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Still on vacation, it’s going well. There’s been a threat of serious weather all week, but it’s overall been sunny. It’s hot as hell, but that’s fine when you’re right on the beach (but not so much when trying to take in the great homes in Charleston). The ocean is like 85 degrees and today we’ll be doing some ocean kayaking, which is one of my favorite things to do at the ocean.

I’m checking in today for a (rare) non-football item, and this time it’s about promoting a web site – my middle son Nicholas’ web site. He’s a chip off the old block, I suppose, and he’s be working on a site for the last few weeks with a bunch of different stuff. Today’s his birthday, so since he’s been looking to get eyeballs on his stuff, I’m promoting it a variety of places as something of a present.

Nicholas was born in ’97, so he’s 12 today. He’s an honor roll student whose lifetime grade point average is probably about 97. This past year (6th grade) he played 4 organized sports: Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, and Baseball. He’s in both of his school bands and actually won a big award for his music this year, plays piano and drums, and participates in several other extra-curricular activities. He’s also a huge help with our 3-year old twins. He’s basically the nicest and most thoughtful kid on the planet.

Me and todays Bday Boy Nicholas Hansen at Citifield earlier this month

So while he’s on the computer a lot playing games and making animation videos and the like, I can’t begrudge him too much because he’s got a packed schedule and certainly gets himself out there a ton, and his grades don’t suffer. I also can’t because I too spend too much time on the computer.

So again, he’s been looking to get his stuff out there, so I’m plugging his site today. He’s got a bunch of stuff up there (site’s only been up a couple of weeks), but what I’m really promoting is his videos, or “Pivots” as they are referred to. He designs and puts these together himself.

Check the out here:

If you do, the video to check out his “Jar of Dirt” video. It’s easily the best work of his “career” and it’s funny, too.

Happy 12th Birthday, Nicholas!

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  1. JM says:

    Thats some pretty great work from a 12 year old, hes got some great timing. What software did he use to make the vid?

  2. JK says:

    Oh man! That was funny! I’ll probably be humming Jar of Dirt all day tomorrow.

  3. John Hansen says:

    I showed him these comments, thanks. He uses some free pivot software, not sure which.

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