Sleeper Rookie WRs

Sorry, I accidentally deleted this  post about surprise rookie WRs. The guys listed were: Louis Murphy (Oak), Brooks Foster (Stl), Mohamed Massaquoi (Cle), Patrick Turner (Mia), and Mike Thomas (Jac).

Yes, I’m a little overwhelmed right now.

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  1. Law Firm says:

    I don’t know, John. I have Gator-Wideout-Phobia. Maybe it’s Belichick’s sad fascination with these kids, or just that few have panned out as world beaters, (ie. Chad jackson, Reche Caldwell, Travis Taylor, etc.). Gafney is a decent sleeper from week to week, and Harvin might be the exception. However, I’m steering clear of Murphy until he shows me something.

    The rest of the list? I couldn’t agree more, and I like Robiskie a lot in PPR. In fact, I would be shocked to see Edwards sidelined again, and Massaquoi and Robiskie lining up as starters by mid season.

  2. rich whiting says:

    What about Ramses Barden? do you see this guy catching some TD’s this year

    any how about Britt?

  3. John Hansen says:

    If Barden does anything at all, it will be catching a few short TDs, but major logjam there. I like Britt, but I’m not seeing it this year. Too many other options in a conservative offense (although I suspect they will be more effective throwing than people think).

  4. Gump says:

    From what I’m reading everybody in Oakland is doing great. DHB, Schilens, Higgins, even Javon Walker. Could Murphy leap-frog all those guys?

  5. Jayson says:

    Hey John,

    Very good stuff thanks. A little bit off the subject but with the improvement of some of these rookie WRs in camp and the injuries to players like A. Bryant and D. Avery what is the plan to update your “Draft Plan”? I know you can’t update it everyday so I’m just checking.

    By the way, I love the Draft Plan.


  6. John Hansen says:

    Oh, I update the DP all the time, likely will tweak it tomorrow.

  7. Jayson says:

    Great, thanks.

  8. Baller says:

    Is Percy Harvin not on here because he’s not a “surprise”? Would you consider Harvin ahead of Murphy?

    How do you think Murphy compares to other sleepers like Devin Thomas, Chris Henry, Josh Morgan, Miles Austin, Robert Meachem, etc.?

  9. Led says:

    I hear that Mike Wallace is impressing the entire team including the coaching staff in Pittsburgh. He might even beat out Limas Sweed for the 3rd WR job plus he ran a 4.33 at the combine. So he was second only to Heyward-Bey. The Steelers could use a burner like that for sure.

  10. John Hansen says:

    Harvin is too obvious, yes. I would put Murphy below all those guys. Murphy is literally a last-pick-of the-draft guy, and that’s assuming he’s still looking viable in 2-3 weeks.

    I think Wallace will be used mostly as a returner. Shaun McDonald is very solid, plus Sweed has improved this year. I’d be surprised if Wallace made a splash unless there were injuries.

  11. Idiot Savant says:

    With Avery out…I need to put Brooks Foster on my Radar…haven’t paid much attention to him…

    What are your thoughts on him and the St. Louis crowd…obviously SOMEONE has to catch some balls and Bulger isn’t what he was…but he’s not as bad as Jamarcus Russell…though I like what I’ve heard of Louis Murphy.

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