Straggler situations to watch

I wanted to check in here, if for no other reason than the fact that I haven’t in a while. Obviously, I’ve been overwhelmed keeping up with everything we’re going for the site. This has been the busiest summer yet for me, and while that is a very good thing, my head is spinning. These next 10-12 days are going to be even worse.

I’m sorry if I can’t answer all the questions on this blog the last week or two. I just can’t handle it all.

Hopefully, you’re liking the content we’re cranking out, and how we’re updating so much stuff so often.

I’m still getting my hands around the upcoming 2009 season, and I’m really close. But there are a few straggler situations I figured I’d check in with here today, just so they are covered. There are still some position battles and roles up for grabs, and we should have a clearer picture in the coming week. But here are some situations flying under the radar.

Miami WRs – I don’t think the Dolphins even know how this is going to shake out, but my sense is that they view Davone Bess as a slot guy, which is what he is, and that Greg Camarillo isn’t 100% yet. That’s why rookie Brian Hartline is in the mix to officially start. He’s a bigger guy, yet he’s faster than Patrick Turner, which is probably why he’s in the mix. I wouldn’t go crazy here with Hartline, since I think Camarillo could still steal back this job. But he’s someone to watch.

Redskin WRs – I think it’s going to be a committee, but I have to say I saw good things from both Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas. Kelly gets the edge for now, and he’s got nice size and physicality. But I can’t go nuts on Kelly because Thomas, while disappointing this summer, does have talent. Overall, their availability is good news for their passing game.

Backup Ram RB – This looks like it’s Samkon Gado’s job now. He’s been really impressive.

Patriot RBs – I think we saw the plan the other night: it’s Fred Taylor first, Laurence Maroney in the mix, so we’ll have to see if Sammy Morris has a role. If he does, it will likely be as a goal line back.

Raven RBs – Don’t say anything, but the team seems to be warming up to Willis McGahee, and we would not be surprised at all if McGahee got half the carries or more starting Week One. Again, Ray Rice’s role is expanding, but he’s not “the guy” here unless McGahee is hurt.

Bengal Backup RB – It looks like Bernard Scott’s got it, and we’ve heard Brian Leonard may be cut. Major sleeper alert on Scott.

Jags #2 WR – I can’t see how Troy Williamson doesn’t start Week One. He’s worth a flyer very late.

Titan WRsNate Washington is banged up and may be questionable for Week One, which could open the door for Kenny Britt, who I am getting a good feeling about. Alas, it is the Titans.

Cardinal WRs – Watch out for Jerheme Urban if Steve Breaston isn’t healthy to start the season. Urban had some drops last night, but he’s looked really good this summer.

Colt WRs – Still not sure about this one, but it looks like Pierre Garcon will be getting on the field a fair amount, and when he does Anthony Gonzalez will move inside. Garcon may be worth a look in a deeper league. They like him, and he has the size they need.

Eagle WRs – Caplan thinks rookie Jeremy Maclin may take Kevin Curtis’ job at some point this year, so keep that in mind when looking for an upside WR late in your draft.

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  1. Austin says:

    Can we expect 200 carries from Rice and 40-50 catches while splitting time? I’ll take that as ppr flex if that’s the case. John keep up the solid work!

  2. spell says:

    One more straggler situation to watch, in my opinion, is:

    Raiders RBs – I watched a little of the game today, and it didn’t seem like McFadden or Bush really grabbed ahold of the opportunities they were given. I think this will be a serious RBBC all year unless someone gets hurt.

    Did you leave this one off your list because you are expecting it to be a RBBC no matter what?

  3. kal says:


    what’s your take on tampa’s Maurice Stovall? I’ve read pretty much all of the contents here but I don’t remember seeing his name anywhere. Anyways, it looked like Leftwich was targeting Stovall quite a bit. Being that it is Leftwich who got the job now, I’m not too crazy about it, but just wanted to know if Stovall’s someone u think is worth a late pick. Keep up the great work

  4. kal says:


    1 other thing regarding Tampa Bay. What’s the deal with Cadillac Williams? Ward played like crap in that last game. Are we gonna see a 3-headed beast here as well?

