Who wants to lay the smack down on me in fantasy high-stakes leagues?

And this year, I’m in a lot of them. So if anyone wants to try to lay the smack down on me this year, read on.

First of all, there’s Rotobowl.com, which is the main high stakes league I’ve been involved in since its inception. The live draft is in Atlantic City, NJ, which is 5 minutes from my house. This is a 12-team PPR draft with 2 Flex starters, which I like a lot.

The hook with this league is that it’s very affordable. For only $250, you can get in this league, with a partner, win $900 for your league, and move on for chances for more cash and prizes. Grand Prize is $20,000 and 2 tickets to the Super Bowl.

For more information, head to www.rotobowl.com

Another league I’m doing this year is the Fantasy Football Players Championship. This is a newer entry into the high-stakes fray, but they appear to be rock solid, and they have been through a full season in 2008. Their live draft is in Las Vegas, but I will be drafting online.

Here’s how this draft and league stand out, according to their representative.

  • We are the only contest to put our prize money in escrow, so it is 100% safe.
  • We offer the dual-flex with enhanced tight end scoring, for more flexibility when setting lineups.
  • We offer superior payout percentages, in the 80% range for our main event.
  • We offer both a live and an online draft option.

They are a few more here as well:


For more information on The Fantasy Football Players Championship, head here:


And finally, as you have likely seen on the homepage, I am going to draft live in New York City labor day weekend in the NFFC. For more information, head here


I am doing both of the Saturday drafts:

1 p.m.: NFFC Classic main event begins (14 teams)

6 p.m.: NFFC Primetime main event begins (12 teams)

I know I’m absolutely insane, since I’ll be in over 12 leagues this year and can’t keep up with all of them, but I will be paying close attention to this high-stakes leagues, for obvious reasons.

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  1. jbeau aka Phish fan do or die says:

    Hate Rotobowl. Not a fan of blind bidding. How bout this big boy….think about this for next year. Enter a league with the HOFers from this board. I am sure mad cats will join. $100 league…Rotobowl style, but no blind bidding. Is a fellow Ocean County cat down?

  2. Jimmerz says:

    Not sure why you wouldn’t want blind bidding – that’s the only way to go. But I want to see Hansen do an auction. That separates the men from the boys. This draft stuff is for teenagers.

  3. MI-5 says:

    I’m a huge fan of Rotobowl, it a very fun event, I’ll be doing my 4th year in Atlantic City. Can’t wait.

  4. Ariakis says:

    John kind of urgent if you are around can you comment on your draft plan as relates to DWard in the 4th or 5th round and if another RB or two has emerged with enough good vibes to replace him?

  5. John Hansen says:

    We have Ward at 24, that’s perfect for him. The lowest-end #2 rb possible in a 12-team league. I wouldn’t go nuts with this Caddy talk. We heard he wasn’t a lock to make the team a month ago. Could be trade bait.

  6. Dave says:

    Dude, what’s up with your boy Pierre Thomas (aka, “The Frenchman”)? Looking “pretty gimpy” according to Jeff Duncan of The Times-Piicayune.

    Hope it’s minor, ’cause I’m not really feeling Kev Smith or Grant in the early part of the 3rd.

  7. Dave says:

    Should prob amend that last comment. I’m fine with either guy early 3rd, but I obv prefer Thomas’ upside.

  8. Ariakis says:

    Where do you see TJones as a value and where is the magic spot for the bold Felix pick in a PPR?

  9. Jersey Paul says:

    Sorry John, but instead of pimping high stakes games, how about some inside skinny on the latest breaking news like:

    o Pierre Thomas’ injury and the role of Mike Bell
    o Fred Jackson’s situation
    o Steve Jackson given the Bulger injury and that awful OL
    o Any new vibes on the Jets?

  10. jay says:

    If you live 5 minutes from AC, why don’t you do the WCOFF?

