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Today at 1pm ET I have the official expert league draft, this is the real deal, not a mock draft. I’m the defending champ, and I’m going to try to focus on this one and do well. I have the 11th pick, so it will be interesting to see if I’m inclined to go RB-WR, WR-WR, or RB-RB. All three are viable moves, depending on who’s there.

I’ll post my picks as they come starting just after 1pm ET.

1:25 Update:

As I did last year, I’m playing to win, and trying hard to avoid over-paying for a QB. I won this league last year with my final pick of the draft, QB Kurt Warner, leading the charge.

1st pick – Randy Moss, tough call, but I like it.
2nd pick – DeAngelo Williams. I just like it.
3rd pick – Reggie Bush. Again, PPR, I’m playing to win.
4th pick – Chad Ochocino. One of the remaining quality go-to guys left, like it.

1:41 Update:

5th pick – Kurt Warner – It’s 6 pts per TD pass, so the QBs are valuable. Gotta suck it up and go for clearly the best option if healthy.

6th pick – Joseph Addai – I’m warming up to him, and I think I got a nice little value here. He will score their short TDs, and I think he will get enough touches to be a fantastic flex starter.

7th pick – In staying with my play-to-win mode, I snapped up Felix Jones, just because he’s special and I like the depth.

8th pick – Kevin Walter, nice sold #3 with little downside.

9th pick – Rolled with some upside in Josh Morgan. May have gone a round or two too early, but all the WRs were the same.

10th pick – Tough call, lots of good options still available. Played it safe and took the safest and most solid TE in John Carlson.

11th pick – Good thing I took a TE, as they all went right after me. Looking for depth, I took Michael Bush with my next pick.

12th pick – I was hoping Roethlisberger would fall, but that was a pipe dream. Best backup QB was Trent Edwards, who I took. He’s pretty solid, and he’s not lacking weapons these days. Since we have pretty deep benches, I will actually grab Matt Leinart (most likely) to lock up the Ari QB.

13th round – Had to grad a defense with only a few rounds to go. Debated Phi, SD, and NYJ. Took the NYJ because they were solid last year, have a great return game, and while they may be slow off the mark, I believe in Rex Ryan.

14th round – Debated two upside injured receivers, Schilens and Walkter, Chose Mike Walker because if he’s actually healthy, he’ll see a lot of targets.

Um, I think someone is reading this blog. Matt Leinart just got drafted.

15th round – Looking around for a decent 6th RB, and I picked Mo Morris. The guy who has Kevin Smith is the guy who drafted Leinart, so that made the pick more viable. Of course, Morris will likely be the first guy I drop, anyway. But he may have some value in PPR.

16th: One of the benefits to picking toward the end of Round 1 is you can get a good kicker in the last round, and I got David Akers.

Starting lineup: (PPR, 6 Pts for TDs)

QB: Kurt Warner
RB: DeAngelo Williams
RB: Reggie Bush
WR: Randy Moss
WR: Chad Ochocinco
WR: Kevin Walter
Flex: Joseph Addai
TE: John Carlson
PK: David Akers
DT: NY Jets

Bench: Trent Edwards, Felix Jones, Michael Bush, Maurice Morris, Josh Morgan, and Mike Walker.

Final Thoughts: I tried to concentrate on this draft. I didn’t totally because I never can this time of the year, but I’m pretty damn pleased with this one. This is a good team from top to bottom with a combination of upside, values, good fits for the scoring, and solid enough depth. There were no real reaches here, just a good plan executed.

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  1. Law Firm says:

    Is this standard or PPR, John?

  2. jbeau aka Phish fan do or die says:

    Nice. Good luck.

  3. jch says:

    Kick some ass, John!

  4. DJ Woods says:

    When are you updating the draft plan John?

  5. Josh says:

    I can’t wait…my afternoon at work just got a LOT more fun.

    Side note…when participating in these expert drafts, do you d/l other experts player listings? Drafting from 11th spot, you can already guess the position the 12th may take. Would be added advantage to know owner’s published ranks(i.e. Fabiano from I’m guessing probably not…too much overhead at the draft table.

  6. riverjags says:

    Go get em John ….

  7. John Hansen says:

    It’s a ppr, 6 pts for passing TDs. I’ll edit my original post to show who I take.

  8. Boots says:

    with your DeAngelo pick…was Gore, Westbrook or Slaton still available?