  5. John Hansen says:

    I don’t think much of Stovall. Good size but he should have done something by now. The TB RB stuff has been covered on the site pretty extensively. Don’t think the Raider RB is a straggler situation, we’ve covered that all over the place.

  6. Rip says:

    JH – what is deal with Reggie Bush? You guys have him as the 35th rated player and a guy to target. At what point are the vibes bad with him on account of not seeing him on the field in preseason.

    Is scott a better sleeper than james davis? Both of those guys have dogs to pass to get the RB1 spot, do you expect marvin or mangini to be so bold without an injury to benson or jamal?

  7. steve says:


    Super great info, Im wondering if you will do a podcast this week on the site . thanks again Steve

  8. Burton says:

    John/Adam – sure wish I had Caplan’s “Gems” list/article. Sounds like it will have some moer guys to target in the later rounds for “value” keeper leagues.

  9. Sims says:

    John, while I do not think Westbrook is a straggler situation, I haven’t seen an update on where you would place him on your list considering he still has not yet played. And we now know Reid won’t be playing him in their last pre-season game.

    What are your thoughts on his performance this year?

  10. John Hansen says:

    Caplan’s gems will be on the site tomorrow morning.

  11. visigoth says:

    Mr.Hansen, I am also interested in the status of Reggie Bush. Any set backs with his micro-fracture surgery other than what you have already have mentioned?Is the recent swelling in his knee a new thing,or to be expected?Any new info would be great.

  12. Burton says:

    Wow, you guys even grant wishes! My draft is this morning. Thanks

  13. John Hansen says:

    Every indication is that Bush will be ok. The plan all along has been to take it slow with him, but before this calf deal he was practicing once a day every day. They likely held him out this week as a precaution and because the field was a little sloppy. I don’t think he’s a guy who will suffer much from a lack of action in the preseason.

    No one needs me to tell them he’s an injury risk, so if you like to play things conservatively, pass on him. I’m still willing to take a chance on him because his value is solid and he’s a play-to-win pick.

  14. Scott says:


    What’s your take on the RB situation in TB? Is Derrick Ward worth holding onto as a potential top 15 RB or would you look to move him?

    Also, what is your take on the Titan RB situation? Will Lendale White be seriously cutting into Chris Johnson’s carries (alternating series), or will he remain someone likely to get 8-12 carries per game, most within the red zone?

    You’re projecting 235 carries for him which translates into 15 carries per game, which would seem to be alot for a 2nd string / GL RB. Are you projecting him to have the 2006 Marion Barber role of 4th quarter finisher and GL RB?

  15. Ariakis says:

    In my $250 3RR PPR WCOFF we’re up to the 10th round and people are going nuts on sleepers. Here’s some that kind of surprised me.

    06.05 Felix Jones
    07.03 Leon Washington
    08.10 Fred Jackson
    08.12 LeSean McCoy
    09.01 Ahmad Bradshaw
    09.02 Darren Sproles
    09.05 Chris Henry
    10.11 Justin Gage
    10.12 James Davis
    11.01 Percy Harvin
    11.02 Glen Coffee

  16. Stretch says:


    First of all, what’s the dealio with the Saints RBs situation. It looks murky at best with all the injuries. Is M.Bell worth picking up as a flyer?.

    Secondly, New Orleans plays Detroit at home Week 1. Do you think he will get any playing time because it appears to be a blowout in the making?

  17. Jason says:

    We’re at the start of the 10th round (10.2 pick on the clock) and here is where those same players fell. Also a WCOFF league with $160 entry.

    Felix Jones – 5.09
    Leon Washington – 6.02
    Fred Jackson – 8.10
    LeSean McCoy – Still Available
    Ahmed Bradshaw – 8.05
    Darren Sproles – 9.04 (was planning on taking him myself at 9.10)
    Chris Henry – 9.09
    Justin Gage – Still Available
    James Davis – Still Available
    Percy Harvin – 9.08
    Glen Coffee – Still available

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