New call-in show debuts tonight

And I have no idea how it’s going to go. We may get 200 calls, or 2, so just in case if anyone wants to pose some questions here for on the air, fire away and if we don’t have calls, we’ll address them.

You can call in using (347) 857-2848 from 7-8pm ET.

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  1. MGG says:

    Interested in the Chicago WR corp, who will be catching passes on the outside besides Hester, Olsen. Will they play a lot of 2 TE?

    Will the show be available for download at a later date?

  2. MGG says:

    LJ is looking like the guy in KC, will we be seeing 250+ carries, 30+ receptions from him in 2009? Appears to be a great value.

  3. good2bking says:

    I’m really feeling Matt Ryan this year and think he’ll go down as one of the top draft day values. Given the Falcons’ tough run schedule and what looks like a defense that will give up points, I don’t see how Atlanta won’t be forced to change its offensive philosophy during games and take to the air more, improving Ryan’s stats. I know he’s only in his second year, but he’s obviously a cerebral guy and has everything you’d look for in a QB other than running ability. I can’t see how he doesn’t end up right there with Rivers and Rodgers by the end of the season, given his ability and weapons on offense. What are your reasons for being a little more conservative with Ryan?

  4. al66888 says:

    What’s K Winslow’s vs Z Miller’s outlook for this year and beyond? They are my TEs in my ppr dynasty keeper league (keep 1). Where would you put O Daniels this yr and beyond compared to those 2?

    Will a transcript be posted like the chat?

  5. Jaybee63 says:

    If you are gracious enough to field keeper questions:

    10 team league, 6 pts / Pass Td. Who is the better keeper: Turner or Brady?

    My other keeper is Forte.

  6. Jim Richardson says:

    Two players that seem to be really dropping down below their rankings in nearly every mock draft that I have seen are LenDale White and Vincent Jackson.

    White reported to OTA’s 30 lbs below last year’s playing weight, scored a ton of fantasy points last year, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe he will get less opportunities this year on a team that is more than committed to the running game. White can be picked up easily in the 6th round and often times in the 7th or 8th round….which I believe to be some serious value.

    Vincent Jackson appears to be the clear #1 WR on an offense that scores a lot of points but goes behind a lot of #2 WR’s in drafts. What are your thoughts on Jackson as WR in the early 5th round or later?

    Should I temper my enthusiasm on these guys at these points in the draft or jump on the wagon.

  7. Purple Craze says:

    PPR Dyanasty question- I have 2 of the top 5 picks, 1&5. Knowshon, Brown or Beanie at 1? Who whould you take between Crabtree, Mccoy, or Green at 5. Here’s my line up Qb.-Cutler Rb1.Stewart RB2 L.Washington Flx.Royal WR1.Calvin WR2. Colston BE.Mendenhall BE.Ginn Jr. BE.Hightower

  8. Strat says:

    Who would you keep in a 12 team, PPR league (also, I have the 12th pick) – Fitzgerald or Slaton?

  9. Richard Munizza says:


    I am in a 10 team 2 keeper league. I can only keep two players out of these three players, who should I keep? Peyton Manning, DeAngelo Williams and Anquan Boldin.
    6 points for a rushing/rec 4 points for a td pass

  10. rich whiting says:

    can we get your OVERALL rookie dynasty ranking 1-10…on the site you only break it down by position but I would love to see/hear it regardless of position

    Thanks dude

  11. John Hansen says:

    Sorry, guys, really couldn’t get to these, but thanks for the backup. I will try to address these quickly.

    1. I still think the rookie Juaquin Iglesias should start, but he has to prove worthy and win the job. Bennett projects best as a slot guy, and as a group I think their receiving corps can be decent enough (the two TEs included of course).

    2. I really don’t see LJ getting that many carries. They absolutely have to use some form of a spread offense, makes no sense to do otherwise with the QB having most of his success out of the shotgun. LJ should have value, but I don’t see upside.

    3. I agree to an extent on Ryan and he could be very good, but I go back to the identity of the offense, and it’s running the ball. That could limit his upside. But he’s good enough to be a starter.

    4. Winslow’s looking good in camp, but both guys have QB issues. I don’t think we can expect the world from either but they are both still solid. Miller with a good QB could be a PPR machine, but he doesn’t have one now.

    5. I see no reason why White won’t continue to have nice value, problem is I would not feel great with him as my #2 unless I was stacked otherwise. Jackson has a lot going for him so while he’s not a sure thing I can easily see him emerging as perhaps this year’s Brandon Marshall (but with fewer catches).

    6. I’d go Knowshon and Crabtree.

    7. Fitz is a much safer option.

    8. I’d actually throw back the QB.

    9. Will work on that for the next rookie update in a week or so.

  12. good2bking says:

    Thanks for taking these … enjoyed the new call-in show, as well as In the Loop. Great work from you, Adam and the rest of the staff this year!

  13. Jamie Hansen says:

    we are allowed to keep one player from the previous year, but we have to pay their Average Auction Value. Who do you think will be the best value between Kurt Warner and Wes Welker? Those really are the only two players from last year’s roster that I’m considering at the moment.

  14. John Hansen says:

    Jamie, Welker in a PPR.

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