Facebook Fantasy Draft from 9/1

As my head continues to swim this week, I had another draft last night, this one the “official” expert draft for Facebook. Yes, I know I make excuses about always being distracted during my drafts, but this one was indisputable: I did this draft online while hosting a national radio show, Sirius Fantasy Football (our first Tuesday night, no less), on Sirius NFL radio while putting callers on the air and interviewing Felix Jones nonetheless.

So I didn’t maximize value and the draft, yet while this was actually a pretty tough draft (facebook tried to get the top heavy hitters), I think my team is solid. It’s a 12-team NON PPR. You can only start 2 RBs and 2 WRs plus a flex (as opposed to 2 RBs, 3 WRs, and a flex). So I finally got a TE early. I didn’t pay a dear price, but my RBs are a little weak. But overall, pretty good team all things considering.

One other note: I found last year that there were a lot of good options on the WW in this league, so I decided to grab my DT earlier than I have, to create the best starting lineup possible. I think this is pretty solid:

QB: Kurt Warner
RB: Frank Gore
RB: LenDale White (no-ppr)
WR: Andre Johnson
WR: Vincent Jackson
Flex: Eddie Royal or Fred Jackson
TE: Jason Witten
PK: David Akers
DT: Minnesota (feeling this defense this year big time).

Here’s the draft.

Round 1
1.    Adrian Peterson    RB    MIN     Secret Treasure Loaf
2.    LaDainian Tomlinson    RB    SD     KFFL.com
3.    Maurice Jones-Drew    RB    JAC     Fanball.com
4.    Matt Forte    RB    CHI     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
5.    Michael Turner    RB    ATL     Yahoo! Fun-house
6.    Steve Slaton    RB    HOU     Vice Crew
7.    DeAngelo Williams    RB    CAR     The Unflappable Livers
8.    Steven Jackson    RB    STL     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
9.    Larry Fitzgerald    WR    ARI     Ickey Shuffle
10.    Frank Gore    RB    SF     FantasyGuru.com
11.    Randy Moss    WR    NE     Fantasy Focus 06010
12.    Chris Johnson    RB    TEN     The Defenestrators

Round 2
1.    Calvin Johnson    WR    DET     The Defenestrators
2.    Clinton Portis    RB    WAS     Fantasy Focus 06010
3.    Andre Johnson    WR    HOU     FantasyGuru.com
4.    Brian Westbrook    RB    PHI     Ickey Shuffle
5.    Brandon Jacobs    RB    NYG     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
6.    Roddy White    WR    ATL     The Unflappable Livers
7.    Kevin Smith    RB    DET     Vice Crew
8.    Steve Smith    WR    CAR     Yahoo! Fun-house
9.    Reggie Wayne    WR    IND     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
10.    Marion Barber    RB    DAL     Fanball.com
11.    Greg Jennings    WR    GB     KFFL.com
12.    Pierre Thomas    RB    NO     Secret Treasure Loaf

Round 3
1.    Marques Colston    WR    NO     Secret Treasure Loaf
2.    Ryan Grant    RB    GB     KFFL.com
3.    Drew Brees    QB    NO     Fanball.com
4.    Anquan Boldin    WR    ARI     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
5.    Ronnie Brown    RB    MIA     Yahoo! Fun-house
6.    Wes Welker    WR    NE     Vice Crew
7.    Tom Brady    QB    NE     The Unflappable Livers
8.    Knowshon Moreno    RB    DEN     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
9.    Dwayne Bowe    WR    KC     Ickey Shuffle
10.    Vincent Jackson    WR    SD     FantasyGuru.com
11.    T.J. Houshmandzadeh    WR    SEA     Fantasy Focus 06010
12.    Braylon Edwards    WR    CLE     The Defenestrators