  9. Mike says:

    i don’t get it… you stress in the draft plan how important rb is this year, and the ideal is taking 2 in the first 3 picks. you state how you want one of your top 12, which you should get with the 11th pick, even if you get wr first and then a westbrook in the second… why would you consider wr-wr? especially cuz it makes so much sense…
    if you are drafting with people who know what they are doing, wr-rb or rb-wr is the way to go, regardless of who’s available, cuz the rb value and talent should be there in the 3rd (pierre, grant, kevin smith, bush even),and the wr value will be there in the 4th, and 5th.

  10. Mike says:

    add: see you went wr-rb-rb…

  11. John Hansen says:

    Gore was gone. Took Moss there for a knockout blow because I knew either Williams, Slaton, or Westbrook would be there in the 2nd and because I figured I’d get Bush in the 3rd. I took 3 RBs with my first 6 picks, Mike, and 2 of my first 3.

  12. Tom says:

    Not really a fan of the Warner pick. I really fear the injury risk, and you are paying a high price for him in the 5th when there are some other good options who will fall.

  13. Jason says:

    John, what other QBs were available when you took Warner?

  14. rollback says:

    Great draft so far,DeAngelo will be a beast, i’d back up Warner with someone solid.

  15. Boots says:

    John, would you have taken Warner in the 5th if this wasn’t a 6pts/TD?

  16. John Hansen says:

    I took Warner over Romo, Palmer, Cutler, Schaub. I felt the need to take a QB there with a long way to go for my next pick and 6 points for TD passes.

    Warner was 3rd in the NFL with 30 last year, and he would have hit 30 the year before if he played all their games (27). I’ll be targeting a good backup.

  17. John Hansen says:

    Boots, probably not. The guy does pile up the TDs tho.

  18. JJ says:

    You said Moss was a tough call. Was that because of the WR choices available or deciding to go with a RB in the 1st? Was Andre Johnson available?

  19. CFP Gator says:

    Nice work so far John. Bush and Walter should be huge PPR steals. However, if this wasn’t a PPR league I’d be worried…

  20. John Hansen says:

    JJ, no, Johnson went before I made 1 pick.

    CFP, I am drafting for PPR, yep.

  21. good2bking says:

    Good looking draft. Did you miss on Donald Brown to handcuff Addai, or were you not interested in doing that? Curious. Thanks.

  22. Mike says:

    my post was in response to your original post…where you say wr-wr is a viable move. goes against your draft plan

  23. Jason says:

    Mike, if you read the Draft Plan under “Drafting at the End of Round 1.” John says that drafting WR-WR is a viable option and he’s been happy with some of the results.

    “In a PPR, I’ve taken 2 WRs back-to-back, and I was pleased with the results, so that’s viable.”

    Its a tough decision to make since you’ll be scrambling a little bit for RBs but this strategy can be pulled off, if you play PPR.

  24. John Hansen says:

    Mike, “viable” doesn’t mean I’m locked into that plan of taking WR-WR. Viable means it’s doable, acceptable, etc.

  25. John Hansen says:

    Brown went pretty early. I wasn’t really in love with using early-ish picks on both guys. I though Addai was the value there.

  26. spell says:

    Nice looking draft. Good luck this year!

  27. Mark Brown says:

    Hey John…do you think you could’ve gotten Big Ben in the 11th and waited a round on Michael Bush…

  28. Mark Brown says:

    Also…did you have to make a choice between Thomas and Reggie or did someone already make that choice easy for you?

  29. John Hansen says:

    Big Ben went in the 10th, 1 1/2+ rounds before I took Bush. Thomas went 1st pick in the 3rd, Bush second to last in the 3rd.

  30. spell says:

    John, is taking a defense a few rounds before the end of the draft, 13th in your case today, a “play to win” move in your mind? Why not wait until the 15th?

  31. WRArtMonk says:

    Nice work John! Know what you mean about concentrating. Does get tricky not to let the mind wander doing these things, but you finished with a FANTASTIC team.
    I’ll be the first to admit I worry about Reggie Bush, PPR or not, but Felix Jones is great grab. We all know we’ll be able to pick up a starter off waivers at some point this year. A Peyton Hillis, a L. Maroney or a Mewelde Moore will emerge. Happens every single year and saves my team.

