Adding Favre is a play-to-win move

Wow, well the Favre saga has taken yet another turn, hasn’t it?

Feel free to peruse my original post on Favre in Minnesota, but here’s the cliffs notes version:

I’ve heard some people already spinning this thing negatively, but while I don’t strongly disagree, I do disagree.

Right at the top here, let’s make an assumption because my opinion is based on this assumption: let’s assume Favre’s arm is improved from what his arm was late in 2008, and that it will stay improved.

Ok, we’ve made that assumption. We should soon get a feel for how accurate that assumption is.

I never had a lot of confidence in Sage Rosenfels, and even less confidence in Tarvaris Jackson. Rosenfels had some problems picking up the offense in camp, whereas Favre knows the system probably as well as Brad Childress (not including Childress’ own nuances within his own offense, of course)

That’s one check for Favre.

If Favre’s arm is even 90%, his arm’s better than Rosenfels’ arm.

Another check.

Although Favre’s certainly a turnover-prone gunslinger, he’s not nearly as erratic as Rosenfels. There is a difference. Favre rarely gets into prolonged slumps, and while he sometimes creates “WTF moments,” that kind of stuff can make Favre great at times, too, and I really can’t say that about Rosenfels. There’s a difference between being willing to pull the trigger on almost any throw and having no conscience (Favre) and at times looking like you don’t belong in the league (Rosenfels).

So in terms of creating blunders, turnovers, etc., I’ll give Favre a check there.

Obviously, any QB under center for the Vikings should benefit from having the best back in football behind him, especially with a great defense on the other side, a defense that can help keep the offense on schedule, and keep Adrian Peterson on the field. But in terms of truly reaping that reward, and truly taking full advantage of that nice situation, who do you think should get the edge? It has to go to the near 20-year veteran and living legend, over the journeyman Rosenfels.

Yes, Favre needs to quickly acclimate himself to the new teams, and little things like timing with his center, snap counts, etc. need to be worked through. And to be quite honest, I’m not sure Favre at stage of his career is measurably better than Rosenfels.

But I do think he’s better, and I do think he’s a better player to go to battle with than Rosenfels.

Finally, this might be the most important point, and it’s an intangible point, a non-football point.

Say what you want about Favre, but I can tell you this with the utmost confidence: the Viking players respect the hell out of him. ALL players in the NFL respect the hell out of him. The wind went out of their sails a few weeks ago when he decided to stay retired. Now, they have hope, a lot of hope. They have something to rally around and get excited about. He will energize their team, and for a franchise that has underachieved since LBJ was in office, he will create a lot of excitement, and if he starts performing well, a lot of confidence. CONFIDENCE is what any Viking team needs in the playoffs. I don’t think it will tear the franchise apart, far from it. If Favre comes out and throws it well in practice, anyone not on board will be on board. The alternative is Sage freaking Rosenfels for God’s sake. Minnesota went from being a competitive playoff contender to a Super Bowl player, and the players tend to like that.

So in conclusion, I think this is a good move for the Minnesota Vikings. It’s their best chance to take advantage of what is a good team RIGHT NOW, a team that is ready to compete for a SUPER BOWL right now.

It’s a good fit, and it’s worth a try because if Favre has any football left in him, it’s RIGHT NOW.

Oh, and he’s going to make the NFL a lot more entertaining this year.

Here’s how I view the news for their key players.

Adrian Peterson – Slightly good news, I think Favre helps them convert more 3rd downs and sustain more drives.
Visanthe Shiancoe – It’s great news.
Bernard Berrian – It should be good news, if Favre’s arm is close to healthy.
Percy Harvin – Like it for Harvin, I think having Favre helps the team get even more creative using him.
Sidney Rice - Gotta be good news, Favre is a damn good red zone QB, albet it one who’ll throw some picks.
Defense – Still think it’s good, better chance to keep them off the field.

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  1. Erok says:

    Ok John, with Favre in the fold now with the Vikes, and Marshall ticked off again at Denver, do you see the Bears pressed to get a solid WR and make a move to acquire Marshall to reunite him once again with his buddy Cuts?

  2. John Hansen says:

    There is no way Denver will trade Marshall to the Bears, who don’t have a #1 pick until 2011.

  3. Dave says:

    Obviously it depends on what my team looks like up until that point, but assuming I’ve gotten a back in the 7th (White or an upside guy like Brown), do you go with Fred Jackson, McCoy, or Harvin in the 9th? I’m in a league with two Minnesota dudes, so I likely won’t get a shot at Harvin in the 10th.

    I was thinking that Harvin was getting a bit too much hype as of last week, but now I don’t know. Heard Antonio Freeman talking about him earlier (apparently he’s been working with him and other wideouts) and he thinks Harvin’s gonna be a beast.

  4. Travis says:

    John – Dont you think Farve will add more value to AP than you think? Look at the TD numbers T Jones got last year with Farve at the helm. Also, shouldn’t farve take away that 8th man in the box, hence giving AP even more room to run?

  5. Wax Man says:

    With AP as my keeper this year, I hope Travis is right about an increase in production. A few receptions by AP would be nice too.

  6. James says:

    Travis, who is this Farve guy you mentioned? Wouldn’t you think people would be able to spell your name right being one of the best QBs of all-time? Here’s a hint…it’s not spelled like it sounds.
    It’s F-A-V-R-E…Not Farve.

  7. Doug Hannah says:

    With respect, I disagree.

    I can see where you’re coming from, but the problem here is this: The Vikings are banking everything on Brett Favre’s self-proclaimed analysis of his health. I’m not buying it. Here is a guy who can’t admit to being at 100% on the day of the presser, and oh by the way he has a torn rotator cuff. And he’ll be 40 in a couple months. Favre is tough, but come on – everyone gets older and he just can’t admit it’s happening to him.