  11. eric kalish says:

    I also would like to know what you make of the pierre thomas situation with his injury. I still have choice of thomas/grant as my 3rd rb in keeper league and would like to know if his situation should sway me to take grant instead. Overall with things being equal I’d think thomas has the bigger upside with his potential inside the red zone!

  12. Burton says:

    John, Regarding Mr.Irrelevant article, what about:

    -Javon Ringer RB TEN? – If C.Johnson goes down, this guy looks like an nearly equal replacement to me. Is he potentially CJ’s Handcuff???
    -Clifton “Peanut” Smith RB TB? – Think Ahmad Bradshaw or Sproles. Small, very quick guy. He looks like their best RB to me. Maybe TB is thinking, keep Graham until Ward picks up the offense and as a back-up to Ward. Boost Cadillac’s value and see if they can get a trade for him. Then let C.Smith be the change of pace to Ward. I only base this on what I saw from him in one preseason game, but this guy was impressive.
    -J. Cook TE TEN? – He’s not my favorite TE drafted this year, but he seems to be playing well this preseason and actually looks like he can catch. Let’s face it, they need another receiver on this team. I thought he was mostly a combine wonder and a project, but he seems to be coming along better than I anticipated.

    As with other comments above, looking for some last minute insight into these players that you may have purposely left off your list???

  13. markinsand says:

    flex players are weak. I dispise flex positions…it promotes being a lab monkey and not making lineup decisions…

  14. Gridiron Irishmen says:

    Should be fun john….

    im in all those high stakes your in, may have a chance to be in the same leagues… FFPC is reputable, built by fantasy football players like us and money is secured.

  15. John Hansen says:

    o Pierre Thomas’ injury and the role of Mike Bell

    We’ve moved Thomas down a hair, we’ve moved Bell up a little, we added Bell to the Mr. Relevant article yesterday. Payton says Thomas will be fine. I’m not sure what else you’re looking for? Thomas was the #4 RB in a standard league the final 10 weeks of the season last year and higher than that the final 8-5 weeks. Bell should play some, but expecting anything more than 4-5 carries a game is unrealistic.

    o Fred Jackson’s situation

    Jackson says he’ll be fine, so I’m not sure what we can add on the “situation.”

    o Steve Jackson given the Bulger injury and that awful OL

    The OL is not awful. In fact it’s been upgraded more than any other line in the NFC other than Philly. No matter how you slice it, he’s going to have an awful supporting cast at the other skill positions. We’ve known that for 5 months.

    o Any new vibes on the Jets?

    I’m updating the vibes article today.

  16. John Hansen says:

    Burton, those guys are viable, but they really should be WW guys in a typical 10 or 12-team league. If you’re in a 16-teamer, than Ringer and Cook are viable. Smith is pretty solid for sure, but I’d like to see what happens with Williams.

  17. Burton says:

    First, I’m talking about Mr. Irrelevant this year that will be gold in future years in my keeper league.
    Second, adding flex positions to your league allows the people who draft great players in the mid and late rounds to start players otherwise on their bench. The owners that have the attention span to draft well through the entire draft and subsequently with the better roster depth are rewarded.

  18. John Hansen says:

    OK, in talking to Adam we’ve gone ahead and moved Ward down 2 spots. Now this situation is disconcerting because this Williams stuff came from out of nowhere. It could be an indication they are not happy with Ward, but that would likely be something they’re seeing in practice. It could be nothing, but it could be something, so to be safe I would view Ward as a high-end #2, not the lowest possibly #2 in a 12-teamer.

  19. Jersey Paul says:


    Great vibes update. Just what we need going in to draft weekend.

    May I suggest a blog for breaking vibe updates?

  20. Jack Haan says:


    It is good to see you entering the high stakes league. Many “experts” won’t do it. Please take it easy on my bud and defending champ, Tom Yates, in NYC in the NFFC.

  21. Burton says:

    Thanks, John for your personal repy. It’s unbelievable that you are so available to your customers, even during this last two weeks for fantasy drafts! This site (and your team) is the best. I don’t have time to watch college football or every preseason game; thanks for at least letting me know I’m not too far off. The Mr. Irrelevant article is critical to dominating my keeper league for years to come.