  32. Jason says:


    I’d be interested in hearing your answer to Mark Brown’s question. Couple of questions:

    1) Will these results be posted on, if you know?
    2) How early did others grab Qbs with this being a 6pt Passing TD league? I play in one as well.
    3) Any idea on when the draft plan will be updated?


  33. michael picarelli says:

    what other wr’s did you pass on to take ocho cinco…thanks, keep up the good work!!

  34. Mike says:

    He also says:
    “Since I’m not particularly bright, it took me a while to figure this out, but I think I’ve nailed it again this year with the emphasis on the RBs. Keep in mind I feel I was ahead of the curve in 2007 giving love to the WRs. The rest of the world has come around – and I’m flipping the switch on the whole deal and giving the love to the RBs again – at least the top-20 or so.”

    “Note: I made the mistake here of taking the WR over the RB, and I won’t be doing that again. This is how I realized that snagging 2 RBs with your first three picks may actually be ideal this year. ”

    “so that’s why I think it’s important to get 2 RBs in the first three rounds.”

    “So my ideal plan has me taking one of my top-12 RBs with my first pick.”

  35. Brian says:

    Mike, I see the point you are trying to make. But I think John figured he could get one of the backs he likes in the 2nd. Whereas if he took one of them in the first he may have not been content with who his #1WR would have been. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  36. Purple Craze says:

    FYI- The most recent podcast cuts off before the show is finished.

    Great stuff as always and keep up the good work


  37. football101 says:

    U have won this league. God Job.

  38. John Hansen says:

    Mike, once again: “ideal” by connotation does not indicate that it’s a definite, must do, locked in plan, especially in a PPR league.

    This is from the draft plan article:

    Drafting in the end of Round One:

    I definitely like this spot in a typical snake draft, mainly because of the double picks close to each other. I see the talent dropping off significantly overall after the top-50 or so, and I like the double picks and the ability to get two of the top 13-15 guys for sure, and then 4 of the top 35-37 guys. The best thing about picking late and getting two picks close together in the top-15 or so is that you have some flexibility. The one thing you probably don’t want to do is draft two RBs, since you’re likely going to take at least one shakier RB (at least shaky for such a high pick), and you may miss out on a stud WR by the time you pick again in the 3rd. In a PPR, I’ve taken 2 WRs back-to-back, and I was pleased with the results, so that’s viable. As far as the best move to make generally speaking, I’d probably lean to going RB-WR or WR-RB, take your pick. And once again, since you’ll be waiting so long to take your 3rd and 4th players, I’d be inclined to pass on a QB and a TE, since you’re likely getting your last crack at some of the most desirable RBs and WRs.

  39. UKFB40 says:

    Nice draft overall, I like the Addai pick b/c I think he’ll still have some solid value, especially at the spot you grabbed him.

    Mike, not sure what you’re tryin to prove man? Of all the quotes you just outlined, he DID get 2 RBs with his first 3 picks. His Ideal PLAN was exactly that, a plan, and he did get that top 12 RB in the 2nd round so why not slightly deviate while still sticking with the overall landscape? Be happy you even have those quotes to pick apart brutha.