    These are two parties who are saying what they other wants to hear so they can be together.

    The notion that Favre turns them into a Superbowl-contender is based on a very optimistic scenario for his health, one that I don’t there is nearly enough basis to make, unless you count Favre saying “I feel ready”.

    What it really is is a tactical, save-your-job maneuver by Childress and company. Guess ya can’t blame them for trying, but the odds I’m taking are that Rosenfels will be QB’ing that team at some point before season’s end.

  8. vixen says:

    okay, a vikings fan here. at first i was hesitant. if we won a superbowl i didn’t want to be favre’s win…but clearly, we need a superbowl, so if he can get us there, great. mn fans have given up on the vikings, now everyone’s around here is at least talking about them. favre will sell tickets (and that’s what we need) and maybe, just maybe he will get us a new stadium (and that’s what we need) and maybe we will stay in mn after all (and that’s what i want). so let’s go #4

  9. vixen says:

    but john, who is the odd man out?
    booty or jackson (assuming it is not gonna be sage) or do they keep 4 on the roster.

  10. Jackson Carter says:

    Can’t see how Favre’s “return” to the Vikings won’t create some animosity among the team … his late reversal about playing could be construed as his way dodging camp.

  11. DJ Woods says:

    Jason, when are you updating the draft plan?

  12. Neil (Irish_Flyers says:

    This isn’t ‘Favre-related’ but I was wondering if you have any info on if/when your show ‘Fantasy Fix’ will be returning this year on Comcast Sportsnet? Thursday, August 27th perhaps??? Please say it is. :-)

    Since the show seems to change who’s on with you, any idea or clues to who else is on with you this year?
    Would love to see Adam or even Steve Czaban again.

  13. Larry Buzzard says:

    Jon, I love the Fantasy Fix show….but PLEASE PLEASE…never bring Adam Schein (sp?) back. We would have drinking games based on how many times he would start off his comments with the word “Absolutely”. Amazing. Good luck this year with the show, the site, and leagues.

  14. Travis says:

    Sorry Jaimes. I not nown fer speling to will. Take a chill pill.

  15. Jason says:


    I agree that Shiancoe will benefit. He’s moved up my draft board.

    Any idea when we will see the good vibes, bad vibes article?

  16. Nick, AZ says:

    After watching eight men in the box for the entire season last year vs the Vikes, I think just the threat of Favre and a real QB to actually pass the ball will help Peterson. Let’s face it, the offense last season was completely uninspired and predictable. Teams would line up and say beat us through the air. I think the holes for Peterson get bigger this year, just by the mere presence of Favre behind center.

  17. PackFan says:

    John, I also agree that Shiancoe will become a major medium range target and a prime red zone option in the Viking offense. What remains to be seen, in my opinion … is how Favre’s arm holds up throughout the season, what type of chemistry he develops with his receivers, and just how clever or innovative his coaching staff becomes.

    No matter what, teams are going to have to align to stop Adrian Peterson first, otherwise, they’re not going to have to pass very much. What that means, is Brett will have to prove time and time again that he can consistently finish drives by moving the ball through the air. If he can, and teams are forced to move a guy out of the box, AP has a chance to run wild.

    Whether he is a full season upgrade over TJ and Sage remains to be seen. He won’t beat too many people with his legs, the artificial turf isn’t very forgiving if he winds up getting knocked down a lot, and the verdict is still out on his receivers, at least in my opinion. BB seems to be a speed receiver, and if his hamstring isn’t fully healed, and Percy plays like a rookie, it’s really going to limit Brett’s options … all to the benefit of Shiancoe.

    In 16 years of a younger Favre’s reign in Green Bay, we made it to just two Superbowls. There were plenty of flubs along the way … I seem to have read that after winning Superbowl 31, his playoff record is something like 5-12.

    If I were a viking fan, I’d probably be excited too … I might even go out and buy one of those hats with the two horns sticking out, but I wouldn’t be lining up to purchase my Superbowl tickets just yet. One thing for sure, the circus has come to town, and they’re not going to be able to sneak up on anyone.

  18. […] John Hansen sees a clear distinction between Favre and ‘Fels: "Although Favre’s certainly a turnover-prone gunslinger, he’s not nearly as erratic as Rosenfels. There is a difference. … There’s a difference between being willing to pull the trigger on almost any throw and having no conscience (Favre) and at times looking like you don’t belong in the league (Rosenfels)." [Fantasy Guru] […]

  19. WRArtMonk says:


    I think I know you well enough to say Shiancoe is above D. Keller, but would you put him above Owen Daniels now?

    Thanks — Monk

  20. […] John Hansen sees a clear distinction between Favre and ‘Fels: "Although Favre’s certainly a turnover-prone gunslinger, he’s not nearly as erratic as Rosenfels. There is a difference. … There’s a difference between being willing to pull the trigger on almost any throw and having no conscience (Favre) and at times looking like you don’t belong in the league (Rosenfels)." [Fantasy Guru] […]

  21. John Hansen says:

    Shiancoe may have more upside than Daniels, but unless Daniels’ injury deal is a problem in 1-2 weeks, we’ll probably keep him just higher.

    I have to think the Favre factor does help AP, just not sure how much just now.

    Not sure about the TV show. I haven’t heard from them, so maybe I will be retiring from being a TV fantasy analyst! My Thursdays would be so much easier, that’s for sure.

  22. John Hansen says:

    Also, good vibes, bad vibes added today.

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