    Good Luck this season in all your leagues, especially these high stakes leagues!

    p.s. Don’t give too much Mr. Irrelevant information on the Friday radio show. I’ll be listening just to know what some of my competition is hearing.

  22. WRArtMonk says:

    John, I’m lovin that Crabtree is still holding out. Now that Hill is definitely the QB and had a nice connection with Josh Morgan, I’m feeling better and better about having him as my #5 with #3 or #2 potential. Especially since my #2 is B. Marshall & #3 & #4 are Mason & Berrian. I have a feeling I’m going to need Morgan to become “that guy” this year. Do you have any good vibes about Shaun Hill’s potential this year? Could he at least become better than a J. Campbell or T. Edwards this year? I already think he’s going to have better #’s than Cassel.

  23. Tom says:

    Hey John… I’m in a high-stakes league coming up in a week. I have the number 2 pick in a PPR league, stuck on who to draft. MJD is my #1 guy but after that I’ve gone back and forth between Peterson/Forte/Fitzgerald… can you help sway me in some kind of direction?

  24. eric says:

    I have the chance to draft westbrook, portis, brown, grant, p. thomas. What, if anything do you make of westbrook not getting any game reps in the preseason? Should I shy away and take one of the others. Of note, I am in keeper league and would be using one of the above backs as a 3rd rb.

  25. AndyHerb says:


    Just as a heads-up, John lives in Atlantic County, not Ocean…Rotobowl is awesome…most people I know from Ocean are douches

  26. Burton says:

    Tom, Hope you don’t mind some input from a fellow subscriber for what it’s worth… take Fitz off your list. You still can’t afford to not get a top RB. I know you are wanting to consider a WR due to PPR, but that’s actually part of the reason to not take a WR at #2. You don’t need the top WR to score significant PPR points with the alternative WR that would be there for you come round 2. Plus, lot’s of reasons to question ARI this year i.e. Warner’s health, Warner’s age, Well’s injury/s, Super Bowl slump, etc.

    The other three RBs is a tough one. You can go with what everyone tells you to do, Peterson or MJD, but going Forte is just as likely to yield the same results.

  27. Tom says:

    Thanks Burton… You seem like someone that knows there stuff. Fitzgerald is a long shot and the only reason I’m considering him is because from the mock drafts I’ve seen there have been none of the top guys that I would like as my #1 WR. If I didn’t take him Wes Welker would probably be my #1 which isn’t bad in a PPR but was the only reason why Fitz was considered.

    MJD is my #1 guy and if he was there I would take him (but I don’t expect him to be or at least need to prepare for him not to be). I just think MJD is a slam dunk to catch more passes then he did last year which significantly increases his value, think about it, every time he catches a pass AD needs to run for 10 yards.

    After that I’m going back and forth on AD and Forte. Reports out of Minn. say AD will catch the ball more and the possibility of him putting together a “special” season (2000 rushing yards, 15 TDs?) have me thinking he might be the right choice. Also with Cutler in town for Forte I think it might help and hurt his value at the same time. It should open up running lanes, but I don’t see Cutler checking down too often.

    I might be over thinking this because either could be a great option. Let me know what you think.

  28. steve benton says:

    Look at Peterson’s schedule. Now look at the Drew / Forte’s schedule. If you don’t take Peterson, you will kick yourself. Hard.

  29. Idiot Savant says:

    Love too…but full up on leagues…read your Twitter on A Peterson…come on John…like a 75 yard run in preseason by an established back changes ANYONE’s mind…guy is a stud…but will he do it game in game out…some say yes…others no…last year was a bit more consistent…but I’d like to see his dyanmicism (a word?) with the consistency that Forte demonstrated in 2008.

  30. Idiot Savant says:

    BTW…in my real money leagues, I prefer to pick the lower hanging fruit…its all about the payouts!! The TGR leagues are for bragging rights.

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