    Good work John and thanks for keeping us posted/updated

  40. John Hansen says:

    Here’s the draft end to beginning

    Pick Team Player
    Round 16
    192 Tristan H. Cockcroft Kasay, John (K CAR)
    191 David Sabino Cowboys (DST DAL)
    190 David Gonos Rackers, Neil (K ARI)
    189 Gregg Rosenthal Betts, Ladell (RB WAS)
    188 Roger Rotter Vinatieri, Adam (K IND)
    187 Michael Fabiano Longwell, Ryan (K MIN)
    186 Christopher Liss Hartley, Garrett (K NO)
    185 Cory J. Bonini Kaeding, Nate (K SD)
    184 Adam Caplan Gould, Robbie (K CHI)
    183 Greg Ambrosius Faulk, Kevin (RB NE)
    182 John Hansen Akers, David (K PHI)
    181 Ben Ice Bironas, Rob (K TEN)
    Round 15
    180 Ben Ice Coffee, Glen (RB SF)
    179 John Hansen Morris, Maurice (RB DET)
    178 Greg Ambrosius Crosby, Mason (K GB)
    177 Adam Caplan Chargers (DST SD)
    176 Cory J. Bonini Bears (DST CHI)
    175 Christopher Liss Leinart, Matt (QB ARI)
    174 Michael Fabiano Miller, Heath (TE PIT)
    173 Roger Rotter Buckhalter, Correll (RB DEN)
    172 Gregg Rosenthal Bruce, Isaac (WR SF)
    171 David Gonos Dolphins (DST MIA)
    170 David Sabino Elam, Jason (K ATL)
    169 Tristan H. Cockcroft Scott, Bernard (RB CIN)
    Round 14
    168 Tristan H. Cockcroft Boss, Kevin (TE NYG)
    167 David Sabino Curtis, Kevin (WR PHI)
    166 David Gonos Britt, Kenny (WR TEN)
    165 Gregg Rosenthal Williams, Ricky (RB MIA)
    164 Roger Rotter Branch, Deion (WR SEA)
    163 Michael Fabiano Fargas, Justin (RB OAK)
    162 Christopher Liss Thomas, Devin (WR WAS)
    161 Cory J. Bonini Rice, Sidney (WR MIN)
    160 Adam Caplan Campbell, Jason (QB WAS)
    159 Greg Ambrosius Packers (DST GB)
    158 John Hansen Walker, Mike (WR JAC)
    157 Ben Ice Robinson, Laurent (WR STL)
    Round 13
    156 Ben Ice Eagles (DST PHI)
    155 John Hansen Jets (DST NYJ)
    154 Greg Ambrosius Gage, Justin (WR TEN)
    153 Adam Caplan Chambers, Chris (WR SD)
    152 Cory J. Bonini Meachem, Robert (WR NO)
    151 Christopher Liss Maroney, Laurence (RB NE)
    150 Michael Fabiano Muhammad, Muhsin (WR CAR)
    149 Roger Rotter Taylor, Fred (RB NE)
    148 Gregg Rosenthal Patriots (DST NE)
    147 David Gonos Henry, Chris (WR CIN)
    146 David Sabino Fasano, Anthony (TE MIA)
    145 Tristan H. Cockcroft Bennett, Earl (WR CHI)
    Round 12
    144 Tristan H. Cockcroft Orton, Kyle (QB DEN)
    143 David Sabino Burleson, Nate (WR SEA)
    142 David Gonos McClain, LeRon (RB BAL)
    141 Gregg Rosenthal Gostkowski, Stephen (K NE)
    140 Roger Rotter Ravens (DST BAL)
    139 Michael Fabiano Vikings (DST MIN)
    138 Christopher Liss Washington, Nate (WR TEN)
    137 Cory J. Bonini Bess, Davone (WR MIA)
    136 Adam Caplan Celek, Brent (TE PHI)
    135 Greg Ambrosius Morris, Sammy (RB NE)
    134 John Hansen Edwards, Trent (QB BUF)
    133 Ben Ice Greene, Shonn (RB NYJ)
    Round 11
    132 Ben Ice Flacco, Joe (QB BAL)
    131 John Hansen Bush, Michael (RB OAK)
    130 Greg Ambrosius Garrard, David (QB JAC)
    129 Adam Caplan Clayton, Mark (WR BAL)
    128 Cory J. Bonini Miller, Zach (TE OAK)
    127 Christopher Liss Manning, Eli (QB NYG)
    126 Michael Fabiano Favre, Brett (QB MIN)
    125 Roger Rotter Hasselbeck, Matt (QB SEA)
    124 Gregg Rosenthal Charles, Jamaal (RB KC)
    123 David Gonos Shiancoe, Visanthe (TE MIN)
    122 David Sabino Cassel, Matt (QB KC)
    121 Tristan H. Cockcroft Steelers (DST PIT)
    Round 10
    120 Tristan H. Cockcroft Crabtree, Michael (WR SF)
    119 David Sabino Barden, Ramses (WR NYG)
    118 David Gonos Taylor, Chester (RB MIN)
    117 Gregg Rosenthal Crayton, Patrick (WR DAL)
    116 Roger Rotter Shockey, Jeremy (TE NO)
    115 Michael Fabiano Norwood, Jerious (RB ATL)
    114 Christopher Liss Smith, Steve (WR NYG)
    113 Cory J. Bonini Roethlisberger, Ben (QB PIT)
    112 Adam Caplan Keller, Dustin (TE NYJ)
    111 Greg Ambrosius Hixon, Domenik (WR NYG)
    110 John Hansen Carlson, John (TE SEA)
    109 Ben Ice Robiskie, Brian (WR CLE)
    Round 9
    108 Ben Ice Graham, Earnest (RB TB)
    107 John Hansen Morgan, Josh (WR SF)
    106 Greg Ambrosius Hightower, Tim (RB ARI)
    105 Adam Caplan Washington, Leon (RB NYJ)
    104 Cory J. Bonini Lewis, Jamal (RB CLE)
    103 Christopher Liss Giants (DST NYG)
    102 Michael Fabiano Harvin, Percy (WR MIN)
    101 Roger Rotter McGahee, Willis (RB BAL)
    100 Gregg Rosenthal Palmer, Carson (QB CIN)
    99 David Gonos Ginn Jr., Ted (WR MIA)
