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Today at 1pm ET I have the official expert league draft, this is the real deal, not a mock draft. I’m the defending champ, and I’m going to try to focus on this one and do well. I have the 11th pick, so it will be interesting to see if I’m inclined to go RB-WR, WR-WR, or RB-RB. All three are viable moves, depending on who’s there.

I’ll post my picks as they come starting just after 1pm ET.

1:25 Update:

As I did last year, I’m playing to win, and trying hard to avoid over-paying for a QB. I won this league last year with my final pick of the draft, QB Kurt Warner, leading the charge.

1st pick – Randy Moss, tough call, but I like it.
2nd pick – DeAngelo Williams. I just like it.
3rd pick – Reggie Bush. Again, PPR, I’m playing to win.
4th pick – Chad Ochocino. One of the remaining quality go-to guys left, like it.

1:41 Update:

5th pick – Kurt Warner – It’s 6 pts per TD pass, so the QBs are valuable. Gotta suck it up and go for clearly the best option if healthy.

6th pick – Joseph Addai – I’m warming up to him, and I think I got a nice little value here. He will score their short TDs, and I think he will get enough touches to be a fantastic flex starter.

7th pick – In staying with my play-to-win mode, I snapped up Felix Jones, just because he’s special and I like the depth.

8th pick – Kevin Walter, nice sold #3 with little downside.

9th pick – Rolled with some upside in Josh Morgan. May have gone a round or two too early, but all the WRs were the same.

10th pick – Tough call, lots of good options still available. Played it safe and took the safest and most solid TE in John Carlson.

11th pick – Good thing I took a TE, as they all went right after me. Looking for depth, I took Michael Bush with my next pick.

12th pick – I was hoping Roethlisberger would fall, but that was a pipe dream. Best backup QB was Trent Edwards, who I took. He’s pretty solid, and he’s not lacking weapons these days. Since we have pretty deep benches, I will actually grab Matt Leinart (most likely) to lock up the Ari QB.

13th round – Had to grad a defense with only a few rounds to go. Debated Phi, SD, and NYJ. Took the NYJ because they were solid last year, have a great return game, and while they may be slow off the mark, I believe in Rex Ryan.

14th round – Debated two upside injured receivers, Schilens and Walkter, Chose Mike Walker because if he’s actually healthy, he’ll see a lot of targets.

Um, I think someone is reading this blog. Matt Leinart just got drafted.

15th round – Looking around for a decent 6th RB, and I picked Mo Morris. The guy who has Kevin Smith is the guy who drafted Leinart, so that made the pick more viable. Of course, Morris will likely be the first guy I drop, anyway. But he may have some value in PPR.

16th: One of the benefits to picking toward the end of Round 1 is you can get a good kicker in the last round, and I got David Akers.

Starting lineup: (PPR, 6 Pts for TDs)

QB: Kurt Warner
RB: DeAngelo Williams
RB: Reggie Bush
WR: Randy Moss
WR: Chad Ochocinco
WR: Kevin Walter
Flex: Joseph Addai
TE: John Carlson
PK: David Akers
DT: NY Jets

Bench: Trent Edwards, Felix Jones, Michael Bush, Maurice Morris, Josh Morgan, and Mike Walker.

Final Thoughts: I tried to concentrate on this draft. I didn’t totally because I never can this time of the year, but I’m pretty damn pleased with this one. This is a good team from top to bottom with a combination of upside, values, good fits for the scoring, and solid enough depth. There were no real reaches here, just a good plan executed.

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  1. rip says:

    Caplan totally went against the draft plan with QB draft early

    why would anyone take witten in 3rd round

    Hansen – would appreciate the good values you saw with each round giving credit where credit is due

  2. Gary R says:

    Looks like you indeed did take Williams over Westbrook. Given that Westbrook is higher in the rankings, what was the rationale? Gut feeling? Worries over Westbrook’s health? Stewart’s Achilles?

    Just studied all the rosters. Yours rocks!

  3. Phil says:

    What are you going to do about leinert, sh-t happens. I’m acatually targeting him late, regardless of if I take warner, especially if i’m not very confident in my wr’s…Just have a gut feeling Warner is not playing 16.

