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I’m getting a lot of e-mails about the Sirius Fantasy Football show with me and Mr. Adam Caplan, so let me announce here that, after much deliberation, our crack team of negotiators has come to terms with Sirius/XM and we shall, in fact, return for a 6th year hosting the show on Sirius/XM NFL Radio starting this Friday evening from 8-11pm ET. We will continue to hold that time slot until the end of the 2009 season. I’m working on getting a guest for our first show that will blow people away –  if he agrees (which is far from a lock). We’ll have plenty of other guests, of course, and my boy Maurice Jones-Drew is a lock to come on later in the summer, after he’s experienced the bulk of training camp as ‘the guy.’ I will ask MJD, straight up, if he wanted to draft his backup as protection for himself who would he take, so I think we’ll get an answer there directly from the horse’s mouth (and I think he’s going to say Rashad Jennings).

In addition, and this is even more programming for anyone who wants it, I will be hosting my own live Internet call-in show on blogtalkradio starting THIS Thursday night. I am, in fact, insane adding something else to my plate, but I wanted to give people the opportunity to be able to ask me a fantasy question, and on a radio show no less. The show will be almost 100% callers and it will air each Thursday night from 7-8pm ET. We’ll have all the information posted on the site on how to call, listen, etc.

It’s going to be a big year, no doubt.

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  1. Law Firm says:

    Hi John,

    Do you have a link to the call in show? Seems to be a lot of FUGAZI gurus out there on that site.

  2. dishnivels says:


    Awesome to hear you guys’ll be back on Sirius/XM NFL Radio.
    Now, get them to update their ‘site with that announcement.
    First show this Friday? You *are* a stud! Good luck with that!

    blogtalkradio, comcast,, and more? THANK YOU for a big year!

  3. Gump says:

    Liked the “jabroni” mention in the Summer Surveillance article. Any chance of getting the Iron Shiek as a guest?

  4. Hit The Hole says:

    I have been a Sirius subscriber since its inception and love the Friday night show. However, it is often a tough time to listen as is the Saturday early morning replay. Any chance of a replay in any other time slot as well?

  5. John Hansen says:

    I have zero control over that, but I know if you have the stiletto you can record it.

  6. Clevage says:

    does anyone have any recommendations for decent mock draft sites? i have been using yahoo’s site, but would like a little more variety. unless i missed it, i don’t think has this function……

  7. Irish_Flyers (Neil) says:

    Will the new BTR show also be available via iTunes to download after the show, and if so what is the name so we can search and find it on there.

    Thanks for adding yet another outlet for us. We all appreciate all that you do. (Give a big thanks to Mrs Guru and your kids too, because this no doubt adds more to your plate and your time) :-)
    You have a VERY understanding family around football season.

  8. Stretch says:


    I know you mentioned earlier that you have no control over any replays for the Sirius/XM NFL Radio show. But maybe you can run it by the producers to make it podcastable to download as well.

    We all have the Fantasy itch. We need our Fantasy fix.

  9. John Hansen says:

    You are correct, Flyer. Stretch, don’t think any sirius show is podcastable. For those who don’t have Sirius, that’s kind of the point: offer compelling content on Sirius so people subscribe to access.

  10. John Gustafson says:

    Hey everyone,

    I have an XM radio system that actually allows you to record programming. I won’t be able to listen to all of John’s show on Friday but I’m going to set my XM player to record his program. I got my unit at Best Buy about a year and a half ago and it was one of the best pieces of technology I’ve ever bought and highly recommend it. Here’s the link to the latest version of the unit I have…

    It’s very convenient because you can transport the player from your car and listen to the recorded music on your headphones. It has taken the place of an MP3 player and downloading music as I can just record whatever I’m listening to live and have it for later as well.

    I wasn’t aware such technology existed until I got my unit, so I thought I’d pass the info along. Keep up the great work John! You guys are the best and I’m really looking forward to Friday’s show!


  11. Adam Caplan says:

    FYI on podcasts for Sirius, they’re not going to make any available since Sirius is a pay-only service. What I could see down the line is making any shows or some shows available for subscribers for a small fee.

  12. Adam Caplan says:

    Hit the hole: We will be finding about replays soon. The show will still be in the replay slot of 5-8 AM ET on Saturdays for sure. A few years back the replay show was also on 123, but that’s now Mad Dog Radio.

  13. Bill Zullo says:

    John, can you talk with sirius to re air the show on sat night rather than 5am Sat am? Cant it be in the afternoon or evening if we miss the friday airing? Great show and worth revolving the weekend around it, but with a family, somtimes it’s hard. Keep up the great work. thanks

  14. Wax Man says:

    I bought the Sirius Stiletto and it’s perfect for this exact reason. Not only can I record John’s show, but I will record all replays during the training camp tour and decide which interviews I’m interested in hearing the next day.

    Off topic, but I like how John’s team has added “roles” to the projection portion of the site. It helps put players in perspective compared to other positions. When is the next projection update going to hit? It is only recent as of 07/10.

  15. John Hansen says:

    Starting now this week, 90% of the teams aren’t practicing yet and have been off for 3 weeks, and 5-7 teams won’t for almost a full week, so it’s still early.

  16. Burton says:

    Reminder – program your Stilleto’s! Just did mine, and since I’ve finally entered into the wireless age, no signal loss issues this year! Can’t wait to listen to the program when I’m out working on the yard/house this weekend.

  17. general says:

    Excellent post. I absolutely love this website. Keep it up!

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