    98 David Sabino Jones, Julius (RB SEA)
    97 Tristan H. Cockcroft Avery, Donnie (WR STL)
    Round 8
    96 Tristan H. Cockcroft Jackson, Fred (RB BUF)
    95 David Sabino Mendenhall, Rashard (RB PIT)
    94 David Gonos Sproles, Darren (RB SD)
    93 Gregg Rosenthal Daniels, Owen (TE HOU)
    92 Roger Rotter Maclin, Jeremy (WR PHI)
    91 Michael Fabiano Cutler, Jay (QB CHI)
    90 Christopher Liss Bradshaw, Ahmad (RB NYG)
    89 Cory J. Bonini Cooley, Chris (TE WAS)
    88 Adam Caplan Wells, Beanie (RB ARI)
    87 Greg Ambrosius Holt, Torry (WR JAC)
    86 John Hansen Walter, Kevin (WR HOU)
    85 Ben Ice McCoy, LeSean (RB PHI)
    Round 7
    84 Ben Ice Mason, Derrick (WR BAL)
    83 John Hansen Jones, Felix (RB DAL)
    82 Greg Ambrosius White, LenDale (RB TEN)
    81 Adam Caplan Coles, Laveranues (WR CIN)
    80 Cory J. Bonini Benson, Cedric (RB CIN)
    79 Christopher Liss Winslow, Kellen (TE TB)
    78 Michael Fabiano Olsen, Greg (TE CHI)
    77 Roger Rotter Moore, Lance (WR NO)
    76 Gregg Rosenthal Schaub, Matt (QB HOU)
    75 David Gonos Driver, Donald (WR GB)
    74 David Sabino Ryan, Matt (QB ATL)
    73 Tristan H. Cockcroft Bryant, Antonio (WR TB)
    Round 6
    72 Tristan H. Cockcroft Romo, Tony (QB DAL)
    71 David Sabino Breaston, Steve (WR ARI)
    70 David Gonos Cotchery, Jerricho (WR NYJ)
    69 Gregg Rosenthal Brown, Donald (RB IND)
    68 Roger Rotter Stewart, Jonathan (RB CAR)
    67 Michael Fabiano Parker, Willie (RB PIT)
    66 Christopher Liss Rice, Ray (RB BAL)
    65 Cory J. Bonini Moss, Santana (WR WAS)
    64 Adam Caplan Evans, Lee (WR BUF)
    63 Greg Ambrosius Ward, Hines (WR PIT)
    62 John Hansen Addai, Joseph (RB IND)
    61 Ben Ice Hester, Devin (WR CHI)
    Round 5
    60 Ben Ice Clark, Dallas (TE IND)
    59 John Hansen Warner, Kurt (QB ARI)
    58 Greg Ambrosius Ward, Derrick (RB TB)
    57 Adam Caplan Holmes, Santonio (WR PIT)
    56 Cory J. Bonini McNabb, Donovan (QB PHI)
    55 Christopher Liss Moreno, Knowshon (RB DEN)
    54 Michael Fabiano Berrian, Bernard (WR MIN)
    53 Roger Rotter Gonzalez, Anthony (WR IND)
    52 Gregg Rosenthal Royal, Eddie (WR DEN)
    51 David Gonos Gonzalez, Tony (TE ATL)
    50 David Sabino Jackson, DeSean (WR PHI)
    49 Tristan H. Cockcroft Gates, Antonio (TE SD)
    Round 4
    48 Tristan H. Cockcroft Williams, Roy E. (WR DAL)
    47 David Sabino Jones, Thomas (RB NYJ)
    46 David Gonos Johnson, Larry (RB KC)
    45 Gregg Rosenthal Lynch, Marshawn (RB BUF)
    44 Roger Rotter Marshall, Brandon (WR DEN)
    43 Michael Fabiano McFadden, Darren (RB OAK)
    42 Christopher Liss Edwards, Braylon (WR CLE)
    41 Cory J. Bonini Houshmandzadeh, T.J. (WR SEA)
    40 Adam Caplan Jackson, Vincent (WR SD)
    39 Greg Ambrosius Rivers, Philip (QB SD)
    38 John Hansen Ochocinco, Chad (WR CIN)
    37 Ben Ice Grant, Ryan (RB GB)
    Round 3
    36 Ben Ice Rodgers, Aaron (QB GB)
    35 John Hansen Bush, Reggie (RB NO)
    34 Greg Ambrosius Witten, Jason (TE DAL)
    33 Adam Caplan Manning, Peyton (QB IND)
    32 Cory J. Bonini Portis, Clinton (RB WAS)
    31 Christopher Liss Brown, Ronnie (RB MIA)
    30 Michael Fabiano Bowe, Dwayne (WR KC)
    29 Roger Rotter Owens, Terrell (WR BUF)
    28 Gregg Rosenthal Colston, Marques (WR NO)
    27 David Gonos Welker, Wes (WR NE)
    26 David Sabino Jennings, Greg (WR GB)
    25 Tristan H. Cockcroft Thomas, Pierre (RB NO)
    Round 2
    24 Tristan H. Cockcroft Boldin, Anquan (WR ARI)
    23 David Sabino Jacobs, Brandon (RB NYG)
    22 David Gonos Brady, Tom (QB NE)
    21 Gregg Rosenthal White, Roddy (WR ATL)
    20 Roger Rotter Brees, Drew (QB NO)
    19 Michael Fabiano Smith, Steve (WR CAR)
    18 Christopher Liss Smith, Kevin (RB DET)
    17 Cory J. Bonini Wayne, Reggie (WR IND)
    16 Adam Caplan Barber, Marion (RB DAL)
    15 Greg Ambrosius Westbrook, Brian (RB PHI)
    14 John Hansen Williams, DeAngelo (RB CAR)
    13 Ben Ice Slaton, Steve (RB HOU)
    Round 1
    12 Ben Ice Johnson, Calvin (WR DET)
    11 John Hansen Moss, Randy (WR NE)
    10 Greg Ambrosius Johnson, Andre (WR HOU)
    9 Adam Caplan Gore, Frank (RB SF)
    8 Cory J. Bonini Tomlinson, LaDainian (RB SD)
    7 Christopher Liss Fitzgerald, Larry (WR ARI)
    6 Michael Fabiano Johnson, Chris (RB TEN)
    5 Roger Rotter Turner, Michael (RB ATL)
    4 Gregg Rosenthal Jackson, Steven (RB STL)
    3 David Gonos Forte, Matt (RB CHI)
    2 David Sabino Jones-Drew, Maurice (RB JAC)
    1 Tristan H. Cockcroft Peterson, Adrian (RB MIN)