Round 4
1.    Antonio Gates    TE    SD     The Defenestrators
2.    Aaron Rodgers    QB    GB     Fantasy Focus 06010
3.    Jason Witten    TE    DAL     FantasyGuru.com
4.    Peyton Manning    QB    IND     Ickey Shuffle
5.    Chad Ochocinco    WR    CIN     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
6.    Thomas Jones    RB    NYJ     The Unflappable Livers
7.    Philip Rivers    QB    SD     Vice Crew
8.    DeSean Jackson    WR    PHI     Yahoo! Fun-house
9.    Joseph Addai    RB    IND     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
10.    Darren McFadden    RB    OAK     Fanball.com
11.    Tony Romo    QB    DAL     KFFL.com
12.    Ray Rice    RB    BAL     Secret Treasure Loaf

Round 5
1.    Terrell Owens    WR    BUF     Secret Treasure Loaf
2.    Larry Johnson    RB    KC     KFFL.com
3.    Anthony Gonzalez    WR    IND     Fanball.com
4.    Beanie Wells    RB    ARI     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
5.    Felix Jones    RB    DAL     Yahoo! Fun-house
6.    Tony Gonzalez    TE    ATL     Vice Crew
7.    Marshawn Lynch    RB    BUF     The Unflappable Livers
8.    Dallas Clark    TE    IND     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
9.    Reggie Bush    RB    NO     Ickey Shuffle
10.    LenDale White    RB    TEN     FantasyGuru.com
11.    Willie Parker    RB    PIT     Fantasy Focus 06010
12.    Roy Williams    WR    DAL     The Defenestrators

Round 6
1.    Derrick Ward    RB    TB     The Defenestrators
2.    Brandon Marshall    WR    DEN     Fantasy Focus 06010
3.    Eddie Royal    WR    DEN     FantasyGuru.com
4.    Santonio Holmes    WR    PIT     Ickey Shuffle
5.    Donald Driver    WR    GB     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
6.    Bernard Berrian    WR    MIN     The Unflappable Livers
7.    Lee Evans    WR    BUF     Vice Crew
8.    Antonio Bryant    WR    TB     Yahoo! Fun-house
9.    Donald Brown    RB    IND     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
10.    Jonathan Stewart    RB    CAR     Fanball.com
11.    Chris Cooley    TE    WAS     KFFL.com
12.    Donovan McNabb    QB    PHI     Secret Treasure Loaf

Round 7
1.    Leon Washington    RB    NYJ     Secret Treasure Loaf
2.    Santana Moss    WR    WAS     KFFL.com
3.    Donnie Avery    WR    STL     Fanball.com
4.    Hines Ward    WR    PIT     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
5.    Greg Olsen    TE    CHI     Yahoo! Fun-house
6.    Cedric Benson    RB    CIN     Vice Crew
7.    Owen Daniels    TE    HOU     The Unflappable Livers
8.    Julius Jones    RB    SEA     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
9.    Jamal Lewis    RB    CLE     Ickey Shuffle
10.    Kurt Warner    QB    ARI     FantasyGuru.com
11.    Darren Sproles    RB    SD     Fantasy Focus 06010
12.    Matt Schaub    QB    HOU     The Defenestrators

Round 8
1.    Jay Cutler    QB    CHI     The Defenestrators
2.    Ahmad Bradshaw    RB    NYG     Fantasy Focus 06010
3.    Fred Jackson    RB    BUF     FantasyGuru.com
4.    Lance Moore    WR    NO     Ickey Shuffle
5.    Ben Roethlisberger    QB    PIT     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
6.    Jerricho Cotchery    WR    NYJ     The Unflappable Livers
7.    Laveranues Coles    WR    CIN     Vice Crew
8.    Matt Ryan    QB    ATL     Yahoo! Fun-house
9.    Kevin Walter    WR    HOU     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
10.    Kellen Winslow    TE    TB     Fanball.com
11.    Derrick Mason    WR    BAL     KFFL.com
12.    Devin Hester    WR    CHI     Secret Treasure Loaf

