Sirius show tonight, Moreno interview, more

Just a few items to cover here for those who care. I’ve been swimming big time trying to get a bunch of developmental stuff down before all hell breaks truly loose, and I’m close. Here’s a few items.

One, the Sirius Fantasy Football Show returns tonight at 8pm ET. Our first guest is Panther RB DeAngelo Williams, which should be a good one. I hope to have the audio up on the site Saturday.

Speaking of audio, our Adam Caplan caught up with Bronco RB Knowshon Moreno last week, and we slapped that brief interview on the site. I was going to go, but too busy. Adam was at a Reebok commercial shoot with Moreno in Philly. Seems like a really nice kid, and Adam said he was terrific.

If you missed the debut of the call-in radio show, it’s now up on the site and lisentable. It went okay for a first show, and I only expect it to get better. That’s every Thursday night now from 7-8. You can download the show and/or itunes it at

You may have noticed we updated the site a little today (yet another thing I’ve been working on), and I like the look. Notice the countdown clock now to the next chat, the new widget for the new show, and more.

The stand-alone draft tool program is almost done, should be this weekend. I’ll likely debut it here so you people can check it out. It’s good because you can not only track your draft, but you can also mock against the computer on your own time. Ultimately, that may go down as being more valuable than tracking it, but you can still use the excel-based version to track, manage, and maximize your draft.

We’re also working on some upgraded ADP reports, and some other stuff.

Finally, Matt Camp’s busting his ass organizing a ton of mock drafts, to head to the MBs for information. In fact, we REALLY need mockers for Monday’s draft, which 10-team PPR draft. Head here to get in:

I’m almost caught up now to where I can actually spent most of my time on work that shows up on the site, so that’s good.

I think that’s it.

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  1. Hit The Hole says:

    Looking forward to the Sirius show and hearing what D’Angelo has to say… been a Sirius subscriber since inception and enjoy the show. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jackson Carter says:

    Enjoyed Thursday night show, and look forward to SIRIUS Fantasy Football Show tonight.


  3. JOOCE says:

    “I’ll likely debut it here so you people can check it out.”

    What do you mean YOU PEOPLE? :)

  4. Idiot Savant says:


    With Cleveland’s history of Staph infections…are there any rumblings (other than from message boarders) that Braylon Edwards might have a Staph infection?
    The mere idea of it scares me.

  5. John Hansen says:

    Have not heard that about Edwards

  6. Tyler says:

    Hey John,

    I have the second pick in a 12-team PPR league. I’m up in the air on who to draft, MJD or Forte. I’m leaning towards Forte because of what he has around him compared to MJD. I know last year JAX had a lot of offensive line problems. I see that you have him ranked second… what’s your argument against MJD over Forte?

    I’m not considering Turner because of the 370 something carries he had last year and his inability to catch the ball.


  7. rich whiting says:

    who do you like better in a PPR dynasty league…H Nicks or J Maclin?

  8. John Hansen says:

    I can sign off on Forte, but watch his health this summer to be sure.

    I like Maclin better, more dynamic, in a better offense, but he might need 1-2 years.

  9. Steve Choi says:

    Is the audio for the Sirius radio show or the other call in radio show going to be up on the website???

  10. wes mccurry says:

    10 year guru subscriber thank you JOHN !! …not the place to ask but keep ppr and yardage league. I have 1 brees 2 colston 3 piere thomas 4 jones drew and 5 slaton…obviously slaton and drew but qbs are a premium with yardage so I think Brees 3…I have 5th and 12th pik in 1st rd. who do i throw back ? I love thomas but scared not to have a WR.

  11. wes mccurry says:

    we keep 4 ..left that out

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