  4. Burton says:

    Based on last two season, you got to love Warner; but I say the odds are that Warner regresses this year most likely due to an injury. Technically, it’s not even a Bad Vibe, he just scares me based on his past. Maybe that’s my problem hung up on past fantasy failures, but I just can’t pull the trigger on this guy. If healthy he is in great situation, so probably a play to win pick, as you say, especially with 6pts/td.

    Like your draft too, especially picks 6-14 (maybe with the exception of Morgan). Based on your input, I am warming up on Ocho as well even though he killed me last year.

  5. eric says:

    Great looking team that I hope to emulate in my league. Still not sure who I should take in my ppr keeper league as defending champ while holding 2nd pick (obtained in trade) and the 12/13 pick. Keeping forte/turner/fitz. Choice is between westbrook/portis/jennings/p.thomas/r. grant for 2nd overall unless 1st pick is westbrook. Who would you take here????? Looking probable to take rb then get wr/Witten or D. clark at 12/13.

  6. Jared says:

    I am also interested in Gary R’s question…I took Westbrook in my draft last night over Gore, Slaton, Jacobs…but in many drafts have seen him go below those guys. I know this is personal preference but do you think Westbrook should be knocked down below Gore/Slaton?

  7. Steely says:

    I like this draft alot. I need to ask about DeAngelo Williams. In my PPR scoring that I plugged into your rankings, he comes up at #13! Did I mangle setting up my scoring?

    Regardless, I would make the argument that he is safer than LT who is 30 yrs old and doesnt seem to be able to break the long ones as consistently as before. Also safer than Steven Jackson who is on a pitiful offense with a QB guaranteed to get hurt.

    Am I too high on him? He looked like a beast in his first preseason game.

  8. Shoedog says:

    I like OchoCinco, I think he will be top 10 this year with Palmer back, I also like Addai, Bush makes sense in PPR otherwise I wouldn’t touch him. If Warner stays healthy should be very strong

  9. Shoedog says:

    One question, what round did Brown go (for the Colts) I have toyed with the idea of if I get Addai late 5th round or early 6th, trying to grab Brown in 8th or 9th in case one or the other goes down, the other should be huge.

  10. Baller says:

    This is the best draft yet that you’ve posted. I needed to study this one and try to copy it. DeAngelo will turn into a great pick (yet again).

  11. Ken says:

    Is there a link to view the entire draft?

  12. Mike says:

    Just finished up my 12 Team Draft, a mix of different levels of owners in the league. PPR League

    4th Slot in the Draft

    Calvin Johnson
    Steve Smith
    Derrick Ward
    TJ Houds
    Owen Daniels
    M. Lynch
    Donald Brown
    Kris Brown


  13. Steve says:

    I had the 5th pick in my 12 team non- PPr and we are eerily similar. First 5 picks the same except insert Portis for Smith. Also have D. Brown, Palmer, and K. Brown, Your team looks great. P.s. I took the other NY defense. Have a great season!

  14. FRANK says:

    Do you really think addai will do better than brown

  15. Mike says:


    We must both be sucking up the John’s advice…

    I thought about Portis, but I had Smith a few slots higher on my draft board and just went with pure value…

    I got the Jets defense late, for some reason teams started taking defenses early. I would have liked the Giants defense, but it went five rounds earlier than the Jets in my league.

    To Frank’s question, if Addai starts slowly or gets banged up, it will be the Donald Brown Show…

  16. Geoff says:

    Mike and Steve, I really want to play in your leagues… who let’s Lynch and Brown fall that far? Was this a 12, 10 or 8 team league? From the looks of it, I’d guess 8.

    Good luck this fall, those are solid teams!

  17. steve says:

    Geoff, C’mon dude Mike and I are just smart players who have studied a lot of fantasy articles and have participated in numerous mock drafts. My league has 12 teams, of which, most owners are pretty smart. On paper this team looks strong, but all it will take is one nagging hammy and our season is over.

  18. tim says:

    where can we see the entire draft, round by round?

  19. william zelazny says:

    Mr. Hansen I play in a one person keeper league and kept Tom brady. My question lies with my first pick in the draft which I have the first pick. The top rbs available are Turner and Williams. I am playing teeter totter with my decision especially after reading your blog.
    I like many others like your draft. very nice job. I appreciate any input as I have read many of the articles and info on your site which is very helpful, Thanks

  20. Meatheads says:

    Would like to see where the players are being drafted on average

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