Round 9
1.    Chester Taylor    RB    MIN     Secret Treasure Loaf
2.    Carson Palmer    QB    CIN     KFFL.com
3.    Ted Ginn Jr.    WR    MIA     Fanball.com
4.    John Carlson    TE    SEA     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
5.    Chris Henry    WR    CIN     Yahoo! Fun-house
6.    Percy Harvin    WR    MIN     Vice Crew
7.    LeSean McCoy    RB    PHI     The Unflappable Livers
8.    Earl Bennett    WR    CHI     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
9.    Rashard Mendenhall    RB    PIT     Ickey Shuffle
10.    Torry Holt    WR    JAC     FantasyGuru.com
11.    Steve Breaston    WR    ARI     Fantasy Focus 06010
12.    James Davis    RB    CLE     The Defenestrators

Round 10
1.    Michael Bush    RB    OAK     The Defenestrators
2.    Josh Morgan    WR    SF     Fantasy Focus 06010
3.    Willis McGahee    RB    BAL     FantasyGuru.com
4.    Jermichael Finley    TE    GB     Ickey Shuffle
5.    Justin Gage    WR    TEN     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
6.    Nate Washington    WR    TEN     The Unflappable Livers
7.    Tim Hightower    RB    ARI     Vice Crew
8.    Jamaal Charles    RB    KC     Yahoo! Fun-house
9.    Matt Hasselbeck    QB    SEA     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
10.    David Garrard    QB    JAC     Fanball.com
11.    Fred Taylor    RB    NE     KFFL.com
12.    Visanthe Shiancoe    TE    MIN     Secret Treasure Loaf

Round 11
1.    Baltimore Ravens    DEF    BAL     Secret Treasure Loaf
2.    Robert Meachem    WR    NO     KFFL.com
3.    Pittsburgh Steelers    DEF    PIT     Fanball.com
4.    Eli Manning    QB    NYG     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
5.    Jerious Norwood    RB    ATL     Yahoo! Fun-house
6.    Michael Jenkins    WR    ATL     Vice Crew
7.    Glen Coffee    RB    SF     The Unflappable Livers
8.    Bernard Scott    RB    CIN     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
9.    Correll Buckhalter    RB    DEN     Ickey Shuffle
10.    Minnesota Vikings    DEF    MIN     FantasyGuru.com
11.    Ladell Betts    RB    WAS     Fantasy Focus 06010
12.    New York Giants    DEF    NYG     The Defenestrators

Round 12
1.    Dustin Keller    TE    NYJ     The Defenestrators
2.    Zach Miller    TE    OAK     Fantasy Focus 06010
3.    Earnest Graham    RB    TB     FantasyGuru.com
4.    Laurence Maroney    RB    NE     Ickey Shuffle
5.    Kelley Washington    WR    BAL     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
6.    Shonn Greene    RB    NYJ     The Unflappable Livers
7.    Steve Smith    WR    NYG     Vice Crew
8.    Brett Favre    QB    MIN     Yahoo! Fun-house
9.    San Diego Chargers    DEF    SD     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
10.    Domenik Hixon    WR    NYG     Fanball.com
11.    Carnell Williams    RB    TB     KFFL.com
12.    Patrick Crayton    WR    DAL     Secret Treasure Loaf

Round 13
1.    Trent Edwards    QB    BUF     Secret Treasure Loaf
2.    Chicago Bears    DEF    CHI     KFFL.com
3.    Stephen Gostkowski    K    NE     Fanball.com
4.    Rob Bironas    K    TEN     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
5.    Tennessee Titans    DEF    TEN     Yahoo! Fun-house
6.    Jason Elam    K    ATL     Vice Crew
7.    New England Patriots    DEF    NE     The Unflappable Livers
8.    Green Bay Packers    DEF    GB     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
9.    New York Jets    DEF    NYJ     Ickey Shuffle
10.    Ricky Williams    RB    MIA     FantasyGuru.com
11.    Philadelphia Eagles    DEF    PHI     Fantasy Focus 06010
12.    Nate Kaeding    K    SD     The Defenestrators

