32 OAK

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18 Responses

  1. Hit The Hole says:

    nice job- not much that I can greatly disagree with there

  2. Idiot Savant says:

    Okay John, I’ll trust V Jax as my #2 WR…you have him listed at the value pick at WR for crying out loud and I’ve been claiming you’ve been reaching…either you have a Galactic Man Crush on my teams lead WR…or I’ve become like the Boston Red Sox fan who sees bad news round the corner for my favorite team.

    I do have Rivers, Gates ranked highly and have more admiration for Chambers than I think the staff does…but I trust your judgement and have ALWAYS thought VJAX was a good player…capable of being a top guy (if in the right situation.)

  3. Scott says:

    In a 10 team PPR. Would you rather have Michael Bush or James Davis as your 6th RB?

  4. reifnir says:

    Not much love for the AFC Champ game losers. They were only a couple of plays worse than the best team in football last year. X)

  5. Doug says:


    I would disagree with Tony Romo as a bust this year. With Felix, T.Choice, and M.Barber all three can catch the pass. You couple that with two capable tightends and the possibility that Roy Williams catches 60-70 balls this year, I think Tony Romo could easily surprise. You also should factor into the equation no Jessica which doesnt matter in real life, but the way stories play out in the NFL I can see him being better in some strange way and people continuing to point to that.

    Not to mention no T.O.

    Of course I could be wrong. But I think your bust is going to be Kurt Warner who will finally get hurt again.

    I see plenty of weapons for Tony Romo if he stays healthy plus he has always seemed to have some game.



  6. Ash says:

    Not feeling your hometown Eagles huh John? Even with all the bad vibes (especially on D)and the Vick circus distraction, I think they could sneak in as a WC.

  7. Ash says:

    Doug, I agree on Warner… avoided him like the plague this year, but I think John is right on with Romo. No TO may not be the best thing for Romo, and we will have to see if Williams can step up and be a number 1, I have serious doubts. If not Barber and Jones will have eight men in their face all year, and Witten will be blocking a lot more than we all would like.

  8. JB says:

    I like pretty much a lot of the picks and have most of the guys in 3 leagues or so. I think Santana Moss is in for a huge year (top 10-15 #s) and therefore IMO is the value WR of 2009.

  9. JR says:

    So much love for my Giants with no standout WR? Is Nicks someone who I should reach for as a late round #3 or would it be safer to pick an established WR (Lance Moore or Patrick Crayton)? Eli has to throw to someone.

  10. Terry says:

    My third year on this site and this years team is:
    Schaub Calvin J.
    Cutler Roddy White
    B. Jacobs Vincent Jackson
    Kevin Smith D. Clark
    Felix Jones Hous. K
    A. Bradshaw NYG D
    Michael Bush
    James Davis

    I am excited to get this team out on the field and see how it performs. Thanks.

  11. Jason says:

    I’d say that Warner will be a bigger bust than Romo, if nothing more than his age, injury history and the Curse of the Super Bowl Losers.

  12. John Hansen says:

    I like Nicks’ upside. Him and Harvin I am feeling, especially Harvin.

  13. redskincow says:

    Who is a better backup in a 14 team league?




    (Schaub is my starting QB)


  14. kal says:

    John, i can’t say i disagree with any of your picks for the conference winners and wildcards as they’re pretty much all the preseason fav’s. Not exactly going out on a limb with those picks, but i guess we just can’t see any other teams making the playoffs/wildcard.


    I’d say Stafford has better upside. I don’t see Favre putting up good #s this season as i think he’ll be asked to just manage the game with their running game sort of like Collins with the Titans. Plus, Stafford has Megatron on his side.

  15. austin says:

    I love the player picks and all the divisional winners with the acception of the NFC West. I think Seattle bounces back and wins that devision this year.

    John any thoughts on Butler the 3rd round pick out of Penn St.? He looks legit this preseason and is a lot more polished than I thought coming out of college. Might sneak into the #2-#3 WR in Seattle which would make him a nice sleeper option as they should be throwing the ball a ton with a medicore running game.

  16. Ariakis says:

    I’m not sure you can predict Felix and Witten to be strong and MB3 to be a good RB2 without Romo having success. He may not have a stud WR but he has a possession offense perhaps closer to what Roeths has done than that of a high flying pass first offense. Not a bust but unlikely to be top 5. If Felix is the key to most draft plans then their offense HAS to be working.

  17. Edward says:

    A couple of things here:

    Of course, I’m a big Cutler detractor. But I do think WR Bennett is going to be a steal this year, as he is: 1. Cutlers boy 2. I like Devin Hester, but he hasn’t proven yet he is a WR. He has super zuzu, like Desmond Howard, but whether he can make it as a WR remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Bennett is going to have to have his head on a swivel this year, from the balls flying his way.

    As a Lions fan, (albeit a dead one:), I like the new HC (and former DC) Swartz. Their defense is going to take more than a year to turn around, but I feel they are headed in the right direction. Their offense is OK already.

  18. Tim says:

    Guarantee your wrong about the bust QB of the year, in fact you have always rated him way too low this year, he will be the steal QB of the year, as most drafts allowed me to draft him in the 3rd round and one time in the 4th. he will be in the top 3 QB scorers for the year, watch my words. He’s already got 2nd most points for a qb (only Brees beat him out) in week 1 and it won’t stop there.

    Romo has thrown more touchdowns in the last two years than EVERY quarterback in the year – FACT. It won’t stop without TO as you have already seen week 1.

    Get off the anti Romo wagon and pay attention to facts, you’ll see the truth. As will all the other Romo haters.

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