  41. steve says:

    Nice draft john, Did you take rb Williams over Westbrook? thanks Steve

  42. Erok says:

    The guy who drafted Leinart was definitely reading your blog! That was just dirty. I’ve done several 14 teamers and Leinart didnt even get drafted in most.

  43. steve says:

    Forget my question i just noticed you posted the entire draft great draft

  44. Fletch says:

    Nice draft John, Moss first worked out. 3rd round had no PPR WRs

  45. David says:

    The guy that drafted Leinart is a knucklehead…the next round he drafted Garrett Hartley (suspended 4 games)

  46. Boots says:


    In the 5th, if you didn’t go with Warner what were your other options that you were considering? What way do you think you would have gone? RB? WR?

  47. Corey says:

    I would have liked McCoy instead of Felix Jones in that spot.

  48. Ash says:

    Nice job John. Think I might have gone with B.West over DeAngelo, and maybe Grant over Bush (NO backfield a little to crowded for my taste) but both real close calls. And is it me or was K.Smith in the second round one of the biggest surprises in this draft? Not to pick on C.Liss. but first 6 picks are all very questionable considering what was still on the board each time (ok maybe not Fitz but…), who is this person?

  49. Singsong says:

    John, In 14 man league, given this year’s players .. where is the ideal draft slot?

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