Round 14
1.    Michael Crabtree    WR    SF     The Defenestrators
2.    Mason Crosby    K    GB     Fantasy Focus 06010
3.    David Akers    K    PHI     FantasyGuru.com
4.    Kris Brown    K    HOU     Ickey Shuffle
5.    Chris Brown    RB    HOU     Tigers That Like Cinnamon
6.    Ryan Longwell    K    MIN     The Unflappable Livers
7.    Dallas Cowboys    DEF    DAL     Vice Crew
8.    Nick Folk    K    DAL     Yahoo! Fun-house
9.    Sidney Rice    WR    MIN     Count Chocula’s Henchmen
10.    Jeremy Shockey    TE    NO     Fanball.com
11.    Robbie Gould    K    CHI     KFFL.com
12.    Garrett Hartley    K    NO     Secret Treasure Loaf

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17 Responses

  1. tom brady quinn says:

    wow…braylon going a little higher than i would have expected to see…i agree with john though…he is mostly being undervalued and could be a great bargain…im drafting tomorrow in my big money league(we start a mandatory 3 rbs)…im loving grant in the 3rd round(reminds me of when i took t jones in the 3rd last year…lotta of looks like “you reached”….we also had portis, chris johnson, and slaton…cj and slaton on the word of the guru!)…the offense looks great…and you just get the vibe that its going to be easy going/flowing for grant

  2. tom brady quinn says:

    oh by the way john…thought u werent feeling witten?

  3. jbeau aka Phish fan do or die says:

    Not bad, not great. Can tell you were distracted some. 1st 3 weeks, you can get away with Freddy obviously, and by then who knows how things shake out. Warner stays healthy and Willis gets his gig back, this team will be fine.

  4. Law Firm says:

    I just grabbed DWill in a PPR league in the 11 spot, so to see him go at #7, gives me some instant good mojo. Wow! To Get AJ AFTER Calvin is money. I got Calvin in the 2nd round of the aforementioned PPR draft, and was thrilled. Would be giddy to get AJ. Good call on Witten with Roy W on the gimp. May have passed on Warner for Cutler, just don’t have a good feeling about his health. Might want to stash away Leinart just in case.

    I think I would have passed on Graham though, the whole TB running game situation gives me agita. Oi!

  5. bob shu says:

    Hey “VICE CREW”, please join our league next year,,LOL

  6. eric says:

    Pretty good team John! It looks like everyone is on the James Davis bandwagon. He really was selected in round 9!!???? Looks like you may have another “internet icon”, or maybe he’s this year’s Steve Slaton and by middle of the season he’s the starter getting the majority of the reps. I’d just have to think though that the Browns will be throwing a whole lot this year and don’t have the downfield threats that the Texans had last year to give Slaton the opportunities he got. I also got McGahee in round 10 of my ppr keeper league draft, Felix Jones in round 5, Devin Hester in round 6, and Steven Smith in round 12! All these guys I think will play MAJOR roles this year and have major fantasy value (even on my bench).

  7. eric says:

    Also got Ahmad Bradshaw in round 9!

  8. Luke says:


    Two things stuck out at first glance: You took Gore over Chris Johnson, Portis, Jacobs, and Steve Slaton, all guys ranked higher in the Guru mag. Does this say more about a change in your feelings about Gore or about the others? The second observation also concerns Johnson and Slaton. I consider them to be pretty similar overall, but they seem to move around quite a bit in drafts, anywhere from 5 to mid-2nd round. Usually Johnson is a ahead of Slaton, but this draft seemed unusual for Slaton going very high and Johnson nearly falling out of the first round. What’s your current take on these two, and how much does scoring system impact their respective values?


  9. Burton says:

    1. 4th Round, Witten before Manning? I even like T.Jones(NYJ) here as your 2nd RB, although you did fine with L.White in the 5th. Most of my thoughts stem from fear of Warner.
    2. I know E.Graham is getting drafted and will see time in any scenario in TB, but I can’t bring myself to draft him in any round.

  10. Ash says:

    Rd 1 – Think I would have had to go with Johnson over Gore

    Rd 2 – love the pick, was in a similar situation and took AJ over Steve Smith and thought I made a mistake. Made me feel good to see you make the same pick.

    Rds 3 & 4 – if WR/TE was the plan, I would have to take Gates in 3rd, I think VJ would have still been there in 4th if he was you’re target, but personally would have gone with Ocho or DeSean in that spot.

    Rd 5 – perfect

    Love Ricky Williams that late

  11. healthpellets says:

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned VJax going in Round 3. I mean, I like him and all but that’s the highest I’ve seen him go.

  12. Chris says:

    Hey John,

    I need a little expert help. I am going to draft a 12 team PPR league in a couple of days and I have the 4th pick. I think AP, Jones-Drew, and Forte will be gone. If they all are gone, who would you take, or If one was still there, would you take him. The team starting lineup is QB, RB,RB,WR,WR,WR,TE,K,D.

    Hate to bother you, but this is my Big Money league and would love to win.

    Also, who would you be looking at in the 2,3,4,5 rds.

    P.S Big Fan of yours.

  13. Idiot Savant says:

    I agree with HP…VJax is getting LOTS of love for a guy on a team that had the ball for fewer minutes than most any in the league, and has a healthy, Gates, LT, Chambers and even Floyd in the Redzone and Sproles as super sub get the ball.

    VJax is a talent and on another team, he might be top 10…but on this team…MUCH lower I’m guessing. Rivers had the most efficient 34 TD season…I can’t imagine him being THAT efficient again…but John, you are consistent…you’ve liked him all preseason.

  14. Ash says:

    HP (& I.S.)- I actually did make that point on VJ. I think if you’re in love with VJ you probably don’t need to reach in round 3 to get him, he should still be there in round 4 or maybe even early 5.

  15. rattman says:

    I’ve been hearing about Vincent Jackson’s breakout year for 3 years now. I understand he is talented and appears to be getting better, but here is what I cannot wrap my head around…

    I’m not sure there is ANY team that has to feed more mouths that San Diego. It was already a tough sell BEFORE Sproles got franchised with multi-millions. Not to mention you have one of the elite TE’s that commands the ball, which isn’t the case on MOST teams. Add in LT who not only has something to prove, but appears VERY MUCH like he’s EXPECTING his chance to do it healthy. Add in Chris Chambers in a contract year along with the other talent at WR and the math just doesn’t add up for me.

    I think if anyone is interested in VJ (or this offense in general), they ought to look seriously at just drafting Phillip Rivers who will reap the rewards from everyone he gets the ball to. (In my humble opinion). I just don’t see VJ having the ability (given the players around him) to produce better than a #3 MOST weeks…and it’s no indictment on his talent.
    How much would MJD have produced without Fred around? CJ without Lendale? There are only so many plays in a game and when you have a bunch of superstars on your team…they demand the ball.

  16. John Hansen says:

    Chris, at that point I’d like at DeAngelo (upside) or Turner (safe). Those should be your guys, really.

    I’d have to chalk Gore over Johnson up simply to just grabbing a guy I like cause I saw him. Keep in mind I was hosting a radio show while drafting on Sirius. I was just grabbing guys I liked at times.

    Jackson, however, I’m ok with. It’s an aggressive move, but when you look at the WRs I took him over, only Ocho Cinco really stands out, and I like the vibes in SD better. I may look like a chump if Rivers spreads the ball around, but Jackson looks fantastic.

  17. […] The second annual Facebook Experts League held its draft on Wednesday. Jeff Ma of Citizen Sports assembled a delightful group of fantasy professionals. It’s a standard setup, non-PPR, with a flex. Everyone selected their pet player(s), so the draft results are a nice survey of the industry. Funston basically spent the entire draft attempting to negotiate complicated trades for Maurice Jones-Drew(notes). He failed. Check the bracketed links for commentary from Liss and Hansen. [Rotosynthesis, Fantasy Guru] […]

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